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Ancient Greek Bas relief of men wrestling
Kwanzaa celebration display
Detail of Mosaic featuring Procorus, the scribe, writing as John Dictates the Book of Revelation on Patmos
Kwanzaa display with candles lit
Ruins in Corinth, Greece
Woman pushing man away
Businessman with arms crossed and serious expression
Potential Benefits outweigh the risks
Kwanzaa display with candles lit and a gift
Gettysburg Address
Hands forming rock, paper, scissors
Man motioning for waiter
Little cowboy with feet up
Constitution and straight diagonal flag with one star showing
College professor wearing regalia
College professor wearing regalia and holding out diploma
Sweet Little Boy in School
Man Praying at a table in Diner
man getting bad news in the mail at cafe
Patriotic American Biker
minister with pleasant expression
Little boy on horse
Injured soldier with pained look and full lighting
Pot of Gold Isolated on White Space
Thinker contemplating the universe
Referee with whistle
Grist Mill and mountain stream in the autumn
Engineer examining the earth with neutral expression on his face
Yellow Star of David sewn onto clothing
Ancient Minoan Fresco of Boys Boxing
Businessman with pleasant expression and arms folded
Kwanzaa Display with small corn and vegetables
Anti-Semitic Sign that Reads "Jews Forbidden"
Potato plant in the spring
Spinach in the spring after a rain with raindrops
firecrackers on white space
soccer kick
Dagger pinning paper to wooden wall - paper filling most space
Official with whistle
attractive young man with huge smile
Fiber examined under magnifying glass
Paleontologist examining animal skull
Textbooks, diploma, and mortar board on a pedestal with vertical orientation
Spray can with space
Casual man wearing sweater with arms crossed
Teacher grading test paper at desk with red pen
Christmas tree ornament with pine cones outdoors
Young office workers whispering
Pillar or Column isolated on white space
Kwanzaa display with large corn, fruits, and vegetables with Kwanzaa flag
Man overworked
Roll of Firecrackers
Young sax player
Hourglass isolated on white space
Vertical US Constitution and American Flag
Thinker Statue against a Blue Sky
United States Constitution with American Flag Draped over the edge
Graduation Cap on Pedestal
College Education and Military Theme
Man aiming riflescope at camera
Attractive Young well-dressed couple dancing
Two hands holding a small house
Texture mat weave
Kwanzaa display with candles out and smoke rising indicating an end of Kwanzaa
Gingerbread couple on white space
Man aiming a pistol at shooting range
Alpini Soldier with smile
Businessman making a point with smile
Man wearing cowboy hat with soft focus
Gingerbread Man
Broken chewed pencil
Hands forming "paper, scissors, rock"
Casual man pondering a question
Knife attaching parchment to wall view from above more wall showing
US constitution and crumpled flag
Mortar board and diploma on pedestal
Troubled with paperwork
soccer kick
George Washington on horseback statue
Moral Responsibility Outweighs Personal Needs
dollar bill and stacks of coins around bank deposit book
soccer kick
Marshmallow roasting over a campfire
Old Boat at Santorini, Greece
Homeland Security Stamp in Passport
Parthenon at night on Acropolis at Athens Greece
Attractive young couple doing tango
Christmas tree ornament on pine tree
Business handshake with male and female business partners
Hephaistos Temple at Agora in Athens
Humorous female looking through magnifying glass
Rifle Aimed at Camera
Unhappy or tired man in cafe
Hourglass and world map
Wool socks on a clothesline
United States Constitution
Prepaid Phone Card in man's hand
Business handshake, male and female
Mortar Board and diploma on pedestal
Yellow Star of David sewn on clothing
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