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Father, crying, hugs teenage son - closeness, forgiveness, loss, transition, solace...
Teen son suffers while alcoholic parents fight
Father and son, serious talk - color
Spicy harissa sauce - a spicy hot Mediterranean diet staple made from cayenne peppers, garlic, olive oil, and spices
Parents fight, kid suffers: teen boy with tears on cheek
teen boy refusing marijuana cigarette from another boy
Welsh Rarebit (or Welsh Rabbit) ladling onto toast, ham, eggs, tomatoes
Handsome boy, age twelve, eating cereal for breakfast
Son cries as parents fight
Emotional embrace, father and son - comforting, reconciliation, or just a tender hug
domestic violence - man with clenched fist threatens woman
Close up profile, handsome 12-year-old boy
Daughter covers ears as parents fight
heroin addiction
parents fight, son suffers
boy passing football
Beautiful valley, near Angel Fire, New Mexico, looking toward Wheeler Peak and Sangre de Cristos range
domestic violence - wide with bruises on arm and face peels potatoes while husband glowers at her
Sad teenage boy - or tired, sleeping, crying, hiding face
domestic violence with lighting effect - woman, with bruises, sobs as beer-drinking abusive man walks behind her
domestic violence - battered woman looks depressed as beer-drinking man rages angrily behind her
Mature married gay couple cooking dinner
stained glass
Emotional family hug, father crying
Portrait of abuse: teenage boy protects himself from man's fist (with action blur)
"noir" style portrait of drug addiction - man shooting heroin
Father and son having argument or disagreement - a serious talk
Two boys (brothers) watching TV, attentively.
Young son sulks as father scolds his older brother
Mature married gay couple having breakfast
Father, son have emotional hug of reconciliation after argument
Teen daughter struggles while parents fight behind her
senior woman, 65-70, looking down her nose at you
Girl doing her homework
articulated leg
Teen boy, covering face, suffers as parents argue about alcohol
Windmill at Chimney Rock
huge breakfast
Senior couple planning a trip or vacation, using road atlas
Mature married gay couple preparing breakfast
Working-class single mom (with tattoos) and handsome mixed-race child in tender relationship.
Conestoga wagon
Young son nearly crying as father yells at older son
Mother and seven-year old son enjoy a laugh; working-class single mom (with tattoos) and mixed-race child in tender relationship.
Working-class single mom (with tattoos) and mixed-race child in tender relationship.
battered or bullied teenage boy, tear on his cheek
man snorting cocaine
Boy clowning with veggies
Working-class Caucasian mom laughing with her mixed race son - he's nearly hysterical
Young teenage love - Caucasian girl and African American boy holding hands, with heart bracelet
Bad relationship: bruised/battered woman with hostile/threatening man
Portrait of abused teenage boy with bruised face, black eye
young football player, resting
Angry, disapproving parents - how a son or daughter might see them after breaking a rule (or: a couple showing irritation, skepticism), focus on woman
Desperate, lonely alcoholic man
Domestic violence - beer-drinking man raging at and threatening woman
Mother hugging her son - a tender moment
Portrait of young woman suffering depression
Boy feels sad as father scolds his brother
Young ballerina rehearsing dance on floor
teen boy (with wild red dyed hair) holding his old, battered skateboard
Boy sobs into his hands at sight of the haunting vision of his mother in far distance - dead, lost...
Boy sees a vision of his mother (dead, or lost) as ghost or angel in far distance.
Teenage biker - boy holding motorcycle helmet
Brothers having breakfast
Young farmer looking to the future
young athletes, kneeling with football
moody monochrome portrait of father-son trouble: father tries to reason with (or scold, or comfort) his defiant son
lonely alcoholic woman sobbing
Teenage boy - strong and defiant
Dramatic grunge-toned image of teen boy in stupor after shooting drugs, belt around arm
Happy family - single mom and her boy
senior woman, 65-70, with a scornful, scolding look
teen boy sitting in park, smiling
boys having water gun fight
Young boy has vision of woman, his mother, as ghost or angel - image of loss, grief, separation.
boy eating sundae
Handsome boy, age twelve, eating cereal for breakfast
teenage boy lighting marijuana cigarette in grungy urban setting
Girl doing her homework
Mother and seven-year old son enjoy a laugh; working-class single mom (with tattoos) and mixed-race child in tender relationship.
mother hugs and consoles her crying 6-year old son
Parabolic dish, Very Large Array, near Socorro, New Mexico
Mother hugs crying 6-year old son, monochrome
Handsome serious teenage boy in black shirt, arms crossed
Father and son in emotional hug - tears of joy and sadness
Son cries as parents fight - moody chiaroscuro version
Parents fight, son suffers
teen heroin addiction - boy shooting up (heroin abuse is still a serious teen problem)
Two boys (brothers) watching TV, bored and channel surfing
Gluten-free flour for baking, in an old jar with spoon: contains garbanzo bean, potato, tapioca, sorghum, and fava bean flours.  Also, 3/4 teaspoon xanthan gum - important for gluten-free baking.
man squeezing tennis ball - study of athlete's forearm muscles and veins
Boy eating breakfast with brother and father in background - candid shoot
Boy concentrates, focuses as he shoots basketball - a foul shot perhaps
boy swinging baseball bat
Happy single mom with her ten year old son
lonely and desperate - portrait of middle-aged man with addiction problems
Handsome boy, age twelve, enjoying a hot fudge sundae
Boy, age twelve, eating breakfast, with father in background
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