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Red Maple Leaves Against a Blue Sky
Sky line at Oude Markt in Leuven
Colored leaves against a blue sky
Two glorious mushrooms in the lawn
Feather hidden in colorful grass
Close up of pine branch and needles
Typical autumn display of mushrooms and dead leaves
Mushroom colony in the middle of the lawn
Mushrooms hiding in between strawberry plants
Top view of a mushroom colony
Mushrooms towering over each other
Cluster of mushrooms on the edge of the lawn
Yellow Osteospermum flowers against a dark background
Honey bee sitting on a purple flower
Sunlit Maple Leaf
Partly eaten mushrooms on a bed of wood chips
Top view of white mushrooms on a bed of wood chips
Waving European flags outside the Berlaymont building in Brussels
Remembrance Arch in Bruges commemorating those who were killed or missing in World War I. 

Eendracht maakt macht : "Unity is strength"
Pro Patria : "For one's country" or "For the homeland".
Meandering wooden path over the lake
Wooden path over the lake
Sunlit Oak tree leaves against a blue sky
Month-old baby hedgehog sipping on some  fresh water
De Vlaamse Leeuw proudly waving on top of the city hall in Bruges
Christmas Holly against blue sky
Dew covered yellow Osteospermum flower bed
Pine Tree With Opened Cones
Pink Flowers and a Blue Sky
Pine Cones Hanging From a Branch
White Blossoms Against a Blue Sky
Pine branches against blue sky
Fresh buds on tree branch
Blooming Narcissus pseudonarcissus
Smirking carved pumpkin on the street
Wooden path across the lake cutting through tall grass
Sunlit Chrysanthemum covered in morning dew drops
Sun-kissed red Maple leafs on a neutral background
Looking through an airplane window towards the clouds sky
Reflection below a bird watcher's shed on the lake
Žeželj Bridge in Novi Sad
View from wing while flying over the clouds during sunset
Oak Tree Canopy From Below
Towering palm tree canopy against a clear blue sky
Bird watching shed on the lake
Grass blowing in the wind
Bird spotting shed on the lake with clouds reflected on the water surface
Grass lit by the autumn sun
Shed surrounded by bales of hay
Burning coal engulfed in smoke
Meat brochettes on the grill
Glowing coal underneath grill
Burning coal on the bbq
Sausages on the bbq
Pile of vegetable brochette on a tray
Sun rising behind a wooden shed in a field
Close-up of the long needles from a pine tree
Two ducks sunbathing on a rock in a pond with clear water
Red, yellow and green leafs on a tree in the autumn
Partially eaten mushroom sitting in the dewy grass
Sunlit grass plumes moving in the wind
Sun rising behind a small shed in a frost covered field
Sunlit Maple leaf against a beautiful fall sky
A collection of red berries hanging from a tree branch against a cold winter sky
Grass plumes waving in the spring wind
A group of tiny mushrooms hidden in a purple flower bed
Golden leaves against a blue sky
Hedgehog sleeping outside in a crate in the garden
Red Baron butterfly feeding on a purple flower
Green tree canopy with sunlight bleeding through
A bumblebee feeding on a purple flower
House hidden behind hedge under a blue summer sky
Wooden path over the lake cutting through tall grass
Grass blowing in the wind
Sunlit fern underneath tall trees in a forest
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