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Peeling paint on an interior ceiling a result of water damage caused by a leaking pipe a result of substandard plumbing completed by an unqualified plumber. A common house insurance claim.
Clatteringshaws Loch reservoir in Galloway Forest Park damming the Black Water of Dee to feed Glenlee hydro Power Station
Close board fence erected around a garden for privacy with wooden fencing panels, concrete posts and kickboards for added durability.
Underground services yellow Gas Polyethylene Pipe being sunk into the ground under the frost line.
Luxury white flat rim roll top clawfoot bathtub isolated against a white background
A sliced tortilla wrap a rollup of flatbread with assorted fillings
Fire Extinguisher
Sample of a timber roof truss showing its manufacture isolated against a white background
Architectural detail of metal roofing on commercial construction of modern building complex
Slate texture vinyl flooring a popular choice for modern kitchens and bathrooms
A plate of oriental food Special fried rice
type spelling the word news on a vintage typewriter, great concept for blogs, journalism, news, newsletters, press releases, authors and the mass media
Drugs paraphernalia make up a hit or injection of heroine. Opium is abused around the world and resulting in many users developing a drug addiction problem and having to seek rehabilitation treatment.
golden crispy Onion rings coated with breadcrumbs and deep fried
Blackboard mounted in an A Frame signboard also known as a sandwich board with chalkboard area blank for insertion of your own custom message
Rows of flowers for sale at a retail garden center, nursery or market garden.
Large deep pothole an example of poor road maintenance due to reducing local council repair budgets
Medical model of a human skull isolated against a white background often used in colleges and universities for teaching anatomical science
serving of creamy mashed potato made from boiled potatoes mixed with butter and served in a black bowl on a traditional rustic background
successful gambler collecting winnings from one armed bandit
broken down car dangerously parked awaiting recovery services at the side of a busy highway at night with cars rushing past
old grungy antique wooden plank of driftwood sign hanging on string great for notices
Meat feast Barbecue pizza with a topping of pepperoni, sausage, salami and chicken wings
large scale commercial chicken farm with four grain storage silos for the storage of poultry feed
French Fries or Chips originally called pommes frites and more recently named freedom fries in america
A cross section of triple glazing cut away to show the inner profile and construction quality
old or obsolete unwanted laptop on the beach with blank screen for your own message good concept for unwanted technology or travel websites
Traditional Pint of Beer in a typical British dimple glass
Pitched nylon tent erected for camping vacation near the beach and coast
Blank page torn from a ring bound scrapbook for use as a design element with empty space your own personalised message
A baked bean filled baked potato on a plate with side salad
Special fried rice a popular oriental dish available at chinese take aways
Industrial mats often rented to keep dust levels down in commercial business buildings, warehouses or anywhere with polished, plastic or sealed floors
Enclosed Rat trap for laying poison to kill small mammals without the risk of harming larger animals used by pest control services
Double page spread blank ring binder with copy space. Great recipes backdrop on a green gingham table top with kitchen equipment surround.
Cleaning the car with a pressure washer at jet wash
A BLT Sub roll made with Bacon, lettuce, tomato and mayo in a french bread roll
Delivery of red bricks for the construction of a new home by Builders.
Smoked salmon sliced and arranged with toast a popular appetizer
Carton of fish and chips. A traditional British takeaway choice isolated on white
Hot dogs or Wieners with mustard and ketchup toppings, the original classic take away food
isolated Mushroom or toadstool against white
Cut away cross section of a road where maintenance work is being carried out
Special fried rice chinese food served at restaurants
Chocolate Easter egg with the top broken off
Empty plate setting with plate, knife and fork on red gingham background popular symbol for diners and cafes
top view of a plate of tagliatelli carbanara italian cuisine in a traditional restaurant setting
A great snack or light lunch, sliced sandwich wraps with various fillings
Cardboard egg box with six brown eggs isolated with clipping path
plain modern weathervane on a roof top showing wind direction without a cockerel
Field of maize or corn a popular animal feed now often genetically modified for increased yield, more recently the stems or stover are being used for biomass energy production
British traffic calming sign which flashes a drivers speed at them if they are in breach of the legal limit in order to reduce there velocity
Number plate of a new car for retail sale on a motor dealers forecourt all logos removed
freshly baked homemade tradtional hand sliced bread
genuine suede leather textured background a luxurious soft material made from animal skin and used in quality clothing
Chicken Curry with boiled rice a popular chinese food available at take aways
Electric and gas energy types
Two lines of flames on a black background, high contrast, high resolution
The ultimate garden accessory a free standing cedar wood and leather circular hot tub with cover.
Job search Return Key symbolizing the searching of internet recruitment websites to find work or a job by an applicant
Standard timber framed building with close up on the roof trusses
serving slice of ham and mushroom pizza with close up on stringy melted mozzarella cheese
Luxurious standalone hot tub or jacuzzi with hot bubbling water
Chewy Cola Bottle background a popular retro sweet also known as Gummy candy at a pick and mix self service market.
Man dressed in traditional Tartan Kilt an example of Scotlands national costume
Baked Beans on toast accidentally dropped and creating a carpet stain on beige pile floor covering
Company fleet of commercial lorries parked in a row ready for cargo distribution
Number plate of a used cars for retail sale on a motor dealers forecourt all logos removed
wooden peg solitaire board crafted from wood a popular indoor puzzle
Selection of indian food with pilau rice, naan bread, poppadoms and samosas a popular choice for eating out in european countries
White flour on a wooden table creating a text area for insertion of your custom message or recipe
Blank spiral bound scrap book front cover with empty copy space for insertion of your message or design elements.
Double page spread empty ring bound note pad with copy space. Clipping path included for easy selection and incorporation into DPS layout
Sheet of lined note paper torn from a note pad isolated against a white background
Plate of tagliatelli carbonara italian food in a rustic restaurant setting
New Registration plate on a car for sale, symbolising the increase in sales which often occurs after the annual update of reg numbers.
Old antique plaster ceiling plate or rose in an old victorian house
Modern UPVC Double Glazed Window Unit
Ceiling mold shown on the interior of a white tiled bathroom a common source of unhealthy damage and decay that forms when fungus grows in a poorly ventilated room.
Farmer spraying his rape seed crop, also known as canola and increasingly used for bio fuel production.
close up on a pile of differnt color newspaper titles
wild poppies landscape scene typical of those used for remembrance sunday with that tradition symbol the red poppy flower
Milecastle 39 part of Hadrians Wall in Northumberland on the Scottish Border
Selection of traditional tools used in the craft of carpet weaving by hand
Large gold Gilded picture frame in a wide rectangular format isolated on a white background.
Chicken chow mein a popular oriental dish available at chinese take outs
A cross section of Double glazing cut away to show the inner profile and construction quality
office in tray piled high with a large amount of overwhelming work good concept for stress
Antique wooden texture showing walnut detail great background for antiquing or old furniture sales.
detail of traditional fish and chips with peas and a slice of lemon.
Orange and White reflective traffic cone isolated against a white background great concept for hazards and safety.
Pocket sized Leather bound personal journal for keeping a hand written record of memories, great for magazine layouts.
burning wood chip pellets a renewable source of energy becoming popular as a green environmentally friendly fuel for stoves which provide household heating
a Message in a bottle washed up on the beach, great business concept for snail mail, spam, or bad slow communication
winter service vehicle or gritter spreading rock salt on the road surface to prevent icing in winter which causes accidents when vehicles slip on the highway.
Blank scoffolding sign for advertising a scaffolders business erected on some scaffold a prime vantage point for advertising.
Two carabiners tied with knots to climbing rope or mountaineering safety equipment symbolising your only as strong as your weakest link
Post and Chain fence down the side of a driveway a popular ornamental feature in gardens
Partially built residential housing building site with homes in early stages of construction
Stock Piles of wooden pallets in a yard ready for breaking up and recycling into firewood or kindling
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