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Proud dad of 2 boys | travel, cycling, adventure, outdoors, landscapes, nature, world | shoots with Sony A7R ii | Enjoys life!!

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Portrait photograph of the magnificent Victoria Waterfalls on the border of Zambia and Zimbabwe
Before they are put in the ground the internet cables are spread out on the street
At the weekly 'Tuesday vegetable market' in Lusaka a school of Tiger Fish is waiting as the cathch of the day. These big fish caught my eye.
A small stream is flowing trhough dense forest and jungle in Zambia Africa
Head down they go. One by bone thrill seekers jump off the bridge flying with a string attached into the void. Hairs nearly touching the Zambezi river before they fly up again.
Seen from above the Victoria Waterfalls are visible behind bushes and trees
Old bicycle used for transporting charcoal in the streets of Lusaka Zambia
Roots of a tree with multiple internet cables in various colours
A baboon is grooming his mate at the Victoria Falls. Undisturbed by tourists they take their time. As a backdrop the Victoria Falls Bridge over the Zambezi river connecting Zambia with Zimbabwe.
Fibre optic cables for fast internet connections in Africa
This bridge spans across the Zambezi River just after the Victoria Falls. It connects Zambia and Zimbabwe and is an important landmark for both countries.
Along a road in Lusaka a city in Zambia colorful jars are waiting to be sold. Like a rainbow they stand and collect the dust. Empty they're waiting until the time comes and someone fills them up.
On top of a 'hunebed' in the Netherlands a man is standing in the night watching the sky. His beam is shining back at the stars while gazing into the void.
A dark roundabout at night near the TT circuit in Assen, the Netherlands. Passing cars create beautiful light trails.
At night the bees are sleeping while the 'bee man' starts his work.  In search for honey he digs in the ground to find the bees nest that's supposed to be there
Work in progress, fibre optic cables are spread out to be put in the ground
at the side of the road in Lusaka you can buy many heaters made from oil drums.
This 'Big Mama' is an elderly elephant taking care of three adopted baby elephants. The mothers of these young baby's have been killed by poachers.
Standing there all alone with leafless branches touching the sky. Mighty Baobab teaches us how to take a pose without clothes. These trees are one of a kind and amazing to see.
Spent a great day at the 'Monkey Pools' near Lusaka. Cold flowing water runs through a lush and green forest. Beautiful place to escape the heat of the city.
Mighty Victoria Falls with clouds of thunder. 

Water is falling and rises up again on the wind. A thunderous place to marvel about the sounds, views and all its powers.
Sunrays casting great lines in the woods. Beautiful autumn day in the Netherlands
The stars are shining bright above Sant Antoni de Portmani in Ibiza. Beautiful coast to be day or night.
Man walking his dog in a frosty forest. Winter morning in Drenthe the Netherlands
A boy is standing still with his hands blocking his face. People around him are rushing past. A street vendor with bananas walks by while cars and minibuses speed on the road.
Car's are chasing their lights along a typical Dutch canal in the city of Assen in the Netherlands. City streetlife by night.
Eagles eye view on the Victoria Falls. These great waterfalls form the natural border between Zambia and Zimbabwe
Water and rocks form the base for the great Victoria Falls
Lusaka, Zambia - November 3, 2017: Old deserted church in the Zambian countryside
The Baobab tree stand tall and with majestic grace. While a thunderstorm passes into the distance village life continues in the neighbourhood of this ancient tree.
The lights of Sant Antoni de Portmany are at the other side of the bay. Orion shines bright above Ibiza and the city.
Sunrise at the 'Hunze' river in Drenthe, the Netherlands! One of the first nights with temperatures below zero gave the land a great white cover off frost.
The bridge 'IJsselbrug' is a crossing for cars, bicycles and pedestrians. Here you can cross the river 'IJssel' and head into Zwolle. Lights cast great lines on the water and ships create light trails
autumn morning walk on the 'Balloerveld' in Drenthe the Netherlands. The sun struggles to break through the clouds.
At the 'playa d'Hort' in Ibiza an old wooden jetty lies above the blue sea.
A lonely fisherman is standing on a cliff during sunset at Ibiza. When the sun is setting behind the horizon the sky is one huge set of colours.
It's autumn in the Netherlands and the light is great. Beautiful early morning sunrise catching the first rays of sunlight. Balloerveld, Drenthe in the Netherlands. Shot taken with Sony A7Rii
Frozen part of the Hunze river in the Netherlands. Sunrise in National Park the Drentsche Aa in Drenthe the Netherlands
mediterranean night's are the best. The flowers of this Agave are touching the stars. Clear night at Ibiza island in winter time.
Lonely leave is frozen in time while the forest is covered in frost. Great day to be outdoors.
It's a special winter wonderland outside. Mist freezes and you can see the frost grow. It's a truly white wonderful world with fantastic landscapes.
A family of hippos lies safely in their river, the mighty Zambezi. On the border of Zambia and Zimbabwe these wild animals can be found in large groups.
A panorma of the Zambezi river on the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe. A small group of hippos is seen on the banks of this mighty river.
A moving flower in the wind. Captured up close with the movement visible in the image
In order to get a fast connection workers put fibre optic wires over tree roots
Internet cables are lying in front of a tree
What a joy it is... winter in Zambia is like summer in the Netherlands. Beautiful!
Many internet cables are lying on the ground in different colors
At the bottom of the Victoria Waterfalls a wild river is flowing. Water flows down the cliffs and collides with massive rocks.
After falling down of the waterfall water streams in the river and had to make a turn around a huge cliff.
This bridge spans across the Zambezi River just after the Victoria Falls. It connects Zambia and Zimbabwe and is an important landmark for both countries.
It's a long drop down from the top of the Victoria Waterfalls
Thanks to great masses of water clouds will rise up from the gorge where the water is falling over the edge.
Water falling down the Victoria Falls create it's own mist. Clouds rise up from below and create a magnificent picture
Single Ostrich standing in the fields on the outskirts of Lusaka, Zambia.
The glass in the window has long gone from this deserted building.
A small group of zebras stands still watching in utter silence. They seem to decide if their spectator is a dangerous thread or just mildly distracting.
Standing there all alone with leafless branches touching the sky. Mighty Baobab teaches us how to take a pose without clothes. These trees are one of a kind and amazing to see.
We've had this great encounter yesterday with this young male Nyala, a spiral-horned antelope native to Southern Africa. Beautiful species staring right at us on our trip in the Lusaka National Park.
In slowmotion it wanders through our garden. Shifting colors as it goes. Chameleon found at our place in Lusaka, Zambia.
Water is endlessly streaming down a small river in the forest. It's cool flow brings live to it's surroundings
Water is fighting branches and roots to follow it's path. Down it will go
In the shade of big trees a small stream is creating a great white line through the dense forest
Fibre optic cables are lying for a gate
Internet cables in front of a tree waiting to put into the ground
Many colourful internet cables are spread out in the street
At a frozen lake in the Netherlands a man is standing on a jetty staring at the ice.
At a frozen lake in the Netherlands a man is standing on a jetty watching the ice.
Foggy road in the Netherlands. The sun is trying to break through it's cover.
Below the 'Passerelle Saint-Vincent', a bridge for pedestrians, the Saône is like a mirror. Blue hour can't get more beautiful than this. Clear night in Lyon, France.
What a great autumn day. The tree catches the light at the 'Gasterse Duinen' in Drenthe the Netherlands
Early morning sunrise at Dutch windmill "de Zwaluw" in Oudemolen, the Netherlands. With temperature far below zero it was cold to be outdoors but the in frost covered world and blue sky where perfect.
On the heather 'Balloerveld' in the Netherlands these trees stand tall against the sky. Black and white photgraph of Dutch nature.
Frozen 'Hunze' river in Drenthe, the Netherlands. Early morning walk in National Park Drentsche Aa. A thin layer of ice marks the start of the cold period.
When the water leaves the 'Dollard' only mud remains. The world is quiet end endless here. Natural park where high and low tide van move freely.
The water in the 'Dollard' is peacefully floating out towards the sea. This huge expanse of water is a special mixture between sea and river. Special natural park in the North of the Netherlands.
At the end of the winter the forest is almost coming to life again. An old tree is waiting for spring to come.
In the capital of Ibiza you can find these great tunnels in the old city walls. My son is exploring the past as he walks into the future.
Two brothers are walking on a dead tree in the forest. These Dutch children are playing outdoors in the woods somewhere in the Netherlands
The Hunze river lies quiet after the first frost of the year. Sunrise in National Park the Drentsche Aa, the Netherlands
Sunrise in National Park Drentsche Aa, the Netherlands. The sky is full with big groups of birds flying to warmer places.
Packed together in the water of the Zambezi river lies this family of hippos . A landscape with African wildlife.
In the mighty Zambezi river thes typical African wildlife can be seen. A group of hippos is lying in the water of the river between Zambia and Zimbabwe.
A wild hippo jumps up from the water to get some fresh air. Landscape photograph of wild hippos in the Zambezi River.
Electric wires getting swallowed in the mist. Dark moody landscape in the Netherlands
It's quiet at estate 'Schipborg'. Long lanes stretches out into the forest creating deep lines in this landscape.
Purple flowers growing in Zambia in the winter. Close-up shot with lots of bokeh.
Men sitting down and resting beneath a big tree in the Netherlands.
The sun is gone, the night has come. Stars are flickering at the sky while the wind touches your leaves. A tree is standing tall in the darkness waiting for another day.
Farmland stretches to the horizon with clouds passing by. Hay bails are lying in the field.
Early morning sunrise at 'Canal de Miribel' in Lyon, France. The Rhône flows slowly downwards while the sun creeps slowly above the horizon.
A man is watching the sunset from the rocky coast of Ibiza.
Waves are constantly smashing at the shore of the IJsselmeer and by doing so creating a blanket of ice. The rocks and pier are frozen in time.
At the end of the Netherlands the land stretches out to the horizon. Patches of grass are like small islands between the water.
At the salt pans in Ibiza a lock gate is open to let the sea water run inside.
At night the stars come to life at Ibiza. The coastline can be rough with rocks standing guard to catch every wave rolling in. Lighthouses shine their lights along the shore to keep the seamen safe.
Two storks are sitting quiet on their nest while the sun rises on a cold winter morning. The world is covered in frost and the air is totally still.
Dead branches keep their heads above peaceful water. The water is like a mirror and acts like a time capsule to conserve what once was.
The Hunze river lies quiet after the first frost of the year. Sunrise in National Park the Drentsche Aa, the Netherlands
Frozen in time the landscape lies in front of the lens. Covered in a blanket of frost the world is colored white. The air is cold and quiet. Great to be outdoors.
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