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An emperor penguin is gliding over the Antarctic ice. Picture was taken in the Atka Bay during a 3-month Antarctic research expedition.
Antarctic mountains
Emperor penguin jumping out of an ice hole and following a group of four penguins. Picture was taken near the tip of the Peninsula during a 3-month Antarctic research expedition.
Brachycera: Tabanidae: Haematopota pluvialis, Regenbremse
Penguin procession in Antarctica
Open passage in pack ice
Antarctic ice caves
A small part of the sun-reflecting blue front of a larger iceberg. The calm water reflects the beautiful blue ice. Picture was taken during a 3-month Antarctic research expedition near the Peninsula.
Endless Antarctic snowfields
Penguin couple on Christmas
Laughing donkey
Crushed ice floes in Antarctica
Penguin group with leader
Fly portrait
Penguin photos
Antarctic penguin group
Tick waiting for a host
Antarctic penguin couple celebrates Christmas
Black-browed albatross
Antarctic research station
Penguin pair at Christmas
Opening ice crack
Penguin with iceberg
Isolated fly of the family Sepsidae
A white weather balloon is ascending into the blue sky. Picture was taken during a 3-month Antarctic research expedition.
Purple hour in Antarctica
Antarctic glacier from the melting Larsen B iceshelf (Antarctic Peninsula) with impressive crevasses. Remains of the formerly huge iceshelf which totally collapsed in 2002. Taken from helicopter.
Some fur seals in front of a beautiful Antarctic iceberg scenery. Picture was taken on Adelaide Island during a 3-month Antarctic research expedition.
Emperor penguin pair
Antarctica and research vessel
Asian lady beetle which recently invaded to Europe
Island in the Antarctic Sound
Pure Antarctica
Antarctic penguin couple with caps
Table iceberg edge in Antarctica
Three curious penguins in Antarctica
Emperor penguin is getting on its feet
Adelie penguins in Antarctic scenery
A group of about forty Antarctic adelie penguins running into the blue wideness of an Antarctic icescape scenery.
A small group of Antarctic chinstrap penguins on a drifting ice floe. Picture was taken in the Southern Ocean during a 3-month Antarctic research expedition.
Blue iceberg layers
Winter apple
Textile fibre structure
Antarctic ice shelf edge
Huge icebergs
Fit for Christmas
Penguin photographer
Antarctic penguin couple
Marine research
Adelie penguins on Antarctic pack ice
Antarctic penguin couple on Christmas
Taurus beetle isolated on white background
Two blue icebergs
Antarctic ice shelf edge
Christmas on ice
Emperor penguin pair in Antarctica
One side of a blue Antarctic iceberg in the Southern Ocean on a nearly flat sea covered by ice floes. Some snow petrels are sittng on the top. Picture was taken during a 3-month research expedition.
Tropical island with coconut palmtree
Antarctic ice structure
Panoramic view over the skyline of Montreal (Quebec, Canada) at sunset. It is taken from a viewpoint on the Mont Royal. The foreground is dominated by green trees.
Sunbeam on iceberg
Global warming due to CO2 increase
Penguin couple at Christmas day
Canola with blue sky horizontal
Antarctic ice floe with reflection
Adelie penguin wants to jump
Winter apple vertical
Research vessel in Antarctica
Running adelie penguin with shadow
Maturing tomatoes
Antarctic coast
Antarctic wind energy
Blue frost
Penguin march
An emperor penguin seems to do some fitness excercise. Picture was taken near the tip of the Peninsula during a 3-month Antarctic research expedition.
Iceberg wall in Antarctica
Antarctic Christmas
Underwater ice
Antarctic iceberg with adelie penguins
Ice floe with colorful layers
A cute Weddell seal baby on the Antarctic pack ice.
A group of adelie penguins jumping over darkblue antarctic waters
Icescape at sunset
Blue iceberg layers
Pure Antarctic ice
Penguin getting up for Christmas
Penguin couple
Emperor penguin group
Free-living pony with foal
A group of about fifteen Antarctic adelie penguins crossing through the picture.
Ice wall
Antarctic coast
Penguin couple at Xmas
Ship in Antarctica
Antarctic Christmas excitement
Easter eggs in garden
Blue iceberg with water reflection
Two standing emperor penguins in a beautiful Antarctic pack ice scenery. Picture was taken near the tip of the Peninsula during a 3-month Antarctic research expedition.
A yellow canola in front of a rapeseed field and a blue sky
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