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Fresh red apple with "RX" prescription carved in side
Collage of pink slips, layoff notices, etc.
pencil on test
Embossed leather cover of a 1940s-era photo album with gold imprinting. includes clipping path.
Fresh red apple carved with skull & crossbones symbol
Collection of rock climbing gear attached to a climber's harness
generic pink slip on white background version 2
large leather book
pocket watch swung as if to hypnotize
jumping mannequin
Assorted prescription medicines, all logos and trademarks removed, isolated on white background
Fancy Koran cover, oblique angle (arabic books open to the left)
Cover of an ornamented Koran.  (arabic books open to the left)
vintage lens human eye iris.
 brass hypodermic
Yellowstone River flowing calmly through Hayden Valley
realistic-looking human skull model seen behind a row of rifle cartridges.
mannequin carrying globe on shoulders
realistic-looking model of human skull dramatically lit and surrounded by rifle cartridges.
Old book gold border blank center
hundreds of assorted pills and capsules receding to BG.  Shallow DOF.  All trademarks removed.
herd of bison in yellowstone's hayden valley
blank book cover green alligator texture
Mannequin surrounded by pink slips in dejected pose
traditional hand bound japanese book
bill on big fishhook.
Antiqued-looking model of skull on black background with clipping path.
Very old art nouveau book cover
Very old gray and black book with ornamented cover and blanks for text
Various pills and capsules in macro view.  All trademarks and numbers removed.
Partial view of acoustic guitar on gradient background, clipping path
green leather and gold book cover half blank for user text
Large metal C clamp
Colorful Silex Spring thermal pool in Yellowstone park
Book cover red with gold columns and text-ready gold boxes
Red Bell pepper next to test tube of blue chemical on white background
private no trespass sign in front of country road
Vintage gold-decorated leather book oblique angle
antique humorous doctor figurine
gold-decorated green leather book
Pink and black granite texture fading to dark edges
fancy purple book cover with filigree and central blank space for text etc.
large chrome fishhook
Apple sliced to reveal capsules and pills within
Assorted pills and capsules in shallow DOF, all logos and tm's removed
Very old fatigued blank book cover
Background rusted metal wall
View of Absaroka range from Soda Butte Creek, Yellowstone NP
Orange/yellow gradient border/background with a row of fresh orange slices along edge
Flawless red bell pepper on white background
US 100-dollar bill in slightly waved configuration on gradient BG w clip path
Varnished pinewood texture in macro view, edges fade to darker
Child mannequin happy on shoulders of adult mannequin
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