Heather Barr

Professional portrait and event photographer located in Boston, Massachusetts.
United States
United States

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Crate full of pumpkin gourds at a local farm
Corn Field
Clouds over water
Golf Course Hawaii Palm Trees
Electrical Power Substation
Autumn day reflected in New England pond
Crate full of pumpkins at a local farm
A row of paper dolls in black and white
pink flower, lily pad flower, hawaii flower, purple flower on lily pad
Jelly beans
A Giraffe with storm clouds
Yellow leaves adorn trees at a playground in New England
Apples ripe for picking
Purple pink forget me not wild flowers
Bearded Dragon Touch
Black and white feathers
Bridge over water
White fence running diagonally through the image.
Black and white feathers
Paper dolls with a green background
A sheep
Maine Field
Backside of a sunflower
Waterfall at a old grist mill in new england
4 segment flowers
Side of a sunflower
Basketball hoop displayed in the sky
Two bearded dragons
Bird in flight, landing
Field of Grass Wheat
An old rusted cannon from the Spanish American War and Civil War
Out of line pumpkin in a row of pumpkins
Pumpkins of assorted sizes
A pearl necklace with 3 strands laying on black velvet
Sunday newspaper crossword with pen
Sunday crossword
Nature's bench
Early Wine, grapes in a wine glass
A dear john pen and ink letter
Black and white bench
Lots of jelly beans
Old building reflected on a stream during an autumn day
White thistle bush
A pearl necklace draped with a lace garter on black velvet
Bird flying
Crate full of pumpkins at a local farm
Kayak boats on seashore
Blue sky and whispy clouds with tall grass
Park bench, greenery,
White pitcher pouring milk into a white mug
Sunday crossword
Red boat
Rusted bolt and screw with nail of train tracks
Autumn leaves at a cemetery
Remains of an old dock
black and white of an old door and shovel
Lichen on tree barks, with focus on the forefront tree
Bearded dragon
Stone wall
A crate full of pumpkins
Summer Squash on the Farm, Squash growing
Antique rusted drill
A thick fog surrounds a treed area
Autumn at a cemetery
Lone berry bush in a winter scene
Christmas Ornaments Glowing
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