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A fortune cookie
A baseball game.
a brazilian boy
a boy and girl
A scary building.
a teenager driving
a brazilian boy
The pattern on a djembe drum.
a brother and sister
San Jose California shot from the Fairmont San Jose.
a brushed metal textured surface
a fan during the summer
An engagement ring in focus with the background out of focus.
a table
Garage door opener.
a brazilian boy
a recreation of the fast and the furious
an isolated cell phone
a fork on a black background
a brazilian street
poker chips
a one way sign
a Gas station late at night
a zipper halfway open
isolated colored pencils
a car in brazil
four aces
buttons on a game controller
four aces
a brazilian city street
characters made out of a sticks
a mailbox
 figures made from popsicle sticks
a laptop computer
a cell phone on a white background
My messy room.
Cans in my garage.
a sculpture of  a boy
a Shot from my house.
A stack of pumpkins
a figure made from a popsicle stick
the spectrum of colors
A lamp against a green wall.
a building sky and clouds
a power button
a clock
public showers
a tape measure
a brazilian city
a cell phone key pad
A picture of the Bible.
a couple in the background
a brazilian boy
poker ships
a confederate flag tattoo
a blank post it note
a laptop computer
a man on a lake
sound control buttons
a man fishing in a mountain stream
A silhouette of a man watching a game
A picture of a warning.
a network cable
a royal flush
a stack of flower pots.
A Dog looking out over water
a cow in a stream
a character made out of a stick
My friend walking in front of me.
A typical clean bedroom.
A pencil with a lamp in the background.
A foot from the perpective of the ground.
The shadows formed from a handrail on carpet.
assorted bills
a cell phone key pad
A shodow on wood
tabs from cans.
a lock hanging from a peg.
a laptop computer
a post it note that says help
poker chips
a frog on a branch
track lighting
glass on top of a wall
"Love" writning in a window.
Rain on a window.
stepping stones
black eyed susan
A close up of a spider.
Shadows cast by blinds on the floor
silhouette of a builidng
A long shutter speed, with the blur of car lights.
Keys on a wood desk.
a tape measure
a sprinler
two guitars
a zipper halfway open
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