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Frank is a photographer with an enthusiasm for capturing a wide span of images. From contemporary portraiture through commercial imagery.

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Lines on a field in a stadium.
Nubers for the track and field lanes in stadium.
Beautifull colours of the dragon boat waiting to be used again.
This is the Hortobagy series hungarian postage stamps showing the hungarian horsesmen doing the every day jobs.Here they are racing out on the plains.
Young asian girl looking up a young man.
Three piece dental instrument on a blue background. The focus is on the center of the front pick.
High flying Vulture in the air currents looking for the next meal.
This highway looks like a horse shoe.
View from the parking lot just below the mountain.
This is a view from a rest stop of highway 26.
Older gent looking a bit puzzeled.??
Man with a very serious look upon his face he has a grey beard.
Large freighter leaving the harbor with a load of freight bound from places unknown.
Layers of old paint on metal door. It is great for texture.
Old fence made of metal wheels.Rolling hill in background.
Large fluffy clouds with train track and open farm fields.
Small disco ball with hanger on a blue background.
Young boy doing yoga exercise.
Red vector tall and long stick pin or push pin.
Frozen icicles that look like cotton swabs hanging for a wire.
Green apple along side colored crayon on top of three books. This has a clipping path.
Mixed race female has her hand in her hair is wearing a business suit. This has a clipping path.
Mixed race female reading  a sheet of paper. She is sitting and holding telephone.This has clipping path
Woman dressed in black talking on the telephone and seems very sad and holding her head. She is of mixed ethnicity.
Young woman of filipino ethnicity is standing sideways and looking at camera.
Looking away from the camera and holding a glass wine. She is of mixed ethnicity.
Man holding light meter with the readings towards the camera.He is on a seamless white background.
Young women holding her neck like she has some pain.It is on a white background.She is of mixed ethnicity.
Young women has her hair back and a very large smile.She is of filipino ethnicity.
Mixed race young girl looking at her phone and checking messages.
Close up view of mount hood from lost lake .
Pumpkin is on an old fence post in the Palouse area.
Old aermotor windmill pump on a hill top.
Panoramic water view of Vancouver.Stanley Park on the right side
Center field and the grand stand in the background.
Ground level of the center line in the stadium.
Nubers for the track and field lanes in stadium.
Lines on a field in a stadium.
Side view of gold cooins filling a green wheel barrel.It is ona white background.
Condos by the sea  with sailboats heading out for the day.Vancouver, British Columbia
Lily pads and Bull rushes in the pond.
This is located on top of Mount hood.
A large granite rock on a white background.
Taken from Hood river view point. Early morning as the sun  is just shining on the mountain.
Newly completed wind turbines on the top of the hill to catch the wind.
Man with a grey beard hugging the graffiti pole.
The focus is on the middle of the syringe. Blue pills on a white background.
Four syringes on a blue background.They are all different sized syringes.All bottles a vertical.
Five young boys with their heads together making a circle.All but one has their eyes closed.
Young boy looking serious and has his hat on backwards. He has rosy cheeks and lips.
Barb wire around a post,The focus is on the wire shallow depth of field.
Three medicine bottles partially filled on  with white background.They have writing on them.
Three medicine bottles partially filled on sugar base with white background.
Checking out the paparazzi.The hawk owl is a day time hunter.This is a rare sighting in Vancouver
Young couple waiting for a ride along the roadside with vintage travel bags
Silhouette of couple standing by the shore with the sun setting in background of couple standing by the shore with the sun setting in background
Young boy has his head on a chinese girls shoulder. She has a large smile.
Looking down onto farm fields from Steptoe Butte
Country road with green rolling hills and big clouds.
Photo is split half hill and half clouds.
Red poppies with shallow depth of field.
S curve road in the Palouse area of washington.
Bench in a court yard waiting for the couple to sit down and view the setting.
Lookout on a building with a weather vane on top.
Young women is drinking wine and is very happy has a large smile.
Man is pointing and holding a light meter while he is on the floor with a seemless background.
Young lady of filipino ethnicity,is sitting on stool with a white background.She is read a document.Also listening on the telephone and smiling with some good news.
Young lady of filipino ethnicity,is sitting on stool with a white background.She is read a document.
Women looking to the side with her telephone to her ear. She is of filipino ethnicity.
Female and male medical persons looking at the computer.The young lady is mixed race.
Two medical people looking at the laptop.
A mixed race young lady talking with a man. They are wearing lab coats.
Young lady of filipino ethnicity,is sitting on stool with a white background.
View looking down on bread loaves
Hotel in the background and palm tree in foreground.
Wind turbines on the hill top along the Columbia gorge.
Cruise ship in the Vancouver harbour.This view of Northshore and dowtown is from Queen Elizabeth Park.
Three large brown medicine bottles on a white background.
Clothes line of american currency .It is on a white background with green pegs holding the money.
Nubers for the track and field lanes in stadium.
Looking down the field from the corner.
Highrise buildings by the sea side in Vancouver.The white dome is the stadium which will hold the openning ceremonies for the 2010 winter Olympics.Vancouver British Columbia
Large condo towers by the sea side on a sunny day.Vancouver, British Columbia
Fabulous day in the city.Highrise condos in the background.Vancouver, British Columbia
Collectible series of three stamps about the 1957 Revolution.They are on a black backgrpound.
Wind Turbines on hill top with cows just below.
Heron has just caught this small fish on the shore line. This is a close up of the neck and the beak.
Mount Hood in June 2009. A close up view of the peaks and the sharp jagged edges,
Old man looking up with a puzzeled look upon his face.
Red pills in a blue bottle with a white cap on a white background.
Green and red pills on a white background.The bottle is blue with a white cap.
Orange pills along three different sized syringes. They are on a blue background.
Orange pills along three different sized syringes. They are on a blue background.
Different sized bottles with red caps on them. It is on a blue background
Tree frog out on a leaf. Shallow depth of field.
Chain link that has been rusting for a long time.It is attached to steel plate.
Clear blue sky with white fluffy clouds
Red rocks at Red Canyon park. View point coming up.
Road  going through a tunnel of rock turning right.
Wide road way turning to the left.
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