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Happy dog running through a meadow with buttercups
Dog catching a ball in mid-air
The magical world of reading: magic book with pages transforming into birds
Far West chicken
Stylish business dog
Panting dog resting in the field
Dog with glasses and serious look
Cute panting dog shot frontal with fish-eye lens.
Not so sexy! White socks in sandals
Cute smiling springer spaniel puppy
Smart dog fetching the newspaper
Before and after, unhappy man becomes very happy man
Surreal setting/background with old worn tiles and cloudscape
Stage with worn tile floor and curtains
Lonely and thirsty
Welcome to the magical world of reading!
Cyborg humanoid portrait
In mommy's shoes
Cute dog lounging in classic leather sofa
English springer spaniel puppy
Don't ditch the dog when you go on vacation!
Tough dog with an attitude and leather jacket
Dog looking at you upside down
english springer spaniel puppy
Refreshing and healthy cucumber smoothie
angel on white feather background with sparkles
Old treasure map
Mix breed dog isolated on white is waving at the spectator
Peacock feather pattern macro
In love with the summer -  relaxing in the sun
Stylish dog with hat and costume
Happy dog standing in a puddle
Fifties style young dismissive woman with her tea
Piercing eyes
Oil refinery at sunset, the smoke gives it a dramatic effect
Wooden circles
Stern lady in a purple setting
View at a nuclear power plant (Doel, Belgium); more views of this plant in my portfolio.
Funky dog
young woman jumping over a creek; shot from below
raw steel awaiting transport in the harbor
dragonfly caught in flight (aeshna viridis)
Western dog on white
Sources of omega 3 fatty acids: flaxseeds, fat fish, field lettuce, pumpkin and pumpkin seeds, olive oil and kidney beans
King dog sitting in his throne
In love with the summer
Handsome male with a strong attitude and a hat
Dog caught in the middle of a jump
Different species of chickens in a row
Cute dog ready for a funky party
Retro dog with stove pipe hat and glasses
origami icosahedron
Barn owl studio portrait (Tyto Alba)
Business/detective/mob/dog in a suit with hat
Dog with cat eye glasses looking up
Young woman and her dog jumping over a creek, shot from below.
Little rabbit shot on white (she is a 6 weeks old Flemish Giant and will grow up to 20 lbs (9kg)! stay tuned)
Dancing dog!
Dog party
Royal dog: mixed breed dog with crown sitting in a red velvet sofa
Close up of a polecat/ferret's face
Two young birds keeping each other warm in the snow
paper watercolor texture orchid with shallow dept of field against the sunlight; plenty of copyspace
Mix breed dog in a red couch against purple wallpaper
Yo! Dog waving his paw
This dog just fetched the newspaper
Spanish waterdog wearing cat-eye glasses, shot over white
Fisheye shot of a spanish waterdog with cat's eye glasses
Dog in a retro setting
Dog with glasses in a retro setting
Western dog with an attitude
Cute dog is tucked in
Dog in lion's clothes
springer spaniel puppy resting on a white blanket
Dandelions at dusk against the sunlight
Party dog sitting behind his cake
curious chicken looking at you (shaver 579 hybrid)
A dog (spanish waterdog breed) with a big grin
Flower meadow with different sorts of flowers
Looking at the world from a different perspective - Cute dog laying upside down isolated on white
Portrait of a man in his fifties with pipe
Contemporary christmas card in white and silver with angel
Panting dog - fisheye fun
Green Planet
Striking portrait of a male with piercing expressive eyes
Think green!
Dog winking at you. (spanish waterdog breed)
Funny lady sunbathing together with her dog
Autumn dog in a pile of leaves
Time for some spring cleaning?
Sun rising behind a green field, perfect as setting or backdrop
Easter chick coming out of a chocolate egg
Happy dog caught in flight
Earth in a drop
chicken: cochin breed; cochin's are popular for their typical round shape and friendly character.
Many crushed soda cans on a scrapyard
Typical dutch heathland (with typical dutch weather)
Teatime fifties style, stern lady.
Dog eating cake
Dog with oversized party-glasses and hat is ready to start a party
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