Robert Buchanan Taylor

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White males passport photo sits on accumulated stolen financial data enabling criminal cloning
Steel pipework in factory
modern art block colour cubist style
Two Shipyard workers isolated on platform paint huge ferry ship in dry dock
Yellow coiled electric cable with electricians long nose pliers
Hypodermic syringe filled with blood with spoon, brown crystals,
Zap Cat speed boat airborne
Yellow coiled electrical cable with edison screw lightbulb
Large Industrial separating tanks China Clay works
Two man Speed boat racing in surf conditions
Two manual workers wearing colorful safety gear and helmets viewed from a high viewpoint walk away from camera from sunshine to shade
Cleaver with bloodstains lies on newspaper stocks and shares lists
Male surfer slashes wave in cutback
Street sweeper with hand cart and shovel working outside pub
Vast clay quarry workings in Cornwall UK
Garlic bulb on white with five garlic cloves
Strawberry clamped in red vice with copy space
russet and purple spent shotgun cartridges litter forest floor after game shoot on private estate
Hypodermic syringe filled with blood sits on unspecific brown crystals
Carrots with tops close up
Hypodermic Syringe containing blood or red fluid with brown sugar and drug capsules
Seashells in Oyster shell on sand
Waterfall over moss covered rocks
Artist paint pot arranged next to a strawberry fruit, with the red pot open signifying natures pallette
Quarry with steep horizontal cuttings and mechanical diggers perched perilously
1930 era Public open air Lido swimming pool
Immensely  Deep Clay quarry dwarfs giant dumper vehicle
Large Granite pebbles in Cornish cove
Strawberries suspended in red jelly
Houses and factory chimney at dusk
Feathers and leaves in woodland clearing
Granite wave sculpted boulders in Cornish cove
Starfish with seashells
Bindweed bloom on bright white
Hypodermic Syringe with sugar, spoon and drug capsules
Ocean going ferry bedecked with lifeboats undergoes refit in dry-dock
Yellow leaf isolated against brown decaying leaf litter in forest
Old fashioned rusty camper-van rusts quietly on car park
1930 era Public open air Lido swimming pool with blue water
Seedpods sepia on natural slate
Giant Sunflower with tiny shells on white background
Artists paint pots arrayed next to handfull of cherries signifying natural palette of colours designed by nature
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