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Panorama of Tirana City and largest mosque in Albania
statue of Castor and Pollux in Rome
burning candles on black background
Copenhagen / Denmark - april 2019 : sculpture of The Little Mermaid in Copenhagen
flock of green parrots standing together on the branch
pile of old unused computers and vintage CRT monitors
Famous Monastery Churchi from Moldova
fresh red roses in the garden
biggest canyon in Europe , scenery of Tara River Canyon
Roots growing upward on the exterior . Tree with external roots
Boiling Sweet Corn at the Pan . Sweet boiling maize
Domestic animal in the cage  . Pig Snout Macro image
View of Helsingborg harbour and City Hall
old piano keyboard made of ivory
Sun dial with rays in the dusk
Munich central district aerial view . German houses with red roofs and attics
shining sun and sky in the summer
Ferrous  metal warehouse . Rolled stock steel pipes
City Court of Copenhagen with Architectural Columns
Durdevica Tara / Montenegro - september 2018:Zip Line with two young people. Romantic couple take a selfie on the zipline
Heavy rain and lightning on the sky . Stormy weather with thunderstorm and sunlight
Kotor Bay and Balkans . Scenery of blue lagoon and mountains
Daisies in the summer colors . Uncultivated wildflowers
Telescope Looking to the Sky . Touristic binocular telescope looking over the city
summer rainbow on the blue sky
Flowers in the forest with sun rays . Spring  Wildflowers and Sunrise
Village with green agricultural fields . Spring Rustic Scenery
Rotten apples on the ground . Spoiled Fruit Harvest
Church domes with christian cross . Orthodox Steeple
New Town Hall and Frauenkirche in Munich
Panoramic view of Central Munich , city in Bavaria Germany
Aerial View od Danube Riverside in Belgrade . Stadium at the River Shore
Scaffolding with ragged protective net
Autumn Leaves on Water Surface . Park in the fall season
Christmas Shopping in Paris . Street and Showcase Christmas illumination
medical mask in the pocket ready for use . Pandemic concept
Aircraft wing and engine during the flight . Flying over the coastline
Majestic Monastery Curchi from Moldova . Religious background with church and cross symbol
Flying around the world . Above clouds and snowy mountains
Two birds on the calm water . Idyllic morning with sunlight reflection in the lake water
African Elephant in Savannah . Herbivores wild animals
Old incandescent bulb . The old method of electric illumination
Birning candles blurred light inside the church . During praying
Winding country road . Way to the farmland
vineyard on the balcony of old cottage
Sky Scenery with Sun rays Early in the Morning
Awesome African Sunset . Big Sun Dial at the Red Sky
Christmas market showcase . New Year ornaments market stall
enigmatical sky with dark clouds and in the dusk
Helsingborg City Hall in Sweden
Rusty weighing scale balance . Ancient Measurement Tool
Vienna City Gate with with major architectural arches
California Sea Lion standing on the Rock  .  Zalophus Californianus
Sculptures on the facade of the Opera Garnier in Paris
Statue of Marco Minghetti in Piazza San Pantaleo from Rome in Italy . Italian economist and statesman from 19th century
One yellow autumn tree . Colorful fallen autumn leaves on green grass
Thunderclouds with sunbeam . Black clouds over the city
Rain on the roof surface
Old architecture of Rome, roofs and cupolas
River shore with transparent water and stones . Rocky water's edge
Curious Goat Looks Through the Crack in the Fence
Autumn Leaves and Grey Stones . Autumnal background with dry leaves
Wheat groats pile . Red paper background . Cereal for making breakfast.  Healthy eating
mystical sky with sin and clouds . Midnight heaven . Bright night with moon
old destroyed river bridge , broken wooden old pier
People take pictures of the sunset .Tourists sailing on a ship in the dusk . Scenery with sunset over the sea
Rain and sunlight at the same time in the sky . Summer storm with shower
Curious meerkat looks into the distance . Two cute suricata
Lazy Cat Sleeping at the Pavement . Small Terrace in Old Town
Costa da Caparica beach , sandy Atlantic Ocean coast
polenta traditional corn food in the plate
aerial panoramic view of Munich city in Bavaria
Rotten strawberries macro image .Aversion to spoiled fruit
Moldy strawberries in the plate.Spoiled berry crop
Beaver animal eating fresh grass. Semiaquatic rodent at natural area
Majestic Alps Mountains covered by snow in the spring season
Rotten cherries fruit macro image . Expired organic product
Dubrovnik harbour with yachts in Croatia
Holy Mother and Angel Statue in Turin , View from Catholic Parish Church Gran Madre
Pitesti City Hall facade in Romania . Fountain splashing in front of the building
facade of Valencia cathedral in Spain
white stone gazebo with balustrade
cross made by stone at the cemetery
Hawthorn shrub , autumn red berries
moving clouds in the windy day
old fishing boat on the dirty shore
Greengage Plum fruits growing on the tree
grapes in the soft evening light
maple leaves cut in rusty metal
Altocumulus in the morning . Rare clouds on the sky
Bushes and coniferous trees in the late autumn park
highway traffic to the  city
Aerial view of wind turbines . Fields with aerogenerators
Walking along the cobblestone street in the night
Empty trees and benches in the park
Twilight reflection in the river water . Danube and bridge in the dusk
Medical mask in backpack pocket , ready for use in public places
natural arched alley in the park
Belfry with golden dome . Church cupola in russian style
Black clouds with sunlight . Rays in dark clouds
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