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First aid kit in a worden table
Walnuts in an old cup
Jack O'lanterns
Spinning humming top
Kranhauser, Cologne, Germany
Rotating humming-top
A red wooden number one
Abandoned bus stop in Majorca, Spain
Jellyfisch on a sandy beach
French fries lying on the street
Happy Halloween
A water pipe with one piece missing in its middle
A single palm leaf shot against  skylight in black and white
Broken hearted
Chilling retirees
Piggy days
Weathered timber with old blue painting
Walled door and grilled window on the facade of an old house
Handwriting on a window saying "let it snow"; Cloudy sky in the background
Jack O'lanterns
Relaxing dog on wooden floor
A groom's brown leathershoe on hay
Jellyfish on sandy beach
Chain of lights
Close up of some cherry blossoms
Glowing Jack-o-Lanterns on black background
Glowing Jack-o-Lanterns on black background
Old paint on a wooden plank
Old sign saying CAFE
Two dimensional chair and table mounted on a brick wall
Group of kids walkign away from chalk drawings
German flag
Redeveloped storehouses (so called Siebengebirge in Rheinauhafen, City of Cologne), taken from the opposite side of the Rhine
Ice-cream wafer
Draft marks on a ship
Rickmer Rickmers, Hamburg
An abandoned red football field in Majorca, Spain
Draft marks on a ship
Draft marks
Jack O'lanterns
Draft marks on a ship
A jellyfish glowing in green light
Closeup of a brown leather bag
Old chair
The top of some amond trees in front of a lightly clouded sky on a sunny day
Antique dining table in a spanish restaurant
Old bike saddle in front of a wall taken from the side
Closeup of an old bike lamp
Childhood memory
Lonely sunset at the river Rhine
A Lonely boat floating out into the open sea
Wooden window, a brown window shutter and a red flower
View of the lovely seaside in Mallorca, Spain
Plate full of cooked prawns still in their shells
Relaxing dog
Jack O'lanterns
Jack O'lanterns
Jack O'lanterns
The new year knocking out the old one
Hey hut
Dew on a window
Lamp sign in shape of the letter E
Detail shot of an old , rusty bike  with destructed saddle standing in front of some stairs taken from behind.
Pink umbelliferous on a wild meadow
Red cat on a wall looking backwards into the camera
Beads in boxes
Mr. Cock
Cinnamon sticks
A stony orange staircase from an above view
Couple lying in the sand at a beach in Palma de Mallorca, spain. Their bodies are covered by a concrete wall.
A colorful clothesline in front of an old house and a blue sky in Spain
Tired dog
Pile of used tires
Old street sign
Happy Halloween
Lamp sign in shape of the letter C
Old wooden billboard with metal frame
Grilled window at the facade of a nicely ornamented wall in a town in Majorca, Spain
Bent and weathered stop sign
View of a downward leading street in Majorca, Spain
Destroyed wooden door in an old archway
Red cat relaxing on the middle of a street
A lonely rock at the seaside of Majorca, Spain
Closeup of a plush gecko on an old wooden table
An old wooden door with a white heart hanging on its knocker
A single, tiled chimney in front of a cloudless sky
Wheat fields in Mallorca, Spain
Row of lamps
Front side of a colorful wooden toy cube
Front side of a colorful wooden toy cube
Front side of a colorful wooden toy cube
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