Raymond Kasprzak

Retired broadcast engineer
United States
United States

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Smiling assorted happy face stickers isolated over white
Dry erase memo board over white
World War 1 type wood model biplane over white
House fly macro isolated over white
DB sound meter scale tight
Musical instrument note pad
Butch Cassidy and Sundance Kid Saloon
Pouring Soda into Glass
Chocalate Cream Puff
Molecular Background
Leprechaun Figures Isolated
Sparrow caught in mid air coming in for a landing on bird feeder
Modest home and lawn with prarie grass in the foreground
Modern Color 3 speed Bicycle Shadow
Glass Bauble Background
A large plowed pile of snow in front of a house on the corner after the 2011 blizzard in the midwest
Two snow covered bird feeders hanging
Here's Looking at You
Resting Bison
Portable battery operated hand held land line telephone handset over white
Lower partial denture over white
Fat Lady
Bright red pedometer isolated over white
Basket of colored eggs
Rural electric pole with porcelain insulator against a blue sky
Colorful dog bone snacks and paw prints over a white background
Licorice Chalk and Charcoal Abstract Background
Broken partial upper dentures over white
Mount Rushmore
Locking automobile fuel tank gas cap over white
Real Estate sold sign with soft focus background
Dog paw tennis ball toy over white
Red Snow Covered Bird Feeder
Single red rose over sheet music background
large red squirrel closeup appears to be begging
3D view of door bell button over white
Baby bottle filled with milk over white
Cold drink over white
Dry erase memo board and pen over white.
Tooth paste swirl isolated
A blue variable pattern lawn and garden sprinkler over white
Abraham Lincoln
Hour Glass and 1040 tax time.
Fitness machine control panel
Snow covered hanging blue bird feeder
Back side view of grey haired senior
Outdoor thermometer reading 100 degrees
Cup of instant microwaveable soup close up.
Audio level sound meter
Coax Connector Tight
Two females jogging in the park
Brandy Glass and Fire
scattered pile of butterscotch chips over white
Hot dog with mustard fries and pickles on paper plate
Green and black artificial butterfly on a real Daisy
Old West Stage Coach
Colorful southwestern indian flower pot over white
Energy saving halogen light in a lamp with a red shade on a dresser
Two finches feeding from bird feeder in backyard
Peanut munching squirrel in the snow
Hand holding two shiny pennies representing the phrase My Two Cents Worth
Red and white for sale by owner sign
Easter Lily
Oscilloscope Display
Blood Pressure Monitor Display
Music Rose
Flushing money down the toilet
Tennis Ball Dog Toy
Twenty dollar bills sticking out of gas cap opening representing and illustrating the high cost of gasoline.
Mug of beer backlit by flames from fireplace
Pile of peanuts over white
Floral Design Pattern
Deadwood Dick's Saloon
Hand holding ice cream cone against blue sky
Nice midwest suburban house
Blown Bubbles
American Indian dream catcher charm over white
Support Our Troops Yellow Ribbon Blue Background
Hand Shake Black White Tight
Printer printing color photo
S figure chain
Cheese and Wood
Abraham Lincoln Eyes
Painted Ball Background Abstract
Hand Shake Tight Neutral background
Cup of dried soup over white
Plastic Cups Stacked
5 various colored automobile fuses isolated over white
Chocolate pudding with cherry , whipped cream and spoon
Tax form 1040 macro
Laughing leprechaun and shamrock
Spooky Unusual Olive Wine Glass Reflections
Buttery popcorn in a blue bowl isolated
Three Carnations Isolated
Wispy Smoke Background
Dog bone frame over white
Open house banner sign
For sale sign by owner with price drastically reduced
Boulder and shadow isolated over white
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