Renato Di Prinzio

Renato Di Prinzio

Photographer and professional musician. Italo-Argentino lives in Spain

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Sunflowers in fields planted with the sun backlight at sunset
Reconstruction of the Saxon lyre from Trossingen 580 BC String musical instrument
Perspective of the Saxon lyre found in Trossingen from 580 BC. Old stringed musical instrument
Empty red theater seats
Front view of the Saxon lyre from Trossingen 580 BC Stringed musical instrument
Hispano-Muslim castle of Gormaz at sunset in Soria Spain 9th century
Astronomic Panorama of the arch of milky way with the ruins of old medieval castle in Sapin
Dandelion backlight in cloudy day
Still life with old medieval instruments hurdy gurdy flutes bagpipe lute and tambourine in dark light with candles and candlestick
Old abandoned and ruined room with bed two chairs and bench
Chinese bellflower a little violet flower front view Platycodon grandiflorus
Gerbera flower with water droplets and green colored background
Medieval musical instruments, lute, flutes, hurdy-gurdy and tambourines
Half moon on december 25 of 2020
Still life of ethnic percussion musical instruments
Still life with medieval musical instruments, lute, flutes, hurdy-gurdy and tambourines and candles
Dragon cat guardian of the ancient and sacred Saxon lyre
Nightlife at Chinchon in Spain at sunset with half moon world heritage
Still life with medieval musical instruments, lute, flutes, hurdy-gurdy and tambourines
Foggy winter landscape with silhouettes of trees without leaves and sun blurred in the sky
Chinese bellflower a violet flower side view Platycodon grandiflorus
Facade of old house door windows pots with flowers and cobblestone street
Interior of Roman mine of lapis specularis centuries I and II AC
Ruined 10th-century Spanish castle under the arch of the Milky Way
crystal ball and reflection of rural landscape
Panoramic milky way and old castle with mars and saturn
Panorama of the via lactea in the form of an arch over the ruins of an old Spanish castle next to the planet mars
Sunset in the lavender fields of Brihuega Spain
Summer sunset panorama with Comet C / 2020 F3 NEOWISE over the horizon in Spain
Blossoming lavender branch backlight with the sun disk by side
Twilight landscape in lavender field with comet C / 2020 F3 (NEOWISE)
moon and evocative tree
slice of orange or lemon submerged in soda water
Rain drops on river top view
Old house with yellow stucco with flowery balcony
Outer leaves of yellow gerbera flower with water droplets and salmon colored background
plumed cockscomb or silver cock's comb red flower
Branch of hyacinth curd of budding flowers Backlight
Cat and dog puppies playing on a tile patio
Common house martin in its nest waiting for its partner to bring feed its chicks
Sad little tabby kitten on the sofa
Neolithic building from the Bronze Age (4200 years ago) - Motilla de Azuer

White metal bars of stall with raindrops hanging after a storm
Nightly port of Malaga, Andalusia, Spain
Cliffs of Vixía de Herbeira, Galicia, Spain
Farmhouse in ruins of the seventeenth century
Sky with storm clouds and hidden sun
Still life with White and red roses on blue background
Duck with wings outstretched in a pond of turquoise waters
still life with toys gift bag broom shovel rabbit and food basket
Portrait of angry cat nose
Windmills clouds and mountains
Isolated flower frozen on a cold winter morning with fog
Branch with frozen flowers on a foggy winter morning
Branch with frozen flowers and spider web with drops of icy water on a foggy winter morning
Silhouettes of trees without leaves on a cold foggy winter day next to a curve of a Spanish road
Winter landscape with trees without leaves fog and sun blurred in the sky
Nightly panorama of the castle and medieval village of the Spanish city of Albarracín
Street night scene of the old medieval town of Albarracín in Spain
Night landscape with olive tree
Eagle of Harris ( Parabuteo unicinctus )
Little white mouse moving among cut firewood
Portrait of little old white dog with sad face
Sunset panorama of the landscape of Castillo de Jadraque, Guadalajara, Spain
Orion Nebula one summer night from the center of the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina, through a telescope
Pink and yellow dahlia in the middle of a garden and buds of yellow dahlias
four o'clock flower isolated little yellow flower with rain drops Mirabilis jalapa
Glass building with geometric shapes seen from below and clear sky
Panorama of the Spanish city with the mouths of its rivers to the Atlantic Ocean
Old palace with arches in perspective in the world heritage city Albarracín in Spain
Still life with jug and three glasses of fine crystal
Old defensive wall canvas of Muslim castle in Spain with ashlars and Roman graves precedents
Waterfall of a mountain river with snow moss and trees
Winter landscape with grass and snow-covered bushes with snowy mountain in the background under a cloudy sky
Field covered with a thick layer of snow over bushes and low bushes on a cold winter day
Corner of typical winter day with bush bushes with snow-covered forest berries
Winter landscape with snow-covered pine forest under a clear sunny sky
Interior backlight of snowy pine forest while a dense snowfall falls on a very cold winter day
Crystallized snowflakes on small isolated flower still unopened in winter field
Small red fruits covered with snow on a typical winter day

Winter landscape of branch with tiny yellow leaves partly covered with snow
Spike backlight with traces of snow
Dry spike covered with snow on a background of clear blue sky
Winter landscape with varied plants and snow-covered branches
winter landscape with small dry branch covered with snow on a blanket of vegetation completely under snow
Small yellow spikes with a cloud-shaped snowball
Small spikes covered with snow between lights and shadows
Pineapple close-up on granite rock with snow
Orange butterfly perched on violet flower with dreamlike blur and dreamy texture
Castle of Belmez in Spain of Arab origin from below with cloud-covered sky
Dissected head of menacing snake with semi-open mouth
Mushroom and quartz stone with insect on it with unfolded antennas
Family of 3 mushrooms with moss and aphid
Cup filled with unmilled coffee over a sea of coffee beans wide view
Coffee beans in bulk and cup overflowing
Still life of garlic with ceramic bowl wooden chopping board and flies
Still life of garlic onions and chillies in a porcelain teapot and alpine cloth
Forest fire among pine trees in Spain
Abduction of multiple tangled colored lights
Abstract stony seabed in deep blue tone with lights and shadows
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