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sunburned man at Cocoa Beach, Florida
Young man with black eye that is starting to heal
smiling man, sitting in his backyard
charming, two-story colonial home in small town America
seven months post-Katrina, this collapsed church still sits in the deserted Lower Ninth Ward neighborhood of New Orleans
friendly man in his fifties with graying hair
"The Hole" - solitary confinement cells were used to punish prisoners who disobeyed the rules at Alcatraz, some of whom were confined in the windowless cells for up to 2 years
a small sign of hope - a mud-stained and tattered American flag stands in a pile of debris left by Hurricane Katrina in Chalmette, Louisiana
workers use heavy equipment to break up an old sidewalk in preparation for a fresh concrete pour
carpenter with hammer prepares to make repairs on house
nice family home with lush landscaping
a carpenter concentrating on making the correct cut - focus on mouth in concentration
a man ziplines through the cloud forest of Monteverde, Costa Rica
neighborhood in a quaint small American town
Basketful of Wolf Hybrid Puppies
wrought iron balconies on building in New Orleans French Quarter
ranch-style home with large live oak tree in front
English Bulldog
front entryway decorated for the holiday season
craftsman-styled bungalow in small American town
view from Inspiration Point of the University of California at Berkeley's campus
an iron fence in front of an antebellum mansion in the New Orleans Garden District
an old chair ready to be reupholstered
a small stone hut sits in a formal garden
New Orleans Levee Breach, 100 ft. from the 17th Street Canal, water still leaks 3 months after Hurricane Katrina
Tree Fall
flower-draped staircase and flower pots
purebred Siberian Husky sitting in the driver's seat
puffs of polluting smoke from a petrochemical plant are barely visible against deep blue sky
a roadside stream in the rainforest of Costa Rica
male and female college students carrying textbooks
teenager and dad spending time together
a group of college students relax outside a classroom building
student sitting at a table reading a book in a library
a man shovels a hole in the yard, preparing to plant a tree
pretty formal living room in upscale home
college students with too many textbooks to read
home office in an upscale home
quaint homes overlook a village green
ancient live oaks surround turn of the century National Register home in springtime
female college student uses the university catalogue to plan semester class schedule
female college student reading in the library
Someone's Knocking at the Door - Uh oh, it's Katrina
decorative wrought iron balconies in the historic New Orleans French Quarter
nice brick home on sweeping lawn
the sun sets on a neighborhood in a small American town
cruise ship docked at Grand Turk, British West Indies
ornate Moroccan-styled mosaic tiled fountain - some water mineral white staining at splash arc
a New Orleans family still trying to find something worth salvaging from their home, just yards from a levee break three months after Hurricane Katrina
St. Louis Cathedral & the Cabildo on Jackson Square in the New Orleans' French Quarter
college student refers to the catalogue while filling out paperwork
a laborer floats a new concrete sidewalk
smiling female students in front of academic building
the skyline of New Orleans, Louisiana, just after sunrise
student housing residence hall
house gift-wrapped with giant red bow
beautiful camellia blossoms, isolated on white
late afternoon sunlight falls across old cypress pews in a small town American church buillt in the early 1830s
light and airy bedroom with antique furnishings
masses of flowering annuals in large clay pots
a technician repairs an underground telephone line
students walk across campus of a major American university on a chilly afternoon
old Presidential campaign buttons - focus on Nixon
natural light of very old stained glass windows falls across the antique lectern in this historic  little church, built in early 1800s
view of St. Ann St., along the side of Jackson Square in the New Orleans French Quarter
happy college students hanging out on campus
New Orleans riverfront toward the French Quarter, as seen from the World Trade Center
the 450 ft. Louisiana State Capitol Building, tallest capitol bldg. in U.S., built in 1930 landscape orientation
Cars were tossed about like matchboxes when the levee breached during Hurricane Katrina. A year later, destroyed cars and homes are littered throughout New Orleans' Lower Ninth Ward neighborhood.
beautiful Victorian-styled home with lush landscaping
the downtown business district of New Orleans, Louisiana
sometimes the numbers just don't compute
an oil refinery in Chalmette, Louisiana
charming small town America cottage with picket fence around a lush lawn
view of Canal Street, New Orleans, Louisiana, business district as seen from the top of the World Trade Center building
a Katrina-demolished lighthouse on the shore of Lake Pontchartrain, near the Causeway bridge
charming two-story cottage in small town America
the smiling face of a friendly man
cruise ships docked at Port of Nassau, New Providence, Bahamas
a pretty, smiling Chinese college student outside a classroom building
a young man lays sod over a sand bed
a house rests on a tree that it uprooted when carried by the floodwaters from the Industrial Canal levee breach - photo taken a year after Hurricane Katrina struck
This was my roller skate about 45+ years ago.  I found it in my mother's attic. Looks like it lost its toe bracket.
English Bulldog guards a rocking chair
young man washes in Siberian Husky dog in the backyard
three happy college students sitting on a bench on campus
a purebred Siberian Husky chews on a stick he has fetched
antique cedar chest with vintage linens, photographs and knicknacks
beautiful stucco Mediterranean-styled home with lush landscaping
soft focus of antique teapot and teacup sitting on old teacart
exhausted student takes a power nap in an empty classroom between final exams
a friendly giraffe peers down
an eager student taking notes in class
nearly two years post-Katrina, abandoned houses are found throughout New Orleans - this one still has the tattered remains of a FEMA blue roof and some of the vinyl siding that wasn't blown away
upscale stucco home in affluent American neighborhood
strawberry pickers at work in the field shallow DOF
destroyed home and overturned SUV about 100 ft. from the 17th Street Canal levee breach that flooded New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina
smiling college coed in front of academic building
two-story stucco home with landscaped lawn
stack of cardboard flats full of freshly-picked strawberries sit at the side of the field  Note: All strawberry growers in Louisiana use these same shipping flats
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