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Bull and Cow Moose
Montana Landscape
The Boiling River at Yellowstone National Park
The Palisades
Simple Scenic Landscape
Winter Scene of Snow Covered Trees
Scenic Beach Scene in New Jersey
English Setter sitting in a weathered dog house.
Bozeman, Montana
Lonely black cat
A Pit Bull Terrier stands watch on a wooden deck at a country house.
Shattered Glass
An unidentifiable man walks down a dirt road
Scenic Beach Scene in New Jersey on a Sunny Day
A Black Widow spider in her web under a metal lid.
A young man in a hat relaxes in a hammock on a wooden deck in a rural setting during summer.
Montana Roads
Lone Fisherman on the Gallatin River
A hand holding a spatula, cooking breakfast over a campfire.
An abandoned Drive-In Movie Theater
Old Barn Door
Grazing Buffalo
A highway that disappears around a corner is surrounded by snow walls that have been cut by a plow on a sunny day
Empty Swimming Pool
Two skaters slip through a fence that reads "No Trespassing"
Male Telemark Skier on a steep run
Tyrannosaurus Rex
Pigeons Flying Away From an Old Grain Mill
An isolated silhouette of a Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton
Keystone Village
Mammoth Hot Springs, Yellowstone National Park
The Bridger Mountains Panorama
Crashing Waves on an Abandoned Pier
Lone Peak of Big Sky in the Summer
Lightning Strikes over a scenic Montana background
A young man skateboards past a truck on a steep residential road.
Macro Image of Mountain Bike Tire and Shifter Assembly
An old pier at a mine in Juneau, Alaska against a mountain backdrop.
A Truck Traveling on a Highway in Montana in Winter
Unmarked Tombstones
Macro close up shot of a solar panel
Lonely Swing-set
Unidentifiable skier descends a steep mountain in Alaska
Mountain Bikes on Chairlift
A French-inspired chateau in Butte, Montana
A young woman operating a chainsaw
Wet Dog
A lone black wolf in Yellowstone National Park.
Frozen Ice Crystals and Snowflakes on a Glass Pane
Lone Peak Panorama
Air Time
Black Widow Spider
Buffalo Road
Lone Peak
A roof-line silhouette against a dark, ominous sky.  A beam of sunlight breaks through the dark clouds.  Purposely underexposed to increase dramatization.
Hole 3
Broken Windows
Old Fence Line
Lonely Moose
Montana Sunset
Estes Park, Colorado
Ti pi
Tent Town
An Abstract Image of the Ceiling of a Modern Building
A young woman cross country skiing in Yellowstone National Park
Knife Sharpener
A skateboarder steps over a fence with a sign that reads "Posted No Trespassing Keep Out".
A row of colorful new houses against a blue sky
Straight Highway in Direction of a Storm
Quiet Highway after a storm at sunset.
Looking towards Glacier National Park
Close-up shot of gears and chains on a old piece of farming equipment.
Big Sky
A quiet, lonely highway in Montana on a summer's day
Abandoned Mine Storage Shed with Mine Head-frame in Background
Emerald Lake in Montana
A ferocious dog shows it's teeth in an abandoned shed
Abandoned House at Old Mine
ATM Sign
Hot Air Balloon
Waiting Patiently for the Ball
Relaxing on the Missouri River
A snowman with stick arms and grassy hair and against a cloudy background
Engineers Workspace
Field and Stadium
A Biker Riding into the Storm
Lone Peak of Big Sky in summer
A young woman skateboards down a path near a river in Montana
A stairway leading up to an unknown location with light poles on both sides.
Mountain Goats in Winter
Old Homestead
Big Sky Gullies
Entrance to a Dilapidated Warehouse
Beartooth Mountains in Montana
Hot Air Balloon
A beautiful python hangs towards the ground.
Winter Scene in Montana with the Bridger Mountains in the Background
Fifty Yard Line
Fifty Yard Line
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