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Produce Section of a Large Food Supermarket
Original Paris city map, colored, dated 1889.
Original vintage London newspaper, dated 1813.
Early map of NE America, printed in England in 1795.
Original old street map of New York City, dated 1889.
Vintage map of Canada as printed in 1874
Ambulances wait outside the emergency department of a big city hospital
Blanked new vehicle license plate
Restaurant's lighted bar area.
Gold coin of Roman Emperor Constantine I, 306-337 AD.
Meteorite collection, Indochinite tektites.
Seize map of French Canada's Quebec City, just before Canada fell to England in 1759.
London Chronicle, Oct 16, 1759, Page 1 of 8.
Original antique map of South America, line colored, dated 1889.
Original antique map of Israel, line-colored, dated 1889.
Storage Warehouse
Single phase magnetic induction motor with exposed rotor and coil.
Original map of the Alaska and Yukon Gold fields, dated 1898.
Original front page of an American newspaper, dated 1807.
Original front page of a Scottish newspaper, dated 1774.
This vintage map of India and Southeast Asia was printed in 1750.
BNC type cable connector used for signal electronics.
Early Latin printed page, incunabula, dated 1483.
Part of Fabian's Chronicle, dated 1533, during the reign of Henry VIII.
Greek silver Tetradrachm coin from Alexander the Great showing Zeus, dated 336-323BC.
Various threaded metal pipe fittings used in the trade
Industrial Paint Spraying.
Personal letter, British, dated 1803.
Antique Newspaper, Columbian Centinel of Boston, published May 6, 1809.
Vintage map of North America with Alaska as "Russian Territory", printed in 1850.
Early map of Mexico, printed in London, 1821.
Sale of Slaves Advertisement
Ancient Silver Dirham of Baghdad, 786-809AD.
Tavern associated with a hotel
Industrial High-Rise Product Warehousing.
A couple cross-country ski a wintertime trail amid a recent beautiful snowfall.
Original vintage map of Italy printed in 1780.
Vintage line colored map of America & Canada, printed in 1860.
Blanked Stock Certificate.
Meteorite, nickel-iron, from Canyon Diablo in Arizona, weight 37g.
Collection of very old farmer's almanacs
Old handwritten mortgage, on parchment, written in 1861.
Signal Strength Meter.
Iron meteorite from the Barringer Meteor Crater in Arizona, USA.  Weight 110g.
Pennsylvania arrest warrant dated May 9, 1831.
Antique Newspaper, Independent Chronicle of Boston, published April 6, 1807.
Original vintage French newspaper, dated 1833.
Promissory Note dated July 28, 1823.
Early map of the Great Lakes.  Printed in Bordeaux, France, 1795.
Original map of Texas with Oklahoma as "Indian Territory", dated 1889.
Original California and Nevada state maps, colored, dated 1889.
Industrial Warehouse - ultra wide angle view.
Newspaper advertisement displaying obituaries.
French Revolution Paper Money of 1793.
Early map of the Holy Land, line colored, dated 1836.
Industrial Warehouse - wide angle view.
Original map of Africa, line colored, printed in 1890.
Industrial Warehousing.
The interior of an industrial manufacturer's warehouse.
Original map of Egypt and Nubia, line colored, printed in 1890.
Interference pattern of an analog television
Original vintage map of Spain and Portugal printed in 1850.
Antique map of Switzerland, line colored, dated 1850.
Original Antique Map of France Printed in 1827.
Original vintage map of the US Pacific Northwest printed in 1875.
Vintage circumpolar map of the North Pole area, dated 1880
Tavern associated with a hotel
Image of Jesus From the Shroud of Turin.
Welder Walks The High Steel
Collection of different character filled, yellowed, antique papers.
General Shop Floor of Manufacturing Company
Very early Canadian newspaper of  1842.
Medical Prescription for Vacation
Industrial view of a major heavy metal fabricator and assembler
Vintage original map of Alaska, line-colored, dated 1889.
Jesus Christ and his Apostles at the Last Supper.
Antique map of old Israel, line colored, dated 1836.
Tagged signatures of an urban brick wall.
Stools lined up in a tavern
Golfers Await their Turn to Play.
Personal handwritten letter dated Oct 24, 1819.
Wine bottle corks for making wine
Old Quebec City
Antique map of northern Italy, line colored, dated 1829.
Storage Warehouse
One of the world's oldest newspapers.  First published in 1665, this issue is dated 1674.
An industrial factory's on site warehouse.
Welder walks the high steel at a construction site
Extremely early Canadian newspaper of  1804.
Vintage gold pocket watch.
Antique Maps of North America dated 1771-1808.
Long building hallway (apartment, condominium, hotel, commercial)
Blanked rusted vehicle license plate
Antique map of France, line colored, dated 1827.
Glow from an electric fireplace.
A Child's Snow Angel.
Golden Frame Ready For Your Insertion.
Golden Frame Ready For Your Insertion.
This vintage map of Poland was printed in 1773 to show the country's partitions.
World War One Medals.  Victory Medal, the British and Canadian War medal and the 1914-15 Star Medal.
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