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The ornate columns on a United Stated post office in downtown New Haven, CT.
Industrial looking rooftop pipes. New York City.
Sea grasses in the autumn on a clear day.  Shallow focus on middle plant.
Red, Yellow, and Orange bell peppers, being sauteed in a frying pan.
Still life of dried decorative reeds in green glass bottle, and serenity prayer glass panel in window, with snow storm behind.
White tag for a tag sale, or office on a black background.
Powerful, friendly looking African American business woman - has both beauty and intelligence.
well-used extension ladder balanced against the back of a house, poised to allow access to the house gutters.
Sleeping black lab, content on the chair.
Confident female business executive, sitting behind an impressive desk, in an impressive office.
Peaceful poolside scene, with umbrella, table, and chairs.
"Student Parking" sign
man feeding woman chocolate; both are dressed in formal attire as if attending a dinner party or similar event.
Kitchen tools, including wooden spoons, wire whisk, bamboo tongs, and bamboo stir fry utensils in a bamboo holder, adorned with black cording.
Package styrofoam, commonly known as 'peanuts' on a black background- perhaps could be used for the concept of 'working for peanuts'.
Blank Sky against a brilliant blue sky with puffy white clouds.  Ready for you to add the text of your choosing.
A wax red and white candle, number "two" on a yellow background
Eroded Connecticut beach shoreline after a storm.
Red Velvet 'hair scrunchy' used to hold a pony tail.
birdhouse in mossy tree with great bark and lichen textures.
Old, well-worn school-ground basketball hoop (without net) against a sunny, bright, blue sky.
Small white party favor, suitable for a wedding or bridal shower.
Sea grasses in a marshland next to the beach.
Lake front Church with Steeple and clock tower.  Skaneateles Lake, Finger Lakes Region, Upstate New York.
A bunch of ripe yellow bananas on a black background.
Yard Sale tag - take it for free!
Illuminated Lava Lamp on a black background.  High ISO image(1600!), but fairly low grain.
Lake Front mansion on Skaneateles Lake, Finger Lakes region of upstate New York.
Image of Shamrocks, with the focus on one well-formed shamrock in the middle of the grouping - good concept for St. Patrick's Day, Ireland, Irish, March, spring, etc.
Mud-caked workboots on the brick walkway outside the black door to a bright red shed..
Snowfall on the steps and trees - Lake effect snow in upstate New York.
Early morning sunlight illuminating white on white curtains and shade; linen textures in the fabric.
Boathouse on Skaneateles Lake in the Finger Lakes Region of Upstate New York.
Business woman with dreadlocks, looking to the side.
Set of rubber pencil erasers, one stamped with Pencil Rubber eraser MADE IN TAIWAN.
A dramaticly sidelit spool of purple ribbon, unwinding on a black background, with room for advertising copy. Thumbnail doesn't show woven thread detail in ribbon; actual photo does. Concepts: unwound, unwind.
A still life of gardening tools, focusing on an orange wheel barrow leaning against a house, with a coiled green garden hose, and mulch.
Bolted down sewer manhole cover in a sidewalk.
Little Purple notebook/journal with attached ribbon bookmark, and elastic closure.
Scuffed, well-used baseball - take me out to the ballgame!
Closeup of a shamrock, dark background - good for St. Patrick's day.
A rainbow of colored pencils, on a dark background.
Diverse couple with man offering teenager flowers.
Architectural details of building in downtown New Haven, Connecticut, near the green.
Long exposure of the moon and the path it creates on Long Island Sound.  Wave action purposely blurred, due to the long exposure.
Scarf with a warped abstract pattern - can't see it in the preview, but you can see the thread detail in the actual photo.
Blank Street Sign on a telephone pole- add your own text!  Focus on sign.
Green hair curlers on a yellow background; manipulated only to straight and crop.
Stainless steel measuring cups on a dark background - uncropped to maximize possibilities.
A pile of antique white buttons on a black background - good detail.
Impatiens plant in a polka dot planter, on a black background.
Concept: Different. Remember Sesame Street?  "One of these things is not like the others..."  Four ribbon bows isolated on a black background, one is bright pink, the rest are white.
Matched pair of yellow labs
Sign warning that there is no lifeguard on duty at the beach.  Focus on Sign.
Ghostly tug boat and barge with fog/steam rising off of the water.  Gold toned, taken on a cold, winter morning,
New snow, big boot footprint... it's looking like winter again...
Puffy white clouds reflected in glass of an office building - and then reflected back onto a 90 degree facing wall of windows.
Teenage girl telling man that he is definitely late.
An orange safety cone set up on green grass with fall leaves.  Cone is to the side to allow text to the left.
A woman, dressed up for an evening party, staring off into space as she drinks champagne alone.
Blank Business Card in holder, suitable for adding your advertisement.
Drinking fountain in park installed in a sidewalk on the edge of the grass.
Two rooftop satellite dishes, poised to receive signals.  New York City.
Looking up some tall, industrial-looking vent pipes at the sky.  New York City.
Church on Skaneateles Lake (one of the Finger Lakes) in the Village of Skaneateles, Upstate New York
Colored pencils, looking directly at the tips.
Lone cactus in a terracotta pot;  concepts: Lonely, Alone;  those with barbs are lonely;
Red crocheted heart on a black knit sweater (jumper)
Tidal marshland in the late fall, with autumn colors.
Vacant lifeguard station on a sandy shoreline beach.
Closeup of a 1/2 cup (125 ml) stainless steel measuring cup
Closeup of Pumpkin on black background.  Shallow focus on base on stem.  Vertical orientation with room for copy.
candle-powered lantern decorated with blueberries hanging on a shepherd's hook
Plaster cast of lower teeth
Black-capped chickadee at the bird feeder.
Happy, smiling green-eyed brunette woman with long hair, in salmon colored t-shirt on a neutral grey background.
A headshot of a beautiful woman with brilliant green eyes and long, dark curly hair, in a salmon-colored shirt on a neutral grey background.
Storm fencing (sometimes known as hurricane fencing) in marshland reeds in the autumn.
orange pumpkin, ready to be carved into a jack-o-lantern, on black background.
Side of pool, with depth marker inset with tiles to state Depth 5 foot 2 inches
Shamrock Scarf, and shamrock pin, all waiting to be worn for St. Patrick's Day.
Old, weathered red chairs discarded behind a building with peeling paint...
The sails of a sailboat backlit by the sun.
Snow on branches, with a bright blue background
Street Sign which reads in bright red letters: "NO PARKING ON THIS STREET Police Dept." on a telephone poll.  Shallow focus.
Orange closeup on a pure black background.  Detailed texture.
Red Business Card in Holder
Bowl of ice cubes, in an asian bowl on light background.
By order of the Department of  Environmental Protection, No Parking on the Grass sign.
a low-key still life of a pumpkin, two red empire apples, and a golden delicious apple.
Lavender Purple Plastic cup (sometimes known as a "party cup" or "disposable cup") on a yellow background
Portrait of a woman with green eyes and long, wavy hair, wearing a pink tshirt in front of a neutral grey background.
Green and black bowl full of frosty green grapes on a white background.
Shallow focus closeup of a fence post.
Tomatos in a tin cone on an iron stand, on black background, with white doily (connotes the tomato's other name of "love apple").  Depth of Focus is somewhat shallow, and is on the tin cone/tomato.
A brown or river trout in a hand.
Interesting stack of Red, White and Blue Christmas ornaments
Mother and Teenage Daughter, dressed in formal wear (perhaps a dinner party, perhaps daughter is going to a prom), toasting each other.
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