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Asian nurse or doctor on personal protection equipment PPE inspecting a facemask.
Handsome asian model in squatting position over a white background.
Portrait of a young abused frightened girl.
Nurse checking a vial of medicine.
Health worker checking an oxygen tank.
Man scratching his athlete's foot.Close up.
Applying a cream for athlete's foot treatment.Close up.
Man with hand pain.Close up.
happy asian boy playing basketball
Portrait of a smiling construction worker carrying pieces of lumber. Isolated in white background.
Picture of medical monitors inside the ICU
Male asian nurse holding a bunch of used syringes.
Anesthesiologist regulating an iv drip inside the operating room.
Full body shot of a walking lady hiker. Isolated in white background.
Close up of hands with skin lotion.
Several empty vials of medicine or vaccine used in the hospital.
Young girl showing toothbrush and her white teeth
Cheerful kid showing a blank white paper. Isolated in white background.
Close up view of a female nurse or a doctor inspecting a mask respirator.
Close up of a foot with sock.Diabetic foot care concept.
Portrait of a girl eating a lollipop.
Young asian nurse writing on a medical chart. Isolated in white background.
Young lady veterinary doctor giving tablet medicine to a sick dog. Isolated in white background.
nurse holding a fresh donor blood for transfusion.narrow DOF
Tablets and capsules in blister pack.
little girl tying her shoe
Portrait of a male surgeon preparing for surgery.
Young beautiful girl making two hands thumbs up. Isolated in white background.
young asian fat man on a weighing scale
Full body shot of a young girl introducing something.
Delicious grilled banana for snack serve on a white plate
Lady with facemask and face shield shopping for clothes in a mall.
Group of people with facemask and face shield inside a building.
woman with facemask and face shield using a cellphone.
portrait of a female nurse or doctor putting on a medical face mask.
Lucena City, Philippines - January 12, 2019: Several oxygen tanks inside the operating room. Oxygen is indispensable to patients undergoing surgery in a hospital in Lucena City, Philippines.
Girl in pajama hugging a teddy bear.Full body shot. Isolated in white background.
asian boys having conversation.white background
Young girl enjoying a peaceful day by the sea.
Smiling lady college student in the university campus.
Image of a jumping lady basketball player
Happy asian girl drinking an orange juice.
jumping asian kid jumping isolated in white background
Young girl smiling and sitting on the floor with books on her lap.
Portrait of a confident nurse or doctor in a hospital corridor.
Full body picture of a young happy student in red t-shirt. Isolated in white background.
Close up view of a diabetic foot with inflammation and infection.
young asian basketball player
Several empty plastic ice cream cups and spoon on a table.
Close up view of red hot pepper on a bowl
Close up view of dried raw moringa leaves
Top view of dried and fresh moringa olifeira leaves.
Top view of colorful tablets and capsules in blister pack
Dried moringa leaves on a plate pouring from a spoon. Isolated in white background.
Fresh moringa oleifera leaves isolated in white background.
Close up view of various capsules and tablets on blister pack.
Portrait of an asian woman in a bus station.
Full body image of crossed arm, confident and smiling asian man.Iisolated in white background.
Red hot chili oil in a glass served in an asian restaurant.
Happy and smiling beautiful asian nurse talking to a lady patient.
Portrait of a happy young asian nurse.
Close up view of baked shellfish with butter and fried garlic serve on a plate.
Coffee beans scattering on a table spilled out from a wicker basket.
Top view of baked shellfish in a pan with soy sauce with pepper and lemon or calamundin.
Close up view of delicious fried peanuts with salt.
Close up view of freshly roasted coffee beans.
Close up view of a hot congee or porridge with boiled egg, chopped scallion, fried garlic and shredded ginger.
Cup of steaming hot black coffee. Coffee grinder and coffee beans at the background.
Steaming hot tea with smoke on an old chinese tea cup.
Fresh roasted coffee beans on a wicker basket.
Asian lady with sore throat grimacing in pain and holding her neck.
Doctor or nurse wearing personal protection equipment holding a vial of medicine or vaccine
Young asian eye doctor with microscope
Close up view of a diabetic foot with bandage after surgery.
Laguna, Philippines - March 13, 2019: View on a hot summer windmill farm in Pililla, Rizal, Philippines.
Quezon, Philippines - March 13, 2019: Young daughter left sitting on a broom business store while mother is talking to customers in Real, Quezon, Philippines.
Young asian nurse preparing IV fluids for a patient. A patient lying in a hospital  bed at the background.
Happy smiling asian male looking down to a cup of coffee. Isolated in white background.
Happy Housekeeper wearing a laundry gloves.
Lucena City, Philippines - December 29, 2018: Patients recovering from surgery at a hospital in Lucena City,Philippines
Young nurse with stethoscope  listening to the heart sounds of a lady patient.
Young girl expressing emotion of anger.
Close up portrait of a baby bottle feeding on milk formula.
Cute asian little girl playing and learning different shape with a toy.
Young school girl dragging her heavy bag. Isolated in white background.
Asian nurse holding a thermometer reading the temperature of a lady with fever.
young students shopping for books and magazines
Elderly patient going through medical checkup.
Young asian man wearing a sock.
Happy beautiful lady cleaning her face with soap. Isolated in white background.
asian kid enjoying a swing ride
Close up portrait of a cheeful adult man. Isolated in white background.
Happy handsome male model in sitting position over a white background.
Joyful asian teenager jumping in the air. Isolated in white background.
View of windmills in the mountains on a hot summer day.
Happy successful student making thumbs up hand sign. Isolated in white background.
Close up view of a mother's hand cleaning and changing diaper to a baby.
Portrait of a young asian girl scratching her arm.
Happy old woman sitting and relaxing at a park bench.
Red heart painted on a white coffee mug on an old wooden table. Valentines day concept.
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