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St. Servaas bridge and old city in Maastricht, Holland
Dogon tribal dancer with mask, bow and spear
Several Dogon dancers with masks performing a ritual dance. Masks which may symbolize animals are sometimes traveling through several villages. Some masks are only used in a 60 year cycle.
Masked Dogon dancers in a row, performing a ritual dance, wearing so-called kanaga-masks
Rooftops and storage bins of the traditional Dogon village Songo in Mali.   The flat rooftops are used for drying fruits, and grain.
Dogon dancer with mask, representing a deer (antlers), with on the background a so-called tall mask which can be several meters high
Sanskrit writings on wall of temple gate in Tanjore, India. Stone cuttings are irregular shapes and almost seamless without cement, somewhat similar like the Inca buildings in South America.
Chinese fisher-nets in Cochin, nowadays only used for displaying fishing techniques for tourists. Works with pulleys and weights, the net is tied over a teak frame.
Historical bridge called St. Servaas in the heart of the city of Maastricht, Limburg, Holland
Door knob in the shape of a golden lion
Several oil tankers bringing their cargo in a tank storage facility in Rotterdam harbour.
Church in Delfshaven, now part of Rotterdam, where the Pilgrim Fathers attended the last service before shipping to America.
Bulldozer pushing scrap metal for the grab to pick up
Naval markings on the outside of a ship. Markings for draught and loading.
Dark clouds hang over the center of Dutch government in The Hague. The tower in the middle is the office of the prime minister.
Repairing a propeller in a dock in Rotterdam, Holland
Two Dogon dancers on stilts are taking a break. On the right side, just behind a rock is a dancer with a so-called tall mask (sometimes more than 10 feet).
Entrance of the great Mosque made of mud in the city of Djenne, Mali, Africa
Creative vision of a merry-go-round at night in Antwerp.
Detail of the Tai Mahal, decorated marble with gemstone inlays, also called a pishtaq. Built in 1653.
Scrap metal being hoisted for shipping to melting furnace.
Oil storage facility in Rotterdam Harbour, one of the largest private storage facilities in the world.
Gorilla staring at camera
Chemical factory exhaust in Europoort, Rotterdam, Holland
Oil tanker being moored with the aid of a tugboat in the harbor of Rotterdam
A series of oil tanks in the harbour of Rotterdam, Holland. Tanks are covered with light-weight domes.
Detail on a roof tile in the Forbidden City in Beijing, China
Mother seal feeding her baby on the beach. The colony is found on the shore of Cape Cross in Namibia.
The big Buddha in Leshan, China. It was cut out from the rocks on the point where three wild rivers join to protect the local fishermen.
A detail of a waste burning factory in Holland producing electricity and hot water for heating houses.
A camel and cart with earth waiting in the streets of Bikaner, India
A chemical factory with exhaust pipes in Rotterdam, Holland
A row of wind mills on a strip of land in the harbour of Rotterdam, Holland
Chemical plant in evening sun in Europoort , Rotterdam, Holland
Shaded stairs on storage tank in Europoort, Rotterdam, Holland
Paving stones for decoration pavement
Vulture waiting for a possible prey
Chocolate easter eggs presented in a artificial nest
A freighter an a multi purpose tugboat in the harbour of Valletta, Malta
Oil storage in the harbour of Rotterdam, Holland.  Pipelines are designed to transport water to extinguish fire and one to extract fumes.
Chinese pillar with characters in the summer-palace in Beijing, China.
Rooftops with decoration figures for protection  in the Forbidden City in Beijing, China.
Head of a red parrot, posing for a portrait
Marsaxlokk, local fishing harbour on Malta, Europe
Owl staring at possible prey
Three quails eggs in a artificial nest
Decoration on top of a small Hindu temple in Southern India. All temples are freshly painted once in twelve years.
Masts on several tall ships moored in the harbor of Rotterdam, Holland. These ships take part in an ocean race.
Shadows of an evening sun on a storage tank in Rotterdam, Holland
Exhaust fumes and smoke from a chemical factory in the harbour of Rotterdam, Holland.
Owl with patterned feathers looking around.
A gate at the Forbidden City in Beijing, China. In front is one of the two bronze lions that guards the entrance. Always a male and a female lion, the male with the ball of wisdom under its paw.
Statue in Golden Temple - Patan, decorated with a chain of African marigolds
Tower of temple in Kathmandu - Nepal with prayer flags against clear blue sky
Crusted earth with a top layer of salt in Sossusvlei in Namibia.
Sunny empty terrace with cast iron chairs
Head of a gorilla, looking over his shoulder.
Waves in a pool
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