Passionate Photographer from Germany. I love to go hiking in the harz mountains with my camera.

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Fresh red radishes are harvested in your own garden
Red radishes harvested in your own garden
Fresh red radishes are harvested in your own garden. Close up
Landmark Wernigerode castle in the Golden light of the sun
Mysterious coniferous forest with green stones and some glowing sunlight
Brute green tree tops of an oak tower in the sky and filter the air
Large, powerful German oak with lush green tree tops
Close-up Radiator valve. Cold temperature
Blue sky and clouds. Mountains with trees and green meadows.
Large, lush tree tops soar into the sky.
Winter views of the wurmberg mountain in the Harz national Park
Foggy jungle with conifers, Harz
Warm summer day at in the park. Ilsenburg Harz
Autumn impressions in the Ilsetal, the Harz national Park
Ice forest in the Upper Harz National Park
Sunrise with clouds and deep snow. Trees carry a heavy snow load
Silhouette of a man. Ghost-like behind the glass and the film
Deep snow and the moon light in the forest
Starry sky and milky way are reflected on a lake
Starry sky and milky way. Man with flashlight in the foreground
A small child stands in front of a large deer in the dark fog forest

Apartment on the lake in Ilsenburg. Blue sky and nice weather
Crescent moon in the forest. Dark night with fog
Large old oak tree in the spring in the national Park Hainich
On the beach with the footprints and stars in the sky on the horizon. Milky way
Large proud deer stands in the middle of the forest
The spring sun is shining in the green mountain forest in the national Park
In the morning, far view from the lighthouse over the dunes of Amrum
Wide view sunrise over the dunes of Amrum
Wide view over the dunes of Amrum
Large twisted roots of an old tree
Binoculars and a vantage point in the sunshine
Detail recording binoculars and a vantage point in the sunshine over Wernigerode
Luminous mushroom on an old root in the forest. Mushroom picking time in the fall
Fog and sun rays in the early morning in the Golden forest
Dense spruce forest with a view of a clearing
The trees used for the production of oxygen. Gigantic Tree-Tops
A small stream flows through a colorful autumn forest in the Ilsetal, the Harz national Park
Landscape and tree abbreviation Corona Virus CoV
Sunrise in the Golden autumn forest with fog
Wernigerode castle in the Golden light of the sun
Sunset on a field of Straw after the harvest, with bales of Straw in the foreground
A large stag with a magnificent set of Antlers is at a forest lake. Season Spring Summer
A small child with a red jacket stands in front of a large deer in the dark fog forest
Dawn and winter landscape in the Harz national Park
A beautiful Winter sunrise on the mountain Brocken in the Harz national Park
Weather station in Winter, on the mountain Brocken in the Harz national Park
Winter sun in the snowy winter forest
A book with blank pages and a pen with paper balls
Winter night with the milky way, moonlight, and snow-covered trees
A large deer with Christmas decoration stands outside in the forest.Winter, the moon, and a lot of snow
A man conjures up a mystical dark forest, a deer
The end of the world Apocalypse split screen with deer. Green fresh forest and burnt earth
Creepy human form or Ghost
Creepy form of the Alien behind the fog in the mystical forest
Silhouette the shape of ghosts man behind the milk glass
Creepy hands Silhouette behind a film and the window
Font light Welcome in Wernigerode for the Christmas season
Milky way over a field of sunflowers at night
Anglers sitting in the boat when night fishing. In the Background, fog, woods, and a starry night with the milky way
Large rocks lie on the forest floor. Dark scary forest
Mountain forest with sunrise in the national Park resin
Old oil lamp in the dark forest
Beautiful sunset in Wernigerode with the structural landmark of the castle
A small child with mystic moon in the forest. Spooky atmosphere and dark light
Shopping cart with Shopping icon. Background of old wood
The fog in the dark forest forms a green light.
The Brocken in the Harz mountains. Sunset Wernigerode with clouds
The forest counts as a green lung of our earth
Spring like forest with sun and little path
Forest clearing in the spruce forest
Grey dark forest. Creepy Mood
Steam locomotive drives through dark autumn forest
Stairs gets a new coat of paint. Renovation in the house
Plan view of a paint pot and brush to paint a wooden staircase
Views of the illuminated old town of Wernigerode in the case of ice and snow
Thin, wiry trees in the autumn forest
In all its freshness - Forests after winter
Steam train in the Harz mountains, struggling up in fog on the mountain
Bright green tree tops. Production of oxygen
Small drop of water on a blade of grass. Background green and out of focus
Details and close-up of dew on grass
Lots of little daisies on a meadow. Close up
Daisies in a meadow. Close up
Close-up of a single daisy flower in the lawn
The Wernigerode castle in the evening with lighting
Foot tracks in dunes
Close up stack of euro coins on a rustic wooden table
Green natural forest in the Harz National Park
Green natural forest in the Harz National Park Germany
Drops of water hang on a single blade of grass
Beautiful mountain lake in the South of Germany. The Eibsee to the mountain Zugspitze
Two donkeys side by side with blue sky and sun in the background
Red evening light on a lake with a wooden jetty
Treetops with lots of sunshine
Forest floor with ferns and foggy mood in the beech forest
Lush green mixed forest after the rain
Background clouds sky sunshine nature
Glowing green tree tops with sun in summer
Close up green lawn with drops of dew
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