Passionate Photographer from Germany. I love to go hiking in the harz mountains with my camera.

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A deer with Christmas decoration in the winter forest
Tornado severe weather destroyed a grain field. Hurricane and destruction
A train to nowhere
Foggy Sunrise Hintersee, Bavaria, Germany
A Tornado forms on the horizon of a road
Enchanted Forest
Tornado raging over a landscape - storm over cornfield
Fresh green Coniferous forest
Forest reflected in a puddle with water
Small stream meanders through a colorful autumn forest in the middle of the Harz national Park
Coffee beans and coffee grinder
Big deer with moon stands in a dark mystical forest
Puddle of water in the dark forest in the Evening
Lush green fresh beech forests
In the footsteps of autumn in the woods
Tree as the CO2 icon. Background free with the sun. Nature Protect. Reducing CO2. The protection of the environment.
Dark mystical forest with motion blur
A great stag stands in a cold winter night in the snowy forest
Sunshine in the green of the fresh wild garlic forest
Binoculars and a vantage point in the sunshine over Wernigerode
Straw bales and sunset
Dead forest in the Harz National Park, Germany
Man stands on a road in the dark forest in front of a ghostly figure that appears in the middle of the fog
Green treetops in the National Park Hainich
A large deer stands on a rocky outcrop in a stars night. Moonlight and milky way
Gigantic deer stands in a magical green foggy forest
Bright Light bulb
View of the lookout tower treetop path in the National Park Hainich
Dark Mist Forest Situation
Environmental and CO2 loading. The Symbol tree and Meadow. Chemical Name Of Carbon Dioxide.
Stack of euro coins on a wooden table
Bike path at night and in the rain
Road leads through the forest during a full moon night
The landmark castle overlooking the old town of Wernigerode in the Golden light of the sun
A popular excursion destination of Wernigerode castle in the autumn. Saxony-Anhalt, Germany
Green coniferous forest in autumn with bright colors. Harz, Saxony-Anhalt, Germany
Christmas star shines in the sky
A diaper bag is hanging on stroller in the Park
Fire Tornado sweeps over a country road
A big deer with burning Antlers on a railway track in a Winter landscape
A large stag with a magnificent set of Antlers in a Golden sunset on a cliff
2020 - Happy new year with mask. Blue wooden texture
Historic Wernigerode castle at sunrise
Magnificent tree tops of a powerful oak
A large stag with a magnificent set of Antlers stands on a hill in a full moon night
Old cripple oak in the National Park Hainich when the weather is nice in may
Curvy wet road that leads through the forest up the mountain
Detail shot of ground grain for the beer brewing
Brew freshly ground grist for the beer
Radishes harvested from the garden
Locked off places and playgrounds
Hobby brewing beer in the garden - draining the meat
Man turns on the ball valve
Beer brewer drains the beer
Close up ball valve with hose
Mash with a cordless screwdriver and stirrer
Hobby need beer in the garden
Hobby beer brewing in the garden - lautering the mash
Thermometer is in a container with water
A magical gate into the fairytale forest
Beautiful warm sun in the Harz forest
Wonderful view of green fields, hills and mountains
Large deer with moon in a Winter landscape next to a decorated Christmas tree
Strong green tree tops from beech trees in the Harz mixed forest
Purple tulips in the garden. Close up of the flowers
White flowers of a horse chestnut in the park
Landscape with blue sky over the city of Wernigerode. View of the castle and Brocken mountain
Stack of euro coins on a rustic wooden table
Dark blue forest, and a small Hiking trail
Fresh green in the German mixed forest
A meadow full of yellow dandelion blossoms with sunshine
Fairytale light. Small tree grows high in the forest
Playgrounds are closed and cordoned off due to Covid 19
Fresh red radishes are harvested in your own garden
Red radishes harvested in your own garden
Fresh red radishes are harvested in your own garden. Close up
Dunes and forests - a plan view. Nord Friesland Island Of Amrum
Birch trees soar into the blue sky
Brute green tree tops of an oak tower in the sky and filter the air
Large, powerful German oak with lush green tree tops
Close-up Radiator valve. Cold temperature
Blue sky and clouds. Mountains with trees and green meadows.
With the binoculars on the mountain "Brocken" in the future. The Harz National Park, Wernigerode
Vigorous tree crowns - the lungs of our earth
Large, lush tree tops soar into the sky.
Gorgeous overgrown trees in the sun forest
Road leads through the forest during a full moon night. Child stands on the street by full moon
Mysterious coniferous forest with green stones and some glowing sunlight
Landmark Wernigerode castle in the Golden light of the sun
Mystic lights in foggy beech forest
Winter views of the wurmberg mountain in the Harz national Park
Foggy jungle with conifers, Harz
Warm summer day at in the park. Ilsenburg Harz
Ice forest in the Upper Harz National Park
Sunrise with clouds and deep snow. Trees carry a heavy snow load
Silhouette of a man. Ghost-like behind the glass and the film
Autumn impressions in the Ilsetal, the Harz national Park

Apartment on the lake in Ilsenburg. Blue sky and nice weather
Crescent moon in the forest. Dark night with fog
Large old oak tree in the spring in the national Park Hainich
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