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The Entrance to the most powerful knowldge in the world.  Harvard Library.  Steps & Columns before the main entrance.
Empty baggage claim carousel.  International Airport.  Baggage cars.  Waiting for the plane to land and unload.
Vertical Airport Baggage Claim Carousel.  Some carts on the left, top reads "Welcome to". Carousel is empty, before the bags are unloaded
Sultan Ahmet Blue Mosque in Dusk.  This is just after the sunset.  Mosque is lighted by the lights to appear in golden light.
San Diego Downtown, Harbor, Coronado Bay View from Coronado.
Harvard Library Entrance Columns and Steps in a sunny day
Garage Door Post Rail and Spring Installation / Assembly.  One of the most important parts of assembly.  Spring tension lifts garage door so that the motor does not have to lift entire weight.
Dental Ultraviolet Curing Light Tool With Orange UV light blocking glass and hand holding it. Isolated On White
Metallic Matte Ballpoint Pen With Black Grip Isolated On White Background.  With Pocket Holder Clip. Purely Horizontal and Symmetrical.
Dental Implant Macro Closeup.  Complete implant is in focus.  This implant is less than an inch in length shot with extreme macro
Cat looking at a computer mouse laying on a hardwood floor
Isolated On White Dental Mouth Jaw Bone With Implant.  This is a sample jaw bone given to dentists to show implant work.  4 holes are made, one has implant screwed in.
Broken LCD TFT Monitor.
Siamese Cat Face Blue Eyes Whiskers.  White Furr blurries into the background
Siamese Cat Looking At Computer Mouse on a Mousepad.  He's approaching the mouse from behind
Portrait of Beautiful Chihuahua Dog Laying On A Red Leather Couch, Looking Right Ears Up
Red Fire Announcement Loud Speaker from an airport
Man sitting alone on a concrete walkway near the ocean beach.  Sunset.  Taking a picture of himself placing the camera on timer on the concrete.  Face blurred, Focus on camera
Siamese Cat curiously sitting in front of a computer mouse laying on a mousepad on the floor
Isolated On White Dental Mouth Mirror. Standard metallic handle with grip.  Mirror points up, reflects light in gold color. Perfect Dentist Instrument
Dental Ultraviolet Curing Light Tool With Orange UV light blocking glass. Isolated On White
Airport Exit Gate.  Watch Your Step. Corridor people go through from a plane.
Grand Canyon, Arizona USA. This was processed using hdr techniques to bring out more vivid colors in both skies, highlights and shadows.
Female Hand Holding Screwdriver.  Screwing screw to fix toilet seat.  Isolated on white
Open Faucet. Water Running into Bath-Jacuzzi.  Water-overflow "circle" removed for cleaner image. Vertical
Mouse on a mousepad laying on the floor.  Cat sitting nearby and looking at the mouse.
Power Lines Glowing In The Sun against blue sky and green trees.
Hoover Dam Electric Power Plant Grid And Wires Against The Blue Sky
Cucumber Tiny Slices. Ideal for background
Granite Stone Texture Background. Black Stone with white freckles
Granite Stone Texture Background. Black Stone with white freckles
Very Tall Antenna Tower in Sky Clouds.  This seems like an AM/FM band antenna that also has a lot of directed parabolic dishes attached to it, possibly for digital communication and security
Emergency Hospital Sign.  Red Background, white text, arrow to the right
Emergency Exit, Keep Right, Hospital Sign
Hoover Dam Electric Power Plant Grid Construction
Squirrel Sitting On a Rock At The Beach.  Complete with Head & Tail.
Trout Caviar.  Orange-red color. Hand made.  Similar to Salmon Caviar but fresh and from non-salty lake water.
Cucumber Slices With Knife On Cutting Board.  Cucumber was just sliced, knife is nearby on cutting board.
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