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A train passing under a road bridge
Wallet with Euro notes against a white background
A girl in a witch's costume making a scary face
Valle of Viñales Cuba
A man on a cloud operating a laptop.  The man is dressed casually to represent the majority of IT workers.  The concept is Cloud Computing - software/computing in the cloud.
Icelandic horses
Hotwells Bristol.  Modern houses with Georgian colourful houses behind
Trinidad, Cuba - August 03 2017: Colorful street with classical cars
Girl with horse
Concept image to illustrate the problem of sustainability, in particular with regards to plastic bags.  Earth image provided by Nasa.
A girl learning to jump
A school girl playing a flute
On board a steam train crossing the Glenfinnan Viaduct in Scotland, as featured in the Harry Potter films
A border made of chocolate eggs
A pretty girl happy with her Easter eggs
Wild zebra in Namibia, Africa
A school girl indicating the United States of America on a world map
A beautiful girl stood in front of a road sign highlighting the choices of Travel, Career and Education
A horse cantering through water in a cross country course
2 females transporting vases and pottery
Wild tiger in india walking
Wild tiger in india
A herd of elephants approaching a watering hole
Black rhino crossing a dust road
A giraffe and zebra at a watering hole
Baby african elephant at a watering hole
Giraffe walking through trees
Trinidad, Cuba - August 13 2017: A market in Trinidad, Cuba
The sun over el morro castle cuba
Close up of a dappled gray horse's eye
A teenager happy to have won a rosette horse riding
A modern housing estate
Downtown Vancouver with boats in the foreground
A brown suede wallet with British currency
San Gimignano, Tuscany
Cute lambs in spring
A British Spitfire against a sunset
A picture frame made out of drift wood
A golfer making the most of the remaining light and playing on
A girl riding a horse
Lost; a girl lost
A cute Halloween witch enjoying trick or treat
The bridge in Ariccia, Lazio
A love heart made of drifwood
Home made Lasagna
The markings of an Italian police car
Girl skiing
African Elephant
The soupbowl, where surfers surf the atlantic coast of the island.
A train carrying commuters, slightly motion blurred
A cowgirl looking towards Mount Robson in the Canadian Rockies
A road disappearing into the distance through the Highlands of Scotland as the sun sets
An Italian street with a stepped path leading to a pizzeria
A girl showing her painted Easter Egg
A knife being sharpened
A passenger train in the Rockies
The Wallace Monument, Stirling, Scotland
The beautiful coast of Pembrokeshire, Wales
Beams of colourful light inside Cologne cathedral
A sign in the Cotswolds above North Nibley
Surfer's point Barbados
A cowgirl laughing with trees and mountains in the background (the Rockies)
Sand dunes in Namibia
A girl jumping her horse
A freight train delivering coal to a power station
A quaint English seaside town with a harbour and sailing boats taken from an overlooking hill
Gift in gold wrapping paper against black
A solitary lamb
the blue lagoon, iceland
A beach on the Gower, Wales
Pea and mint soup, with creme fraiche and ham
A girl painting Easter Eggs
The Alps in Austria with parts of Niederau visible below
A wooden (blank) black and white road sign pointing in four directions
The Worm's Head at sunset
A (wild) grizzly bear in Jasper National Park
Stepping stones
Beautiful Autumn reflections. The Lake District, Cumbria, England
A forest with bluebells
A windy road in iceland
a village in the Cotswolds, England
A young girl running up a road in beautiful surroundings
A train passing a level crossing
A beautiful white horse in a field in front of a large house
Flowers and a stream along the side of a road in the Rocky mountains
Medieval castle ruins
A little girl painting Easter Eggs
A little girl painting an Easter egg
Rhossili Bay, the Gower, Wales
Old wheelbarrows leaning up against an old wall.
Lake Moraine with fir trees in the foreground
The Alps in Austria, with part of a ski piste in the foreground
A girl coming down a hill on a plastic sled; slight motion blur
A picnic table surrounded by flowers with hills, a river and boats in the background
Authentic Italian Caprese
A pretty girl in a riding helmet
A girl painting an Easter egg
The Worm's Head, The Gower, Wales in the first light
A (wild) Grizzly bear in Jasper National Park, walking towards the camera
Vineyards in France at sunset
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