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Purebreed chihuahua puppy and a great dane sniffing each other
Purebreed bichon frisee puppies in a basket
Four dogs at dog school
Typical mexican hot sauces red and green
Argentinian cut meat called bife de chorizo
Chicken breast with red beet sauce and avocados
Heart of palm pie
Eight two months old pure breed red irish setter puppies posing in a row
Vet applying eye drops in puppy
Three purebreed french poodle puppies
Four sharpei puppies
Middle eastern dish called Kugel
Typical costa rican soup called olla de carne
Homemade chicken and ricotta canelonis
Stuffed heart of palm dish
Fish fillet and jumbo shrimp dish with small potatoes
Purebreed bichon frise puppy on a basket
Jumbo shrimp with mussels and served over spaghetti
Brasilian traditional dish called feijoada
Bamboo steam cooker with vegetables
Mini quiche or pies with ham bacon salami and cheese
Soup from paraguay with white corn
Argentinian starter called empanadas
Chicken, beef and vegetable fajitas in tortillas Mexican style
Pure breed maltese dog sitting in a park
Labrador retriever at the vet
Pure breed beagle laying in the grass
Four German Shepherd puppies posing
Two purebreed bichon frise puppies with their mother
Purebreed chihuahua making friends with a purebreed great dane dog
Pure breed Pomeranian or german spitz dog standing and smiling
Fun texan hamburger with onion horns like a bull
Pumpkin filled pastry
Two purebreed french poodle puppies
Two purebreed bichon frise puppies with their mother
Purebreed shar pei puppy as a christmas present
French poodle in a house
Two months old pure breed red irish setter puppy laying next to a rock
Home made potato and garlic cream soup
White French Poodle
Pure breed boxer with two boxer puppies
Pure breed fox terrier in a wheelchair
Three beagle puppies in a basket
Four two months old pure breed red irish setter puppies posing in a row
Three labrador puppies
Three golden retriever
Monitoring of the heart beats of a german shepherd dog during a surgery
Vegetarian crepes
Salmon steak on pineapple with alfalfa sprouts and cottage cheese
Tribe meat soup
Baskets with fish and tuna salad
A happy 85 year old senior lady on a Sunday afternoon stroll in the park
Purebreed great dane dog standing sideways
Strawberry and chocolate crepes
German Shepherd Dog with toy
Spaghetti with jumbo shrimp and mussels
Two purebreed bichon frise puppies in a basket
Crabmeat imitation dip with fried plantain chips
Lentil cream soup with bread croutons and carrot
Bullfight ring in Malaga
Four four weeks old pure breed miniature pinscher  puppies sleeping in a basket
Two purebreed bichon frise puppies with their mother
Fresh mixed salad with beef strips and watercress with focus on meat
Four weeks old pure breed Siberian husky  puppies in a food bowl
Pure breed maltese dog with Christmas decoration
Shrimp soup called bobo
Pasta casserole with ham, green onions, tomato and onion
Cocker spaniel with puppies
Spaghetti with pesto
Two months old pure breed red irish setter puppy hiding under a basket
Onion and vegetable soup
Plantains, not bananas
Two purebreed beagle dogs standing
Two mixed breed dogs one down one up
Typical spanish dish with chick peas
Two purebreed chihuahua puppies in a basket
Pure bred rottweiler dog laying down
Purebreed bichon frisee puppy on a basket
Crepes suzette with orange sauce
Creamy sweet corn soup
Trout fillet stuffed with jumbo shrimp and served with molecular foam
Maltese family
Mother with three two months old pure breed red irish setter puppies drinking milk
Strawberry cheesecake with chocolate
Golden retriever posing
Male and female pure breed yorkshire terriers
miniature schnauzer puppy on a wall
Peruvian causa limena dish with potato, egg and shrimp
Jello grape cake dessert
Creamy avocado cream soup
Two four weeks old pure breed Siberian husky puppy in a pink bed
Mexican black been soup
Pure breed little blue gascony hound puppy laying in the grass showing his big ears
Heart of palm and avocado salad with cherry tomatoes
Pear in reduced balsamic vinegar sauce and served with ice cream
Surimi salad tarts
Chicken breast with rice called arroz con pollo
Typical chickpea soup or stew with beef and pork pieces
Chihuahua with twisted head
Veterinarian checking a cats teeth
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