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Los Angeles, CA/USA - May 1 2020: Police watch over COVID-19 quarantine protesters at City Hall in Los Angeles
Healthy vegan meal of wild rice, brown rice and tricolor quinoa served with lemon and cilantro
A tow truck driver loading a wrecked car onto a tow truck
A plate of wild and brown rice with tricolor quinoa, lemon and cilantro for a healthy plant protein meal
Los Angeles, CA/USA - May 1 2020: Police keep control at anti-quarantine protest at Los Angeles City Hall
Organic sunflower seed butter with rice cakes in a bowl
Bowl of tricolor quinoa, brown and wild rice for a high protein vegan meal
Gourmet wild rice pilaf with carrots, peppers, and sauce with a dinner roll.
Hollywood, CA/USA - June 3, 2020: National Guard troops stand by on the Hollywood Walk of Fame during the Black Lives Matter protests
LOS ANGELES, CA/USA - JANUARY 10, 2019: The famous Troubadour Nightclub on Santa Monica Blvd played a big role in launching America’s top bands
Ribbons of thin sliced zucchini and yellow squash on a cutting board with a mandolline slicer
Tostito’s Salsa Con Queso cheese dip sauce in a jar.  Illustrative Editorial
A fresh smoothie with organic strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, spinach, blackberries, banana and chia seeds
Uncooked cube steaks on a cutting board near a cast iron grill and a carton of eggs
Sexy young man in a suit under the pier at Venice Beach California
Homemade acorn or butternut squash soup served in an acorn squash shell.
Delicious chocolate covered peanut butter cups with a cup of coffee or hot chocolate
Sauteeing sliced button mushrooms in a cast iron skillet
Stylish sexy young man with his suit jacket over his shoulder on the beach
LOS ANGELES, CA/USA - NOVEMBER 11, 2018: The Harbor Freeway weaving between skycrapers in downtown Los Angeles
Bowl of homemade beef and broccoli on rice topped with sesame seeds
A bowl of turkey and sweet potato hash
Fried chicken with cole slaw, macaroni salad, potato salad, biscuits and summer cookout foods
Los Angeles, CA/USA - May 23, 2020: The coronavirus testing area at Kaiser Hospital on Sunset and Vermont Streets is deserted during the COVID-19 pandemic
Los Angeles, CA/USA - April 9, 2020: Deserted streets around the Broad Museum during COVID-19 quarantine
Overhead view of a chocolate donut with a missing bite
A bowl of crumbled feta cheese on a cutting board
LOS ANGELES, CA/USA - JANUARY 2, 2020: Scaffolding surrounds the Globe Theatre on Broadway as part of ongoing Bringing Back Broadway economic development and revitalization initiative
Salisbury steak with mushroom gravy in a cast iron skillet
Gourmet sliced turkey on sprouted whole grain bread on a cutting board to build a sandwich
Long Beach, CA/USA - June 6, 2020: A business in the area of looting during the Black Lives Matter protests in Long Beach has signs in the windows reading Black Owned Business
A bowl of healthy kale and white bean soup with dinner rolls
A serving bowl of mashed potatoes topped with chicken gravy
Profile of a nude male bodybuilder holding a towel
Healthy fruit and nut granola bars
Mediterranean orzo pasta salad with spinach, red onion, feta cheese, sun dried tomatoes, balsamic dressing, Kalamata olives and basil pesto
A Philly cheese steak sandwich on a picnic table
New England style clam bake with shrimp, mussels, corn and potatoes
A mound of toasted, seasoned pita chips on a white background
A plate of fried chicken with side dishes
A chicken wrap sandwich with sundried tomatoes, and guacamole tortilla chips
Fresh turmeric root, and ground spice - shallow depth of field
Shaved beef, broccoli, garlic and soy sauce ready to cook for beef and broccoli
Folded blue microfiber cleaning cloth on a white background
A plate of breakfast burritos with salsa
West Hollywood, CA/USA - June 5, 2020: Despite days of Black Lives Matter protests on the streets, a road sign still reads Face Covering Required for coronavirus
Apple pie and ice cream
A loaf of hot banana nut bread on a cooling rack
A small casserole dish of cornbread stuffing on a rustic wooden table with autumn leaves and pine cones
a basket of popcorn shrimp with lemon and cocktail sauce with a mug of beer
Grilled chicken quesadillas served with a mug of beer
A handsome male fashion model on the beach in a brown suit
A chicken rice casserole with broccoli dinner
French cut green beans with crispy fried onions in a small casserole dish, a traditional holiday food
Slices of rich moist pound cake with fresh strawberries
West Hollywood, CA/USA - May 29, 2020: People in face masks enjoy sidewalk cafes on Santa Monica boulevard reopen after a long COVID-19 quarantine
A grilled ham and swiss cheese sandwich
LOS ANGELES, CA/USA  - SEPTEMBER 25, 2018: The historic Angels Flight incline railway is a popular tourist attraction
Handsome young man seranading a pretty young woman with a guitar
A bowl of relish with Kirby pickling cucumbers in the background
Buttermilk biscuits on a white background
A baking pan of stuffing with cranberry and celery on a Christmas table
Fresh sliced cantaloupe on a cutting board
Banana nut pancakes with syrup
Los Angeles, CA/USA - May 23, 2020: Social Distancing Customers at the famous Randy's donuts during the coronavirus epidemic
A plate of cheese quesadillas with guacamole
A basket of dried mango slices on a wooden table
Handsome mulit-ethnic young man sitting on the back of his Sport Utility Vehicle at the beach with a bottle of water.
Fresh cooked scrambled eggs in a cast iron skillet with brown egg shells in the background
A hot dog with relish on a picnic table
High angle view of Mostaccioli bake in a cast iron skillet
A plate with two sliced bagels with cream cheese
Long Beach, CA/USA - June 6, 2020: Chuck E Cheese boarded up after looting and vandalism during the Black Lives Matter protests
Beverly Hills, CA/USA - Neiman Marcus store in Beverly Hills is boarded up after being looted during the Black Lives Matter protests
A pair of folded dress slacks on a white background
Los Angeles, CA/USA - June 1, 2020: Walgreens and Rite Ai  in downtown LA boarded up after the Black Lives Matter riots and looting on May 29th
Closeup of a bowl of split pea soup with chunks of ham
New England Style Clam Bake dinner, with corn on the cob
Toasted pita bread chips with herbal seasoning
A bacon egg and cheese sandwich with a cup of coffee
Gourmet flatbread crackers with crab and ham spreads
Closeup of a wrap sandwich with salami, pepperoni, and cheeses
Closeup of a plate of pizza rolls with marinara sauce and beer in the background
Overhead view of a flour tortilla
Health roasted seaweed wafers on a white background
A bowl of Fettuccine Alfredo with parmesan cheese and garlic
Los Angeles, CA/USA - April 9, 2020: Deserted streets around the Walt Disney Concert Hall during COVID-19 quarantine
Needle and tread with a measuring tape on pants that need a hem put in
A snack dish of cheese flavored crackers
Venice, CA/USA - May 9, 2020: Police patrol Venice Beach to enforce COVID-19 quarantine
Deep fried breaded butterfly shrimp served on a bed of lettuce
Los Angeles, CA/USA - April 9, 2020: Bars accross a sidewalk cafe and restaurant closed during coronavirus quarantine
Shredded mozzarella cheese on a cutting board with a grater
Los Angeles, CA/USA - April 29, 2020: Shoppers and employees in face masks outside of Ralph’s in downtown LA during COVID-19 quarantine
A snack platter with popcorn and coconut shrimp, fries and beer
Sliced roast pork on a plate
toasted pita chips with a cream cheese dip
Buttermilk waffles with maple syrup and butter - shallow depth of field, focus on front
A bowl of macaroni and cheddar cheese and fresh tomatoes
Santa Monica, CA/USA - April 11, 2019: People enjoying the popular Third Street Promenade in Santa Monica on a beautiful summer day
Los Angeles, CA/USA - April 9, 2020: Historic Hotel Cecil in LA now known as Stay on Main
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