I like the move. I enjoy photography and graphics work.I love nature, sports, tennis, skiing, I am an old man and my artwork is tremendously fun!
Czech Republic
Czech Republic

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Square ornaments joined and placed on the peaks of the twelfth century
ending free center.
Eastern Terrace Castle Miramare near Trieste on the shores of the Mediterranean Gulf of Trieste in Italy. It is a beautiful building now serves as a museum
River Becva has left the city and overtakes the flow to slow down the flow
Circular area checkered black and white
Part of high-rise buildings
Becva River has left the city and flows further with one bank bluish, lined with trees and bushes.
The Becva river flows through the woods with banks of stony, sprouted plants.
The Becva river was slowed again by a big riverbed, the bank reinforced with a stone wall
The entrance part of the Red Castle, part of a larger complex of buildings, dates  to the 18th century. Later modifications of the chateau to the periodical history were carried out by the aristocrat
The stream of Becva river on a hill with a high forest
Trees, shrubs, snow and ice line the Becva River in a gentle bay
The White Tower is part of the castle of Hradec nad Moravicí and dates from the late 19th century. It served as a reservoir for the lock, all its parts and its surroundings.
The portal of a Christian temple of  history with three entrances, the main and the secondary. The portal is decorated with ornaments, shaping and division. A leading Christian person is led by a pray
The object is made up of arctically connected smaller octagons and inside outgoing ornaments with color transition.
The isosceles triangles in the circle point to the center. Ornaments are filled in and 36 are in the center.
Chapel of the Jewish Religious Community at the Central Cemetery of the City of Olomouc in the Czech Republic
The Olomouc City Park with restaurant benches, flower beds with chestnut trees and musical gazebo is a relaxation zone.
The frame forms an ornament with arcs
connected to the rectangle and leaving the free center of the object for any use.
Ornament of rectangular shape with colored lines in abstract connection to spikes and arches with colored fillings.
Snowy landscape at the edge of a ski slope with a forest and a view of the mountains near the horizon
Gate to the Bouzov Castle Park in the Czech Republic
The sun slowly falls behind the bushes on the edge of the unused winter mountain road, which is a convenient place for winter sports and walks.
Waterfall on a mountain stream in a rocky race in the Austrian Alpine foothills
The main stream of the Moravian countryside protected by stone lining is situated below the nearby, highest mountain peak in the area
Archimedean spiral turbine in the working position for connection to a generator to produce electricity watercourses with small slope
Music Hall with domed windows, niches with vaults, wall decorations, and dome ribs
Winter view of the snowy landscape with apricot and small pine trees all at the edge of a steep hill.
Ornament consists of four major arcs associated with smaller arches of arches.
Snowy forest path in spruce forest with blue sky
The object is made up of an octagonal ornament, reminiscent of flying animals, beetles.
Chateau in Bohemia pod Kosíøem in the Czech Republic in a forested hill
The Leopold Gate in the Prague part of Vysehrad is a monument to the history of Prague and the Czech Republic. It is part of the walls. Trees and greenery surround the surroundings.
Front of the castle with columns, windows, stairs, and statue of the founder
Square frame in Baroque style in gold color with black shadows.
Metal ornamentation grid with various geometric features.
Circular object with shaped blades for moving various materials.
The ellipse carries partial ellipsoids in red on a blue, round color transition.
The castle in Hluboká nad Vltavou in the Czech Republic was founded as a castle in the 13th century. Later, the Habsburgs, Schwarzenbergs were rebuilt into styles of renegade, romance.
Historic city walls with a tower
Background consists of a set of abstract objects reminiscent of a metallic, quarter-round reinforcement of a steel bridge object.
Elliptical abstract group of objects in blue in two sizes connected to a square.
Rectangular objects with a flat cross are assembled into a shape reminiscent of an irregular cross.
An important, historic Russian cathedral with a monastery in Nizhny Novgorod, in the Byzantine-Romanesque style, with many adornments, columns, arches, windows.
Rectangles, lines, in soft colors form an abstract pattern with a star-centered center.
Wavelet and twelve-fold ellipses, double size, connected to a red-black, square object.
The wild connection of the triangles into the trapezoidal shape in black, red, and gold with the center available.
Red-black triangles, of several sizes, assembled into a square.
Stylized eye made up of four main links, objects filled with lines and highlighted color transitions.
Portal of a major Baroque palace
Cherry blossoms attract bees and spring is here
Abstract object formed by black arcs with rectangular, white marks and inside rectangular arches, red rays divided into small parts.
The opulent, baroque portal powerful noble house
The golden grid, one piece, joining four articles, coming out of four arcs.
Red White concentric circles with the effect line up an eight-pointed star.
An object composed of circles that have a stylized flower inside has a center cross.
A set of circles with stylized black balls and a stylized maple leaf in the middle.
The River Dyje forms part of the border between the Czech Republic and Austria. Austrian bank with fishermen in harsh weather
Gateway in the fortress ramparts distant past of roughly hewn stone
with two wickets for pedestrians, allows entry inside the palace courtyard
Temple vault in the middle, with prominent prominent columns, adornments and painting with highlighted ribs.
Impeller Pelton turbines
The trapeze objects, squares, form an octagon, supplemented with flowers and stripes with free center to use.
Chalice used by Christian priest during the mass. The chalice is made of gold, using precious and semiprecious stones, decorated with plastic ornaments
Prague - Vysehrad, part of the ruins of the historic, very important castle of the Czech nation. The castle was built in the 10th century on the banks of the river.
Letters S assembled with decreasing size form a four-pointed star with a distinct S in the middle.
Letter K in lightening color on the tips and surfaces of the six-pointed star with free center can serve as a character or background
The four letter A letters, combined with a floral ornament, form a character or background, or a space in the square for the message.
A grid made of circles filled with an arid flower on a dark blue background.
The combined rectangles are shrunk and are assembled into bundles, bundles joined to a square shape standing at one of the vertices
Czech Republic, Prague, Castle, Vladislav Hall, the largest ceremonial space preserved from the Middle Ages, late Gothic, circular vault
The joined, cross-linked lines create a shape filled with a red-black translucent with a four-pointed star in the center
The frame consists of rectangles, squares, junctions, crossing the color transition purple and yellow.
The merged group of infinite -Möbius strip forms a free-center shape.
A star with nine spikes, with each elliptical-tipped object with a tip
The entrance to a significant temple in the Gothic style with Romanesque elements preserved during the rebuilding when extraordinary organs were also made.
A double wreath consisting of stylized, golden flowers with a green center.
Two distinctive, circular objects, smaller inside the large two abstract teeth, and color transitions with predominant black color.
Fictitious view into the workspace Francis hydro turbine rotor blades to that driven by pressurized water in the pipe rotates the turbine rotor and hence the power generator
A rectangular frame consisting of square shapes in a red, lightening color around a central rectangle with a color transition for the message.
Abstract triangle with D-shaped pages filled with spirals in color transition
Rectangles filled with lines joined to images in which a large K letter is found in different variations.
The joined line consists of mirror images of a double W with a center of red.
A circular, redblack ornament, consisting of arcs, ellipses, intersections, joining, and in the middle the last letter of the Greek alphabet, which has a number of meanings in various disciplines.
The squares overlap, dark, merge in regular images and form in the center
space to use.
Olomuc, Czech Republic - Terezská Baroque gate from 1752
the passage of the city, the fortress ramparts. Named after the Austro-Hungarian Empress Maria Theresa
Rectangular shapes, six-eyed, joined to smaller and larger parts.
Obverse-shaped cross-shaped object, in the middle of the square emphasized by abstract trimming.
Spiral objects assembled into an abstract, regular pattern form the background
Joint spiral shapes in two circles in blue, red and white.
Gothic chapel with many ornaments, Christian symbols, columns with special heads, and metal grille at the entrance
Part of the interior of a Gothic cathedral Notre Dame in Reims with groups of columns, arches, stained glass windows and ornate without walls would be completed in 1311
Christian chapel in classical style, with rich front-view decoration with several stairs and entrance with grid
Judicial Court Room in the vaulted room, wooden clubs, wooden lining, decoration. columns and vaults for the chairman of the Senate
Window of fairy cottage decorated with flowers, ornaments, rays overlooking the blue sky
To commemorate the foundation of scouting in the Czech Republic Antonín .Benjamin SVOJSÍK - lily
The frame is made up of a green square with knocked peaks, drawing and color, free center
Baroque window of an important building in southern Europe with coat of arms as ornaments.
The green nine-zone filled with the bordered parts forms with the red center of the background.

Square object on top with curved and split sides in color.
Abstract, triangular, linked patterns with color transitions and dark triangular center
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