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Czech Republic
Czech Republic

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Gothic cathedral completed in the 14th century - the eastern part of the outer supporting system with supporting arches, pillars reinforcing the building with chapel
The castle with column towers, the building, the decorative accessories of the facade, the division of the facade with raised lines, chimneys, windows of various sizes.
The Column, Open Hall of the Great Fort in Agra, India - Public Hall. The fortress is listed on the World Heritage List and is therefore open to the public.
Country manor with chapel and towers
Komenda Johannites
The remains of the castle above the town of Usov in the Czech Republic.
Úsov Castle was a medieval fortress from 1260, later a castle was built in the fortress. Today it is a forest museum.
Castle Lednice in the Czech Republic is one of the most beautiful chateaus in the country. It is part of the Lednice-Valtice area. The castle is in the Neo-Gothic style. The large chapel has rearmamen
Two connected, colored squares with circular shapes, one larger¨, standing on top, the other smaller inside.
Circles cut to 3/4, joined and intertwined to form a circular shape, filled with yellow and the center is a star.
Star-eye with shining, six-pointed stars in a multiple arc.
Orange-red flower with eight, elliptical petals and dark red center.
Beneath the historic city walls Olomouc in the park is a monument to the fallen South Slavic soldiers in the First World War.
River Morava is overwhelmed by a large barley which serves as a channel regulator for water pumping for the distant city and Bata's canal
The Maisel Synagogue in Prague in the Czech Republic is an important monument of the Jewish communities of Prague, built in 1592 several times modified in Neo-Gothic style.
Abstract image of gold and yellow squares in a fading net.
Four historic, golden, stylized chalices with feet on a circular backing with ornaments and trim in black as a warning!
Rectangular ornament composed of smaller objects, partially doubled with blue center and yellow fillings.
Doubled circle ornament consisting of smaller connected objects joined in steel and gold with red center and red fillings.
Doubled circle ornament consisting of smaller connected objects joined in steel and gold with red center and red fillings.
Twice six balls and one in the center in a six-pointed star, different sizes and shades of brown.
Rays larger and smaller in circles come out from the center and form a pattern in blue and yellow.
Late Gothic castle building with a massive tower
Slim, widespread, colored objects in a circle with a slider form together with the blue center of the background or object for different uses.
Part of the facade of a significant palace in a significant city of Early Baroque style with distinctive decorative elements, a large atic and distinctive, plastic façade.
Ornament round shape in red and blue with abstract stems, leaves and flowers.
The frame forms a white ornament in a black box and is suitable for announcing a sad message.
Small ornaments of various shapes and sizes line a pair of loose circles with color gradients, and a group in conjunction forms a frame.
Tiny ornaments of various shapes and sizes line a pair of loose-centered circles with color gradients.
The stone Romanesque basilica on Vrijthof Square is an important, historic, Christian temple.
The curves of the lines are joined by shapes and fan-like ends in bold colors with blue, dark center and bright point.
Blue and red rectangles joined into rectangular shapes that mirror.
Ornament of green leaves and stems carrying abstract flowers and line centered.
Two triads of checkered, rectangular objects are facing each other by a fine line forming a whole with a color gradient in red.
Six-pointed stars in different sizes combined and combined in gold circles.
The right and half angles on the rectangles combine to form an abstract lattice with spaces filled with colors with gradients.
Lido, Malamocco town on an island near Venice Italy
Object in the style of Art Nouveau in soft, body colors
it can serve as a background, inspiration for craftsmen and the like.
Post Gothic vault - an interesting part of the ceiling with supporting springs that are interwoven to form shapes above the windows in an otherwise notorious temple
Geared steel shafts assembled in two circles and one large piece in the center.
Geared steel shafts assembled in two circles and one large piece in the center.
View of the Pøemyslid Palace,comes from the 12th century, remnants of the walls and towers of the St. Wenceslas metropolitan cathedral - exceptional Gothic buildings in Olomouc, Czech Republic
Abstract flower with many petals, joined in polygon with red center and wavy edge.
Aerospace jet engine front
The rectangular and rhomboidal objects centered in black are joined into an ellipse-like shape, and the free center is formed by a black elliptical shape.
The background is made up of various wave-lined rectangles assembled in the shape of a large rectangle, painted in red and blue.
On the hill above the outskirts of the town of Olomouc in the Czech Republic historians are significant Basilica of the Visitation of Our Lady and it is a National Monument and a pilgrimage place.
An abstract gift of the sea, yet undiscovered, surprising colors, projections, growths and shapes.
Betliar Castle in the Slovak Republic is a historic building from the 18th century, rebuilt into a Classicist style with two cylindrical bays. It is a Slovak cultural monument.
A number of firs on the horizon at sunset
Abstract green leaves with red, irregular
diamonds are connected to a circle with a free center.
Stylized elliptical objects, filled with ornament, are joined together to form a centered background, all in a color transition.
Extravagant, abstract object made up of small rectangles joined together and colored.
Abstract connections and overlaps of different sized and differently directed rectangles and rhomboids
Delicate ornament, elements involved in flower shape in red color gradient.
Delicate ornament, elements involved in flower shape in blue color gradient.
White water lily on a pond in nature with large leaves carrying drops of water.
Romanesque rotunda to mid-12th century. with a protruding part-apse and a square tower serves as the cemetery chapel of st. Mary Magdalene on the outskirts of Prague, Czech Republic
The River Morava enters the Danube, under the historical, Slovak castle Dìvín
The river Morava was enriched by the river Dyje and left the country where it was springing. It continues with a bigger flow as a border river between Slovakia and Austria
Squares filled with connected triangular lines and diagonally loosely connected diagonals form a pattern for further use.
Haghpat Monastery, one of many in Armenia, comes from the 13th century, restored in the 18th century. is an important center of the country. It is a  a stone building with several chapels and a church
Basilica minor on the Holy Hill near Olomouc in the Czech Republic
basilica, church, pilgrimage, hill, Olomouc, Czech Republic, history,
The river Morava is flowing through a floodplain forest in the area called "the corner" and the river Dyje is close to ready to enhance its watery river Morava

River Morava in a tranquil stream with banks lined by trees and a small tourist dock
River Morava and its unfinished meander one of many in this part of the river
An important, historical, Prague villa at the entrance to the exhibition grounds in the Czech Republic with unusual decoration on the facade.
At the top of the Hochwurzen overlooking the surrounding ridges of the Alps in Austria over Schladming
Abstract, stylized pyramids in columns and rows changing size and receding into darkness.
Cylindrical formations with spikes; windows; overlap and form an image in brown colors.
A functionalist-style building with a dome roof on the land accessible by the entrance gate and two small pedestrian gates.
The lateral, baroque staircase at the wall of the temple
A gateway to the house made up of a large section in the middle for the vehicles and two smaller for pedestrians, the gates have a metallic ornamental string and are hung on sandstone columns.
The Pilgrimage Church at Zelená Hora according to an important architect in the Czech Republic is included in the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage. It is made in Baroque style with Gothic elements.
Golden crown with six-pointed stars formed by joined stars in two sizes.
Cross-shaped, rectangular shapes in soft transition colors are combined into an irregular square.
The top window molding, according to an important architect, contains special, decorative and useful elements.
Ten-element red starfish on black background and black center.
A square with pyramidal ornaments in the corners inside and in conjunction leave the center blank for use.
Violet multiple ripples connected to the top of an ellipse form a free center frame.
Stylized human eye in the net.
The intricate, baroque frame is made up of rhombus-shaped arches filled with soft, colorful transitions.
Middle entrance of Jahangiri Mahal Palace in Red Fort in Agra, India. The fortress comes from the 17th century. and is now open to the public. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
The river Morava receives a modified, smaller tributary.
Abstract shapes connected mirror-colored and all with color gradients.
Open entrance to the Lednice Chateau for visitors in the Czech Republic The chateau was built in 16. century  The chateau is a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its historical value and top romanticism
Ornament from squares filled with small ornament and assembled into a rectangle with a free center.
Square ornaments joined and placed on the peaks of the twelfth century
ending free center.
Six octagons with dark colors and center wishes
The entrance part of the Red Castle, part of a larger complex of buildings, dates  to the 18th century. Later modifications of the chateau to the periodical history were carried out by the aristocrat
The White Tower is part of the castle of Hradec nad Moravicí and dates from the late 19th century. It served as a reservoir for the lock, all its parts and its surroundings.
The portal of a Christian temple of  history with three entrances, the main and the secondary. The portal is decorated with ornaments, shaping and division. A leading Christian person is led by a pray
The object is made up of arctically connected smaller octagons and inside outgoing ornaments with color transition.
The isosceles triangles in the circle point to the center. Ornaments are filled in and 36 are in the center.
The frame forms an ornament with arcs
connected to the rectangle and leaving the free center of the object for any use.
Ornament of rectangular shape with colored lines in abstract connection to spikes and arches with colored fillings.
River water in a wild sail with an incoming dinner
The sun slowly falls behind the bushes on the edge of the unused winter mountain road, which is a convenient place for winter sports and walks.
Winter view of the snowy landscape with apricot and small pine trees all at the edge of a steep hill.
Ornament consists of four major arcs associated with smaller arches of arches.
The object is made up of an octagonal ornament, reminiscent of flying animals, beetles.
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