I am a photographer from my heart. My photos are mainly on environmental, ecological, agricultural topics. Thanks to those I have been succesfull.
Czech Republic
Czech Republic

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field erosion damage on soil and rapeseed plants on a food farm agriculture
Soil erosion by water lofting earth away
Soil erosion erosive groove in field road, damaged earth in farmer land.
Field erosion wasting agricultural soil by water and wind erosion, field degradation in agriculture
Massive soil erosion landscape field and road destruction by erosive process of water, environmental damage.
Plastic waste bottles polyethylene recycling
Soil erosion of earth land destruction by water
Seborrea eczema in hair skin dermatology closeup of disease symptom
water stream after rain in wet field erosive process in agriculture landscape soil erosion background.
Field erosion on grass slope with erosive grooves made by water, soil erosion or destruction.
Nicotine patch on skin, quitting smoking
Agriculture field landscape with wet soil erosion in spring weather farmland plain
Tree trunk, oak old green.
Green forest tree foliage in summer sun glowing through leaves, nature canvas texture in watercolour style
Cargo by truck on road transport
Nuclear power station, green energy, clean technology
Agriculture field destruction by water erosion damage on crop or grain in farmland after rain landscape
Pathway in the forest tree foliage at fall season in deciduous nature wood
Fall season trees in the forest autumn landscape in the wood nature background.
Autumn tree foliage to the sky forest nature fall season backdrop
Hand holding a test for disease COVID-19. Laboratory testing a person for coronavirus sars-cov-2 virus.
Sunset sky clouds nature background of sunlight in red orange clouds on blue background in the summer evening view.
Smallpox spots skin viral disease
The easter tree flowers yellow blooming decoration with easter eggs beautiful spring Holidays background panorama banner
The Easter background yellow blossoms of forsythia tree with colorful easter eggs decoration outdoor in spring season.
Spring flowers yellow blossoms of Forsythia europaea decorated with Easter eggs. Natural easter background.
wooden chips natural biomass fiber
Orchid flower phalaenopsis flowers with beautiful natural texture pink color spring beauty of fresh tropical plant
Orchid flower plant in blooming garden tropical nature floral closeup beautiful texture of petal leaves
Phalaenopsis flowers of orchid in fresh spring garden natural floral closeup
Jesus Christ  God of Christian embrace
A hundred dollar banknote holded in hand money under digital blue light business economy financial concept of money fraud or illegal finance, checking paper banknote
Paper money currency texture various world banknotes euro dollar under digital light finance inflation or money fraud business financial crisis backdrop
Nuclear power plant,  industry and energy
Industrial background, air conditioning tubes
Soil erosion, damage of field by water.
Soil erosion erosive grooves soil drifted by water into the ditch
Františkovy Lázně a beautiful spa town near Karlovy Vary west of Czech Republic, famous building architecture and hotel resort view
Industrial contamination of environment by oil spill and chemicals in old dirty abandoned petroleum factory
Historical architecture of Rajhrad cathedral building and religional museum near Brno, South Moravia, Czech Republic
water erosion stream eroding agriculture field in spring landscape causing crop damage
Wooden wood chips in hand biomass fuel made by nature? Renewable source of energy woodchips business industry.
Machine vehicle powered by CNG gass engine, concept of ecological transportation green energy
RGB led strip light on metallic background illumination in blue color, electric devise
Dry earth land in drought season with lack of water in Africa hot environment and climate change
Nature abstract autumn colors  bright yellow explosion pattern natural wallpaper in orange golden red colour speed effect texture.
Autumn yellow tree foliage and forest road in fall season rural landscape nature background
Old prague town architecture of Charles Bridge and near tower in blue light on night
Nuclear danger, power station, climate change.
green forest tree spring leaves branches growing tu the sun light beautiful environment bright nature background
Hays and green field with rows of fruit orchard plantation in farm farming and agriculture industry
Christianity and Jesus Christ with wooden cross in heaven sky clouds as a symbol for faith hope and religion Easter background.
Transport  plastic containers, pile of boxes
Purple flower texture abstract floral macro structure with water drops nature beauty closeup
Warm orange light of RGB diodes on line led strip in black background glowing with reflection
Person checking pozitive coronavirus test holding in hand covid -19 viral disease examination
Closeup of soil erosion of earth erosive groove eroded ground with plant, geology environment
Sun light sunlight in the green forest autumn nature trees with light getting through foggy trunks
Green vineyard plant vine leaves under castle Devicky in South of Moravia in warm sun light spring
Red sunset sky clouds in countryside landscape with house roofing in a village with sun setting down evening nature view
Test for covid-19 pozitive coronavirus test in fingers in lab during rapid laboratory examination SARS virus pandemic background.
The Easter background with holy Jesus Christ The messiah holding cross as a symbol for faith hope nad salvation  Christianity religion.
Modern high building facade wall of a house apartments with windows structure against sky clouds, architecture background
Antigen test detection holded in fingers, medical closeup of positive test for COVID 19 disease, testing virus coronavirus.
Hand holding a test for disease COVID-19. Laboratory testing a person for coronavirus sars-cov-2 virus.
Fueling car by lpg gas nozzle
Wood fence in garden construction made of wood color painted
Heaven sky clouds with sun rays ligt glowing over dark clouds before sunset
Yellow new house building roof architecture construction in bright summer sky light in rural country
Blue train carriage vagons on railway platform travel station with yellow color
Old palace mansion, historic Chateau building baroque architecture in town park of New Castles, Czech Republic
Old palace mansion, historic Chateau building baroque architecture in town park of New Castles, Czech Republic
Outdoor emergency work working man repair on electric power line wires in energetics industry
A bunch of keys holded in hand in front of accomodation hostel lodging housing rnb concept.
Fertilization agriculture, fertilizer application by field mechanization
Lake and blue sky in summer landscape, revitalized mining place in industrial landscape of Western Czech near Sokolov, Medard lake
Evening landscape with empty asphalt road highway and red light mountain illuminated by setting sun at sunset
Agriculture industrial architecture green metal silo tank for store of chemical  fertiliser
Global warming, climate change, hot weather, dry earth
UNESCO heritage of Olomouc city square with historical architecture and old sculpture water fountain of Caesar emperor, Czech, Czechia
Beautiful blue sky and fluffy white  cloud with yellow tree foliage of the forest un autumn landscape background in fall season
Nature in colorful autumn landscape yellow forest tree foliage and hills in a mountain region of White Carpathiens, Slovak Reoublic
Texture of old wooden door home gate and blue mailbox in the wall from red bricks architecture background
Corn seeds texture, agriculture
Green farmland agriculture land spring landscape with sun light in clouds above horizon nature field plantation.
Arid land dry soil texture wasted nature landscape drought season cracked earth texture in desert
Human ear for hearing
squeeze of soft leather jacket with fingers to check quality and structure of material
green forest trees in spring wood with high trunks growing upward to the sky, nature texture wallpaper
Beautiful garden plants decorative flora and trees with path in grass in summer landscape.
Historical church and cathedral in Rajhrad near Brno historic achitecture
White clouds blue sky 
in winter landscape with mountains and tree on field nature scenery of Velka Javorina, Czech Republic.
Nature agriculture landscape green grain field and trees in beautiful rural land view on a sunny spring day
Buchlovice Chateaue old architecture  building with facade window and tower in yellow facade and decorative plants
Old architecture of beautiful Buchlovice chateau palace building on a sunny summer day historic Czech and Moravian architectonic landmark
Beautiful architecture view of historic building of Buchlovice chateau outdoor touristic site silhouette in summer sunlight
Chateaue Buchlovice sunny  summer day historic palace building architecture view Czech tourism travel
Recycling cardboard, old paper.
dead mussel animal in hand by climate change and dry weather season in arid land
Autumn nature maple tree red leaves vibrant color in contrast to blue sky nature beautiful background in fall season
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