Mikhail Pogosov

Mikhail Pogosov

Photographer taking pictures of nature and horses.

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SAN DIEGO, CA - MAY 26, 2014: The colonnade in Balboa Park with columns, built for the 1915 Panama-California Exposition.
GOLDEN,CO - SEPTEMBER 06,2019:Entrance to the Golden,Colorado,United States.
DENVER,COLORADO,AMERICA - OCTOBER 22,2017:Red Rocks amphitheater - just outside of Denver,Colorado,United States of America.
DENVER,COLORADO,AMERICA- SEPTEMBER 10,2019:Denver Firefighters Museum,Colorado, United States of America on September 10,2019.
CARLSBAD,CA - NOVEMBER 11,2016:Entrance to the Carlsbad,California,United States.
View of the synagogue in the city of San Diego.
Horse race for the prize Caucasus,Russia.
Finish horse race on hippodrome,Caucasus.
DENVER,COLORADO,AMERICA- SEPTEMBER 11,2019: Bus and big ben on the 16th street mall  in Denver, Colorado,United States.There are always a lot of tourists on September 11,2019.
Portrait of eagle owl closeup,Caucasus.
A vintage photo portrait from 1954 of Russian family.
Denver city and beautiful park in autumn day,Colorado,United States.
The view of homes,water and coastal La Jolla, near San Diego,California,United States.
Blue lake in Balkaria in winter day,Caucasus.
Family portrait, people of all ages, circa 1930.
Golden, Colorado, Usa - October 22, 2017:Golden Colorado Main Street with an inscription "Welcome to Golden".Historical district, features a bustling entertainment scene with restaurants and shops.
Downtown San Diego skyline in California, United States of America.
YEREVAN,ARMENIA - DECEMBER 20,2013:Fragment of the manuscript of the medieval book of Armenia,
 Vaspurakan, 15th-16th centuries.
CARLSBAD,CA,USA - APRIL 10,2014:Rows of colorful flowers grow in Carlsbad, California,United States of America.
CARLSBAD , CA - NOVEMBER15 : In autumn day on the Streets of Carlsbad city,California,America on November 15,2016.
SAN DIEGO,CA - MAY 02,2014: San Diego marina panoramic view with modern skyscrapers in San Diego, California,United States of America.
Horse race for the traditional prize Osenni in Pyatigorsk,the largest in Russia.
Race for the prize of the "OKS" in Pyatigorsk,Northern Caucasus, Russia.
SAN DIEGO,CA - MAY 05, 2014: Sign at the entrance to the Gaslamp Quarter in downtown San Diego. Historical district,horizontal photo of a city with city lights and lots of cars.
YEREVAN,ARMENIA - OCTOBER 26,2012:Tourist's visiting main Yerevan landmark - Mother Armenia Statue or Mayr hayastan. Monument located in Victory Park, Yerevan city, Armenia.
Vintage paper on white background.
PYATIGORSK,RUSSIA- MAY 2,2013:Unknown young Cossack in national dress on a holiday in the city,Northern Caucasus.
SAN DIEGO,CA - MAY 26,2014:Southwest Airlines takes off at San Diego. Southwest is the largest domestic carrier in the USA.
Resort park in Kislovodsk - the largest in Russia.Resort park - ornament and pride of Kislovodsk.
YEREVAN, ARMENIA - SEPTEMBER 24,2015: Sculpture of gymnasts in a pool with water on a cascade staircase in Yerevan,Armenia.
YEREVAN,ARMENIA - APRIL 20, 2019: Local souvenir shop selling various Clock in Yerevan,Armenia.
YEREVAN,ARMENIA - APRIL15,2019: The city center of Yerevan the capital and largest of the city of Armenia, one of the oldest cities in the world.
A historical complex on the slope of Mount Aragats in Armenia.It is located at an altitude of 2300 meters above sea level.
Branches of an old sycamore tree,Armenia.
Evening landscape in the mountains of Armenia.
Blue sky with of birds and tree branches.
Beautiful tulips in the garden.
One chair on the beach lake.
Rows of colorful flowers grow on a hillside in Carlsbad, California.
Jewish synagogue in San Diego.
PYATIGORSK,RUSSIA - OCTOBER 17,2018:The monument to the Cossack mother is a figure of a young Cossack woman.On the monument there is an inscription: dedicated to the Cossack mother...

Snow-covered blue fir trees in the winter forest.
DENVER,CO - SEPTEMBER 11,2019:Downtown Denver - 16th Street Mall.
Image with highest top of Europe Elbrus
A column with lanterns in park Denver,Colorado.
The Cathedral of Christ the Savior in  resort Pyatigorsk, Northern Caucasus,Russia

Akhal-Teke horse in natural light, close-up portrait.
Close up of a domesticated lama.
YEREVAN,ARMENIA - AUGUST 19,2016:View of Yerevan from the cascade staircase in summer day.
PYATIGORSK, RUSSIA -JUNE 10: Start gates for horse races for the prize of Analogichnoi on June 10, 2011 in Pyatigorsk, Caucasus, Russia.
OCEANSIDE, CA - NOVEMBER 07:Mission San Luis Rey de Francia. It was the largest of all the missions and once the largest building in California.Oceanside,California,America on November 07,2016
San Diego close-up view of from bay,California,United States of America.
Rows of colorful flowers grow on a hillside in Carlsbad, California.
Trees Covered With Snow In winter Day on Northern Caucasus.
An old street in the resort of Pyatigorsk,Russia.
Beautiful legendary mountain Mashuk in Pyatigorsk,Russia.
Autumn landscape in the mountains Colorado.
Noravank monastery was founded in 1205. It is located 122 km from Yerevan in a narrow gorge made by the Darichay river, nearby the city of Yeghegnadzor.
KISLOVODSK,RUSSIA - JUNE 23,2013:The Valley of Roses is the central part of the territory of the Kislovodsk National Park,Northern Caucasus.
SAN DIEGO,CA - MAY 27,2014:Statue of Soldier at Mormon Battalion site Old Town in San Diego,California,United States.
SAN DIEGO,CA - MAY 27,2014:Statue of Soldier at Mormon Battalion site Old Town in San Diego,California,United States.
 Park in the old town of San Diego,California.
Ancient Stone Sign from tuff on Northern Caucasus.
Catholic church in downtown San Diego, California,United States.
Leading horse walking along the sand track.
San Diego Old Town Park,California.
The architecture of the old resort of Pyatigorsk in the North Caucasus.
The famous candelabra-shaped spruce in the Kislovodsk Resort Park
,Northern Caucasus.
The famous candelabra-shaped spruce in the Kislovodsk Resort Park
,Northern Caucasus.
Blue tit on a branch, looking around and preparing to take off.
Spassky Cathedral of Pyatigorsk at night,Northern Caucasus.
Olkhovka river in the park Kislovodsk,Northern Caucasus.
Close-up of waterfall in resort Jermuk.
Winter day in the resort park.
Beautiful purple flowers bed close up.
Christian temple Geghard in Armenia. UNESCO World Heritage.
  Group ducks in the lake.
PYATIGORSK,RUSSIA - AUGUST 29,2021:The winner of the race for the Golden Ear prize - brown  stallion Express Donbass on Pyatigorsk hippodrome.
PYATIGORSK,RUSSIA - AUGUST 29,2021:Start gates for horse races for the prize of Open in Pyatigorsk hippodrome.The jockey is ahead Gasanov Muslim.
PYATIGORSK,RUSSIA - AUGUST 29,2021:Start gates for horse races for the prize of Breeders of Russia in Pyatigorsk hippodrome.
PYATIGORSK,RUSSIA - MAY 2,2021:Horse  race for of the Opening Prize of Pyatigorsk hippodrome,Northern Caucasus,Russia.
DILIJAN,ARMENIA  - JULY 28,2012:People Walking to Goshavank  Monastery. It is located about 20 miles east of Dilijan,Armenia. Monastery was founded in 1188.
Source of dolomite narzan in the North Caucasus,Russia.
KISLOVODSK,RUSSIA - AUGUST 6,2013:View of narzan baths in the resort park of Kislovodsk,Northern Caucasus,Russia.
Resort park of Kislovodsk,Northern Caucasus,Russia
Trees the snow and the lake.
The best in the Russian monument poet Mikhail Yurievich Lermontov in Pyatigorsk, Northern Caucasus, Russia (sculptor Opekushin, 1889)
Lake view in the Colorado Mountains.
VAGHARSHAPAT,ARMENIA -SEPTEMBER 6,2013:The main entrance to the monastery Echmiadzin,Armenia.Echmiadzin is the center of the Armenian Church.
Mountain road passing through the rocks with blue sky,Colorado.
Fairy Palace, built in the Arab style in the resort park of the city Zheleznovodsk,Russia.Former palace of the emir of Bukhara,1923.
YEREVAN,ARMENIA - AUGUST 22,2016:Khachkars in the Victory Park in Yerevan in memory of twice heroes of the Soviet Union - Baghramyan and Stepanyan.
Horse legs close-up on the grass track of the racetrack.
Reconstruction of the Etchmiadzin Monastery — the main monastery of the Armenian Apostolic Church.
Autumn leaves in the forest in the mountains of Colorado.
Vagrmashen Church was founded in XI century castle near the Armenian Amberd, located on the hillside Aragats.
Old medieval church in Armenia.
Khachkar (cross stone) in  monastery,Armenia.
This Owl was photographed in Kislovodsk park,Northern Caucasus.
Resort park in Kislovodsk - the largest in Russia. Resort park - ornament and pride of Kislovodsk.
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