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A part of the clock tower in the centre of Victoria , Mahe Seychelles on a sunny day with some clouds
Franipani blooming in the jungle of the botanical garden on a sunny day with blue sky
Fresh red snapper at the market in Victoria, the capital of Mahe, Seychelles
Close up view of some sempervivum plants in different sizes, Austria
A dog walking at the seaside, some small waves in the background
A butterfly with many colours
A natural garden with a meadow full of dandelions
A wire woven butterfly filled with different flowers and plants
A male hand with a sea urchin, in the background are some people snorkelling
A sea urchin on the fringes of a boat, in the background a person who is snorkelling
A sea urchin on the fringes of a boat
Three violet anemones blooming in the garden
Autumn decoration with a pumpkin, a hedgehog and colorful heather in a pot
An old garden figure with head carved among brown dry autumn leaves
A cluster of sand roses found in the Sahara, Tunisia
A Berber village in Tunisia
Echinacea and lily flowers growing in a natural garden
A bee sitting on a branch of a blooming plum tree
A white angel made of stone wearing a mask  is placed in the garden
A white stone statue of a garden worker wearing a crocheted mask  and placed in a garden
Some pumpkins with different sizes and colors  in a box with a bundle of dried reed
Entangled carrots lying on pebbles
A stone house with an old window, a white curtain and a colourful front garden with cottage garden flowers
Pink rambler roses on a white wall in full bloom and bright sunshine
A deciduous tree in front and a colourful trees and bushes in the back
A brown and white rooster standing majestic in the yard in front of the barn
Italian food with mozarella cheese, salad and tomatoes, decorated with basil
A rabbit sitting in front of his food on hay
A shelter for birds hanging on a tree in autumn
A colourful birdhouse hanging on a tree
A pile of wood in autumn
A bunch of straw after the harvest
Red roses with some leaves in front of a blue sky with a few clouds
Three pharohs in front of a wall with hieroglyphs at the Karnak Temple in Luxor, Egypt, Africa
A big tuft of desert grass in front of the picture in the Sahara desert in Tunisia, Africa
A reptile sitting on a rock in a big pond with green water, some water reed  on the right-hand side
The river Schwarza with clear water  flows through the valley called "Höllental" during summertime in Lower Austria, Europe
Starting a little garden on a hill with different elements like pots, plants, stones and herbs
Red flower in front of a white and grey background
 Snowcovered Hohe Tauern with a blue sky and some white clouds
A court in front of a temple, Grand Palace, Bangkok, Thailand
Wedding arches on a beach on a Maldivian island with turquoise water in the background
Bay in Sa Calobra with many saililng boats and yachts on a beautiful summer day with clear blue sky and blue to turquoise water, Mallorca, Baleares, Spain, Europe
Traditional Thai golden bamboo  storage for furniture production
Pink backlighted orchid on a palm tree with blue sky in the background
Durnstein Baroque Church on the River Danube in Wachau, Valley Region in Austria, Europe
A part of a shell on the beach
Light and dark green palm leaves in the sunlight in Egypt
A seating on the white sandy beach next to the clear Indian ocean sourrounded by a palm and tropical plants
Ancient tools and jugs in front of a granary in Tunisia, Africa
Typical colorful Tunisian handicraft with ornamental patterns
A Berber in traditional clothesriding on his horse in the Sahara desert, Africa
A water turtle with a lot of moss on its shell is sitting on a rock, close up
The right rivebank of the river Schwarza in the Höllental in Lower Austria, Europe with a big rock in front of it.
Two camels with saddles and coloured blankets resting in Sahara desert, Tunisia, Africa
Coconut on a sandy beach, close-up view, Dominican Republic
Sacrificial offering with incense sticks, fabric, candles and a lot more around a tree in nature, Koh Samui, Thailand
Red ginger flower also called alpinia purpurata with big green leaves
Frangipani flower with pink and yellow blossoms and big green leaves, Koh Samui, Thailand
An autumn wreath rich decorated, hanging on a white entrance door of a detached house, Lower Austria
A part of a garden with plants and herbs, Lower Austria
A garden path bordered by roof bricks on the left and peppermint and chive on the right, Lower Austria
A natural  garden with different plants, a pot and materials like bricks and wood, Lower Austria
A butterfly sitting on a red hibiscus blossom with a blurred background
Two fire lilies in full blooming on the fringes of a staircase
Dark pink peony surrounded by peony leaves in full bloom
A hand holding a magnifying glass to show a mini orchid
Hands on the stomach forming a heart
A colourful flowerbed with different blooming flowers and predominent colours like yellow, blue, red, orange and green
The outline of a tree without leaves, in the background a chain of mountains, monochrome
Table decoration with bread sticks and tea lights near the water for a social event
 A garden in harmony with nature showing a bridge, a birch, a lot of green plants and in the background a wooden bench, Austria, Europe
Inside of an Buddhist temple with oblations and decoration
Alpine lake spa and winter sport village with famous villas in the National Park Hohe Tauern, Salzburg, Austria
 View  of the famous village Bad Gastein surrounded by the Hohe Tauern, Salzburg, Austria
A red and yellow tulip with some water drops and green leaves in spring
A lonely coconut stranded on the beach, Koh Samui, Thailand, Asia
Tropical butterfly hanging on a pink blooming plant, Koh Samui, Thailand, Asia
Hindu god dressed in red in Hindu temple, Grand Baie, Mauritius
A sailing boat in the calm water of the Mediterranean,  Mallorca, Europe
Water in motion with blue, green, red and white effects
Head of an Asian elephant, in the background the jungle, Thailand
Heliconia flower with some leaves in the foreground, Thailand, Asia
Heliconia flower, a tropic flower in Thailand, Asia
Two daisies in spring with blurred background
Stilt houses along the River Chao Phraya, Bangkok, Thailand, Asia
Demon Guardian in Wat Phra Kaew Grand Palace Bangkok, Asia
Buddha is sitting on a colorful golden pedestal, Bangkok, Asia
Lying golden Buddha showing the face  Bangkok, Asia
Branches of a tree on the beach clear turquoise water and blue sky with some clouds, vertical photo, Maldives
Branches of a tree on the beach clear turquoise water and blue sky with some clouds, vertical photo, Maldives
Landscape with a boat and the clear turquoise water showing corals and a sandy beach with palms and sunshades, Maldives
Fishing boat as a decoration on the white sandy beach , Maldives
Past a Maldivian Island by boat showing the water foam and the dark blue sea as well as the bright sky with some clouds
A coconut in the sun on a lonely white beach with clear turquoise water and bright blue sky on a Maldivian Island
Palm leaves in front and the turquoise  water transision to dark blue sea, far away a boat and another island, Maldives
A palm growing on a white sandy beach with turquoise water sheding a shadow on a Maldivian Island
A jumbo crab  on the shore of a Maldivian Island
Happy Easter marzipan character in rose decorated with Easter bunnies, carrots, Easter eggs, a flower and  corn on an Easter cake
A sweet brioche wreath with some colored Easter eggs in the middle decorated with green leaves on a brown board
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