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Currency from several different countries
Detail of traditional roof at Changdeok Palace in Seoul, South Korea
Facade of a typical New England home
A para-glide soars over a tropical beach backed by red hills
Lagoon at the foot of dunes in the remote town of Jericoacoara in northeast Brazil
Boats on the clear waters of a beach in Soufriere in St Lucia
A cheetah looking at camera in Masai Mara Game Reserve
View of the famous Piton mountains in St Lucia
Red flowers on the windowsills of a yellow house
A small blue boat on a beach in St Lucia with Petit Piton in the background
Portland Head Light in Maine, New England
Seals on a beach on the island of Espanola in Galapagos
Red fall leaves at Kiyomizu-dera temple in Kyoto, Japan, with onlookers in the background
Jangada, typical sail boat of northeast Brazil
The hands of a percussionist playing his drum isolated in white
Scenery at Marigot Bay in St Lucia
A traditional Japanese paper umbrella
Turquoise waters of a cove in Curacao
Brightly painted fishing boats with the "Eyes of Osiris" in Marsaxlokk on the island of Malta
Boats on the clear waters of a beach in Soufriere in St Lucia
Two beach chairs face the clear waters of the Caribbean sea
Yellow building in the old town in Willemstad, Curacao
Two curious lambs looking at camera
Beach in Jericoacoara on the northeast coast of Brazil
Colorful houses in Burano, one of the islands around Venice in Italy
Red-steepled church surrounded by alpine lupin in the town of Vik in Iceland
Paynes Bay beach in Barbados with jet skis in the foreground
Huts and palm trees on a beach in the Riviera Maya in Mexico
Two fishing boats at a secluded beach in Curacao
Footprints on a Caribbean beach
Fishing boat on the light sands of a Caribbean beach with turquoise sea in the background
A pletna, traditional Slovenia boat, on Lake Bled with Bled Castle in the background
Cherry trees blooming by the Eiffel Tower in early spring
Horses roaming free on an Icelandic farm
Clothesline at a purple house in Burano, one of the islands around Venice in Italy
Small boat and yacht floating on the clear waters of the Caribbean
Lounge Chair at Paynes Bay beach in Barbados
Facade of a house in Burano near Venice
Old pier in Speightstown in the Caribbean island of Barbados
Bright orange gates at Fushimi Inari Taisha shrine in Kyoto, Japan
Free range cows in a farm by the Atlantic Ocean in Iceland
Boats at a marina in Malta
Lifeguard tower on a beach in St Lucia
White fishing boat on Marigot Bay in the Caribbean island of St Lucia
The village of Vernazza in Cinque Terre, Italy
Multi colored houses in the island of Curacao in the Caribbean
Typical New England house in Maine
Secluded beach in Croatia
Till The Cows Get A Tan
Ice climbing on Solheimajokull glacier in Iceland
A buggy stuck on a beach in northeast Brazil
Two zebras graze among a wildebeest herd
Diving boat at a pontoon in Curacao
Colorful cabins on a white sand beach in South Africa
White lily against a black background
Detail of a bamboo fence
Colorful houses along a canal in Burano, Venice
Colorful beach umbrellas on a Caribbean beach
The Eiffel Tower on a clear spring day in Paris
Colorful beach cabins in Muizenberg beach in South Africa
Sailboats at the Vittoriosa marina in Malta
A yellow cat sitting on the window sill at a house in Burano, Italy
Flowers on the Cinque Terre coast in Italy
Cracked and dilapidated wall of an old house
Two colorful fishing boats on a Caribbean beach
Colorful houses of Burano with a bright-colored boat in the foreground
A tan Icelandic horse looking at camera
Historic Council House in the Romanian town of Brasov, Transylvania
Brightly colored houses in Riomaggiore, Cinque Terre in Italy
Mayan ruins at Tulum in Mexico
Sunset on the red rocks of Arches National Park in Utah
A gondola plows the Grand Canal with the Santa Maria Della Salute church in the background
Manarola, one of the five Cinque Terre villages in Italy
Detail of the steps in Times Square, NYC
The Eiffel Tower in the late afternoon sun
Close-up of a blue-footed booby
Stone statue of the Buddha
A young cheetah scans the plains of Masai Mara for prey
A white boat anchored by an old wall in Venice
Silhouette of a bird with outstrechted wings atop a tree at sunrise
Nazca booby perching on a rock on a sunny day in the Galapagos Islands
A series of colorful beach umbrellas on a Caribbean beach
The Alexander III bridge in Paris in late afternoon
Fortress in Dubrovnik overlooking the Adriatic sea
Aleksandar Nevski Cathedral in Sofia
Wood sculpture of Apsara dancer
Seashells in a kayak on a tropical beach
Two colorful houses in Cape Town
A giraffe sticks its tongue out
The shell of an abandoned house
A series of vintage street lamps
Hay bales on a sunny day with a storm brewing in the background
Statue providing offering at a Buddhist temple in Lantau Island, Hong Kong
Two horses with long manes side by side
Road through the sands of the Wadi Rum desert in Jordan
Cliff on the coast of Dubrovnik in Croatia
Boats at the harbor on the village of Vernazza in Cinque Terre, Italy
A young male lion in Masai Mara Game Reserve in Kenya
Storm looming over a farm in Iceland
Cliff by the sea with boat sailing by
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