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The western fence lizard (Sceloporus occidentalis). Point Lobos, California
View of the city of San Francisco from the Twin Peaks viewpoint
Manatee under water in aquarium
Manatee under water in aquarium
Palm trees on Barceloneta beach. Barcelona, Spain.
Paddle surfing session at Malibu beach, California
Sailboat leaving the port of Barcelona
Sunset in front of Bakio beach, seen from San Juan de Gaztelugatxe. Basque Country, Spain
manatee under water in aquarium
Portrait of cow in the lakes of Covadonga, Picos de Europa, Spain
Contrast colors on the rock walls of Lower Antelope Canyon
Sailboat in San Francisco bay
Sunset from Coit Tower and views of the Golden Gate, San Francisco
Summer waves in San Antolin beach. Cantabrian sea. Surfing in Asturias, Spain.
San Antolin beach, Asturias, Spain. Rainy summer day in the Cantabrian sea.
Palm trees on Barceloneta beach. Barcelona, Spain
The yucca plant, Joshua Tree National Park
Gull rookeries feeding in Mono Lake
Opening to the sky from the Lower Antelope Canyon corridor
Curves of the walls of lower antelope canyon
Longboard session at malibu beach, california
Surfers en la playa de Malibu, California
Surfing waves from the peak in Malibu, California
Cloudy morning on the coast of Santa Barbara, California. View from the Pier.
Sunny winter day on Barceloneta beach. Barcelona, Spain
Rio Ebro overflowed as it passes through Tudela. Navarra, Spain
Addax grazing grass in the natural park of Cabarceno. Cantabria, Spain
Giraffes grazing grass in the natural park of Cabarceno. Cantabria, Spain
Photo at the foot of the castle of Vozmediano, in Soria, Spain
Castle of Vozmediano, from the path that leads to the source of the queiles river. Soria, Spain
In the depth of the forest of the Moncayo natural park one summer morning. Spain
Garden with flowers and plants waterlogged
Fountain with small statue on grass field waterlogged
Llamas grazing in the natural park of cabarceno. Cantabria, Spain
Wind day at the Kursaal beach in San Sebastian. Basque Country, Spain.
Tajo river as it passes through Toledo
Sunset in the port of Gibraltar
Rock of Gibraltar from the summit
Monkey in the Rock ok Gibraltar
Wild daisies in the field
Panorama view of the city of Toledo, Spain
Sunset over the river Tajo as it passes through Toledo, Spain
Dry thistles. Sunset in the fields of Castilla, Spain
Watching the sunset from the cliffs of Asturias, Spain. Cantabrian sea. Black and white photo.
Coast line and Marbella beach . Biarritz, France
View of the river Sella in summer. Photo taken from the Roman bridge of Cangas de Onis. Asturias, Spain
Cloudy sky over the Cantabrian sea. Cliffs of Asturias, Spain
Old tractors parked on a grass field
Sunset in autumnal forest. Moncayo, Spain
Wheat field in the royal bardenas de navarra, spain
Wheat field in the royal bardenas de navarra, spain
Old goods freight crane of the port of Santander. In Cantabria, Spain
Masts of old sailboat moored in the port of Santander. In Cantabria, Spain
Maritime information buoy in front of the beach of Somo, in Cantabria, Spain
Mouro is an island located in front of the peninsula of Magdalena, at the mouth of the Bay of Santander. In Cantabria, Spain
Panoramic view of the Bardenas Reales, from the balcony of Pilatos. Navarra, Spain
Merchant ship leaving port to the high seas, in the Cantabrian sea, off the coast of Cantabria, Spain
Bikinis beach in front of Santander Bay, in Cantabria, Spain
Sunset over the Cape Trafalgar lighthouse, in Cadiz, Spain
Sunset next to Trafalgar cape, in Cadiz, Spain
Monkeys of Gibraltar contemplating the sunset on the rock
San juan de Gaztelugatxe peninsula observed from the viewpoint. Basque Country, Spain
Candanchu ski resort. In the Pyrenees of Huesca, Spain
Castildetierra in Bárdenas Reales. Navarra, Spain
Castildetierra in Bardenas Reales. Navarra, Spain
Castle of Javier. Navarra, Spain
Haliaeetus leucocephalus. Portrait of bald eagle
Sunset at the Azpiroz viewpoint. Valley of Araxes, in Navarra, Spain
Zebras grazing in a forest
Giraffe crouching his head
Lama posing in Cantabria, Spain
Portrait of water cobo in Cantabria, Spain.
Lagos de Covadonga, Spain
Swan next to sculpture in a pond

Violet-purple wild orchid
Windsock in paragliding landing field
Surfing with longboard in Biarritz, France
Cow posing in front of the lakes of Covadonga
Cow posing in front of the Covadonga lakes
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