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rockbridge mill
a orange butterfly displays wings next to a marigold
A huge spiral bound notebook holds giant ideas.
Beams of light  filter  through leaves on a country road
a pile of copper tubing elbows used in construction
measure weather with a thermometer
A hallway between buildings, with numerous long windows and mauve industrial carpeting
A child holds a sparkler to celebrate the America's Fourth of July
A long row of mailboxes, all exactly alike on a quiet street in America
sometimes the idea cannot be drawn because the pencil is just too heavy to pick up
Teeth of a wine-colored, plastic comb
Young gardener waters sunflower seedlings
above the earth, above the clouds
Wolf Spider. Wolf spiders are members of the family Lycosidae, in the spider order Araneae, in the class Arachnida.
Colorful copper wires are carefully connected on a 66 block for telephone communication
pansy close-up
EASTERN REDBUD Cercis canadensis, Linn.
Blue Network Connecting Cabling
Close-up of a computer button, that has an X with reflective material surrounding it
Three patterns of dish towels hang off an oven's handle.  Electric burners are in the upper portion of the image. Light brown cabinets to the right.
inside door handle with lock
swatch of denim
Wild Blackberries in stages of ripeness
Beams of light create shadows on   a country road
Newly constructed classroom with desks, tables, and computer monitors wait to be organized
corner of roof and sky
Dog tilts its head to listen in an attempt to understand
car's ventilation grid
a jumper cable offers a positive power charge.
concrete that has straight broom marks from top to bottom of the frame
light bulbs pose on graph paper to portray a team of people brainstorming ideas
speedometer on the dashboard
looking down the spiral of a notebook
isolated bee, ready for take-off
huge moth sits quietly for its picture
tomatoes ripen on tomato plant vine
closeup of a portion of a leaf almost all red
Little orange and black ladybug crawls from the edge of an orange flower toward the yellow center
Horizontal and diagonal lines intersect a newly  framed wall.
a heart-shaped cloud fills the corner of an image with plenty of space for copy
red fall leaves on white background
miniature  dachshund and miniature pinscher mix
Long-stemed marigolds
Cecropia silkmoth (Hyalophora cecropia) on concrete
Pink Redbud Tree Blooms EASTERN REDBUD Cercis canadensis, Linn.
Spring Daffodils about to bloom
Lost dog tilts head in attempt to gain understanding.
border petunias
A Great Spangled Fritillary (Speyeria cybele) rests on a marigold bloom
four crayons almost out of the box
Thinking as a team
bright blue skys with wispy clouds
a soft, billowy, doughnut of a cloud
on or off buttons on a household machine
Orange roof tiles radiate from a point with blue sky above
Big orange-red tomato among tomatoes
Three stacked rice bowls with a smooth black interior
Five Dollars Cash American
A box turtle turns a wary eye
cell phone, open
Waves of Spanish tile and a bit of blue sky
a handful of black screws wait to be of use
Harvested gourds line up beneath a blue sky    next to the changing colors of maple trees.
ready for refuse
piece of pipe fitting
Raindrops fill squares within a window screen.  Blurred grassy landscape in background
Red chile peppers on a white background
First sign of new life after winter's sleep
morning mist combines with early light to filter through green leafy trees
clouds and corner of blue sky
PC's are stacked ready to be imaged, POV is from the back.
Baby holds mother's hand
Yellow plastic dish scrubber with a green back on a black sink.
Argiope auranita Typical Orb Weavers, Family Araneidae
Blue handle to turn on, or off an outside water line
Close-up of an Echinacea flower
Six lights shine through blackness on a connectivity device
clouds and sky with copy space
honeybee gains nectar from lilac blooms on a spring day
The rivets of a new metal silo
Eleven black and grey computer keyboards stand upright, two USB connectors macro
A daffodil bud readys for opening day
A classroom with chairs, tables, electrical outlets for laptop computers
airport chair
leaves of a squash plant hang from a cedar wall
Four chairs wait for a good conversation in a park-like setting
a winter view of a forested hillside
the hope of spring lies within the simple lilac bud
Distinguished dog sits for portrait
Pipevine Swallowtail (Battus philenor) on a marigold
Blue wires run between 66 block
Screened window with white wooden dividers
Three black and grey computer keyboards
Fresh tomatoes in a black bowl
Iron cover over water turn-off valve has the word "water" inscribed upon it, along with decorative squares
walnut, other trucks of trees, ride on truck to the saw mill
Weather-worn, painted wood
light in the dark
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