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Lovely orange dog portrait from side with an open mouth, showing tongue and teeth. Puppy is waiting for something tasty.
Small boy  plays a colorful drums in public playground. Happy child hiding behind a line of drums. Feel the music everywhere
Two goats look at the camera
Happy goat rejoices in the spring with juicy twigs of the bush with young green leaves. Free-range goat grazing on a small rural organic dairy farm.
Red-eyed tree frog smile
White sheep up close, eyes closed, as if dreaming. Sheepskin coat can be seen in detail.
Horse-fly and flytrap
Horse-fly and flytrap
Abstract, nature art of bird, soft pastel detail of design,chicken feather texture, creamy fluffy and shaggy, background wallpaper.
A flock of multicolored hens gathered at a white vessel to drink water.
Bress Gallic breed white cock in a green nature background. This breed is an unofficial national symbol of France.
Horizontal portrait of a young cock with a bare neck with a place for a note in the background
Bress Gallic breed white cock in a green nature background. The Gallic rooster is an unofficial national symbol of France.
A ginger-colored hen energetically digging in a sand bath, dust flies in the air.
Three goats of different colors lined up in a summer meadow and look at the photographer.
A detailed, low angle photo of a sheep eating grass. Blurred and smooth natural background.
Three friendly goats of different colors pose in a beautiful summer golden meadow with long bends. Free-range, happy pets, organic rural dairy farming.
Lovely Canadian sphynx cat hunts a fly in sunlit grassland. A hairless kitten looking at fly and posing from side in a meadow at summer time. Concept, pets love, animal life, cats breeding.
A colorful rooster eats grain from a trough on a sunny summer day. A white hen is waiting in the distance
Very tufted chicken portrait in dark green background
Jumping spider on Himalayan salt crystals
Small boy plays with sand toys in the meadow. Carefully putting sand into a  bucket. Bright colours and sunshine. Free time in nature
Toddler boy is playing in a red and yellow edge sandbox with sand toys. Focused baby, wearing blue shirt is trying to put sand in a blue bucket. Childhood games outdoor
Cute goatling looking right at you close-up. Young adorable white goat on green meadow background. Front view on goatling face.
Close-up female goat. White goat in a field. Goat looking at the camera and shows face grimaces and teeth.
Cute little boy pretending to drive a car sitting behind the steering wheel
A sad, dark brown with a white belly goat grazes in a summer meadow.
Very happy kid splashing water on himself head. Cold water and hot summer day. Enjoying water in the garden. Opened mouth and raised hand. Green nature background
Beautiful boy plays in a garden pool at hot summer day. Splashing with water. Trying to avoid water. Childhood happiness in a sunshine
Anxious child trying not to fall down from climbing wall in a  playground. Strong and brave boy using an outdoor playground equipment
Indian Runner duck-decorative meat eating duck popular with poultry farmers in different countries on green grass
Portrait from the front, of a speckled black-and-white rooster in a dark green background
Child playing on Baltic sea beach. Little boy digging sand at sea shore. Family summer vacation. Kids play with water and sand toys. Travel with young children.
Happy ginger dog with a ball in mouth is smiling and running through a garden with green grass. Concept: pets love, happy pet
Close-up detailed profile portrait of a large golden rooster. The feathers flutter in the wind.
Cute kid posing and looking at camera. Holding old iron railing in a greenfield background.
Little boy sitting on a stairs in playground. Baby boy sits down to rest before climb the stairs down. Summer activities in outdoor
A close-up portrait of an Asian Shepherd dog slightly showing the tongue.
Beautiful Rooster walking on the grass in blurred rural background.
Little boy with striped shirts goes by the monkey bridge at public  playground. Brave child. Risky steps. Use handrails
Handsome ginger dog is greeting with owner and wink one eye in the yard at summer time. Concept, pets love, healthy puppy, pets training
An adult brown goat walks in the wilderness open one's mouth and bleat.
Sunny summer day gray goat with horns eats green grass. Free-range goat grazing on a small rural organic dairy farm.
Gray goat with horns and a white buck in a rural landscape background.
A rooster on a green background with a red neck, a large crest, and a yellow beak.
Brown hen with raised leg, lying on back with eyes closed, basking in the sun and enjoying a sand bath
White rooster with brown wings squats quietly in the yard on the grass.
Portrait of a bald-neck cockerel on an isolated light green background
Small, golden rooster scramble in the straw, a blurred brown background
The mother plays with her son by the sea, she teaches the child to build a sand castle. Mother's care, and love, a happy child smiles. Travel with young children. Family summer vacation.
Beautiful little boy without shirt. Child playing in a summer beach on a sand. No sun protection for young child. A happy child is a little mischievous with sand.
A chocolate colored duck in tall grass comes comes towards us, and looking straight at the photo camera.
Young goat on green grass background eats young juicy tree branches with small leaves.
Two dairy sheep eat grass in a dry meadow. Lack of food for cattle during drought. Photo from the back, the sheep's udder is clearly visible.
A beautiful portrait of a white sheep in close-up in a background of blue sky. Sheep's eyes, ears and wool are clearly depicted.
Woman shows her little son how to water plants in a greenhouse.
A little boy in the garden walks among the large, yellow dill plants.
Brown chicken giving itself a dust bath. The hen enjoys the sun with its eyes closed.
Four friendly goats of different colors pose in a beautiful summer golden meadow with long bends. Free-range, happy pets, organic rural dairy farming.
Wavy ginger color feathers, chicken feathers background texture.
Very nice golden feathers, Rooster feathers background texture. Textured Effect
An old and diseased goat in a meadow in summer during a drought.
Young goatling in a dry summer meadow is ready to run. Beige goat with little horns in brown meadow background.
Vertical photo of a dog with a raised head and playing with a rope in a beautiful country garden.
Close-up shot of a chicken big yellow eye looking at camera.
Small boy going out of a grey tunnel. Tunnel view. Destination reached. Running from darkness to light
Small boy carefully going into a grey tunnel. Tunnel view. Brave kid doesn't fear anything
Asian shepherd the dog, in the village yard, play with a rope, jumps high and stands on two legs biting the rope.
A sad and hungry dog tied to dog house with a chain looks at his way into an empty pot
Rabbit jumping in a green meadow
Rabbit jumping on the grass
The golden cock and his hen proudly walk in the yard on Easter morning
Background of very beautiful golden and glowing rooster feathers
Toning photo with big young Central Asian Shepherd dog looking to the moon, like a wolf and howl
A colorful rooster near the chicken coop in summer time, the sun's rays shine and the feathers shine in the sun.
Photo in close up of a rooster looking at the flowers of white chamomile. Black and white  young poultry quietly stands in a rural yard near to green vegetation.
A Rooster on field. Beautiful chicken in the nature garden of Lithuania. Concept like a boss. The winner. Year of rooster.
Rooster on traditional rural free range poultry farm
A lone brown Indian Runner duck looking for food in the grass
Indian runner ducks flock in front of farmhouse, two carts park in tall grass in background.
In the sunlight-yellow grass, a Indian runner duck stands among the tall bends.
Adult Indian runner duck poses in the meadow during the summer.
Cute Canadian sphynx kitten sits in a sunlit garden, surrounded by greenery leaves. A hairless cat posing in nature at summer time. Concept, pets love, animal life, cats breeding, enjoy freedom
Nice Canadian sphynx kitten walking on a concrete pathway and looking at self shadow. Cat without fur and her shadow in foundation background.
Pretty Canadian sphynx kitten walking around a sunlit meadow. Hairless cat moving closer to camera at summer time. Concept, pets love, animal life, cats breeding, enjoy freedom
Nice ginger dog wading in a pond at summer time. Happy dog who loves water is enjoying freedom in private yard
Naturalist boy with ginger dog sitting near the pond and waiting to catch a fish. Patient young fisher enjoying nature with pet in summer time
Ginger puppy is lying on a green grass and pet owner caress puppy's neck by hand. Concept, pets love, healthy puppy, pets training
A breed of porcelain chickens, a dark cock and a light hen walk together in a beautiful natural background
Free range, black and brown chicken portrait in a farm at summer time. Concept, birds care in traditional farm, organic poultry and eggs
Brown-white fat muscovy duck male in close up. The Muscovy duck is a large duck native to Mexico, Central, and South America
Male brown muscovy duck with a red bumpy patch of flesh by its eyes and bill, rest on green grass in rural garden.
Portrait of a brown nubian goat, the animal looks straight into the camera and smiles happily. Small horns, big ears. Selective focus.
A portrait of a very bloated golden rooster in a background of green grass.
White rooster with brown wings squats quietly in the yard on the grass. Breed Bress Gallic hens.
Hairless chick with missing  feather looking up in a smooth background
Golden rooster head. Brown feather, red cock. Blurred background. Macro photo shallow depth field
Brown long-haired goat with a beard and large horns, travels in meadow near a dark forest with green grass in his mouth.
White young goat with horns, standing in a dark forest, she's not afraid of a wolf.
White goat without horns eats fresh green grass. Close-up portrait from the side, clearly visible fur details.
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