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high expectations - monitoring  scale -   illustration template
 making an impact: disruptor  fails a system out of balance
delusion of free choice  a person behind bars forming a word Freedom

 consciousness and self-awareness, deep reinforcement learning illustration
  visualized and simplified  sort process
misunderstanding, two people having alternative views
Deep learning big data analytics: process and systematize raw and fragmented information
  thinking shift lever,neutrally positioned 
brain mode
 head in the cage as a symbol of limited understanding and bias
virtual trolling, a flock of loud birds screaming  around running person
windfall - Lucky man catching falling star
low  probability  dial scale - likelihood   illustration design template
  overlapping thoughts  two sides of the mutual idea
strong social group built on trust concept- design template
indoctrination: fill people minds with your idea
win–win deal - mutual consent
low confidence,  monitoring dial scale - news illustration template
clear understanding vs. confusion - communication  issue illustration
opinion diversity: people having different convictions;
icon sign for mutual responsibility or collective guarantee ,community
delusional living    a person behind bars forming a word illusion

influencing the influencer for amplified  social impact illustration
decoding and understanding problem, face to face explanation concept
pass viral information through social connections
blinking lines visual  illusion featuring  year 2019 - line pattern design
somebody watching in seven eyes : paranoid nightmare
big data analytics: convert and systematize raw information  into useful stream
blockchain: 4 hands support group
high efficiency index   dial scale -   illustration template
shooting cannon as powerful organized support symbol
make it smooth: a person ironing using giant iron
 profiling evaluation,  process of sorting items according  to their shape and color
guarantee - round handshake template,   put any number or text in the frame
feel free to be different from crowd majority
support effort to improve effectiveness
Dialogue,contact, conversational exchange between two individuals
focus group: target audience at aim
screw it, literally

diverse team of differently thinking people
clipping abstract discount coupon   Tilt used to get off details
see nothing here - dummy, undecodable qr code
Dialogue, conversational exchange between two individuals
find   solution ,conclusion reached after consideration.
social influence - peer pressure on individual decision  - conformism
laud screaming big open mouth
man and his huge distorted shadow

different directions: opposite choices to make
loaded question - ready to blow explosion
 tangled  complicated issue discussion
Typical Recuay  pre-Columbian South American  culture decorative motifs used for pottery ceramics, set of six
social network structure matrix - seamless pattern
dialog through verbal interface
unlock your mind or open secret concept
who is watching you ? stealth businessman  zooming on important data
high priority  index dial scale -   illustration design template
mutual  assistance: firm support
multi-source mutual effort, contribution concept
united family: mom embracing her two kids causing them make it up

obey agreement it is being watched
constrained  hierarchy  - firmly linked    network units
living in virtual reality: creative thoughts orbiting human head
start spreading information using social network by pushing a right button
Make your own decision based on internal compass
literally: speak your mind
dream home build on air balloon

idea generator talking to people
4 hands reliable mutual support sign
3 people interdependent unit
two sides of the story, subjective visual experience
dissident - stand out from crowd head over heels
exhausted team following brave leader in the dark
team of equals - group of people icon
big brain imagination: share your great ideas

reliable block chain structure - design template
manufacturing: process of producing new items
best and brightest  idea as a light bulb contest winner
automated manufacturing robot system symbol
round handshake template, you can put any number or text in the frame
shouting men: message communication template
receive and transmit two directional simultaneous communication symbol
brain powered innovative automation growth
full connected minds or alter ego
make an impact - starting impulse

 misunderstanding   due to communication problems
alcohol  meter - beer level is low
robot assembly line - automation impact concept
interview, get a feedback,bring an idea - make a suggestion, offer  or proposal
Joint Effort - collaboration concept
dancing bird  - first nation aboriginal art style
 bright creative idea arrived as insight
person behind bars in jail or prison
square anchor frame continuous line drawing
access to banking services: open safe deposit box

customer  service desk
apple lineart frame -  continuous line drawing

situation is out if control - simple illustration
fundamental  disagreement, blindfolded people arguing against each other

escape failure by adopting a new trend
complex and various thoughts   inside the brain circuit
personal social network chart design template
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