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A generic road map marked with a shiny red pin.
A shiny map pin marks a road map to a busy city.
1950s style diner with large neon sign
 “carbon footprint” -the measure of  greenhouse gases produced by an activity.
swirling bubbling liquid
muddy footprints
a folded road map with recreation symbols
swirl of water going down a drain
Various depictions of sockeye salmon, drawn in a Pacific Northwest native style.
marbles ( two cat’s eye) like those used for children’s games.
pinwheel on a blue sky
a soccer ball speeding over grass
Three shiny pins mark a popular spot on the map.
Sockeye salmon swimming upstream.
three spaceships: the shuttle, a rocket and the space station
a pinwheel about to go for a spin
A sockeye salmon, drawn in a Pacific Northwest native style.
Two beautiful acoustic guitars in close up.
spinning pinwheel
footprints, one light and one dark
Two beautiful acoustic guitars.
soccer ball in motion, with text area
a red-spotted newt and a shrinking puddle
A sweet little puppy on a plaid background
Hot colors swirling down a hole
raspberry and blackberry, with stems entwined
glass marbles, one in motion
windsock kite in a breeze
wilted flower in hot sun
A cozy room drawn in woodcut style.
A man working intently at his computer.
bright star symbol with frame and burst
This colorful bug looks surprised.
boys retrieving a frisbee from a tree
the violent surface of the sun
a bungalow style house
Money does grow on trees!  (Note: the gold coins have generic, unreadable markings. )
a paisley butterfly and flower
waterlily, with room for text
playful paisley patterns on a butterfly
Playful paisley patterns form a ladybug on a leaf.  The bug  can be moved away from the leaf.
a background of flowing yellow strands
CD background. Oval is movable.
a two-story house with deck, porch and dormers
global network with nodes illuminated. Nodes are removable
This bug is ready to party.
CD package background
CD background. Oval is movable.
real estate graphic frame
land uses: city, agriculture, forest, recreation and  industry.
An elegant spiral of parallel lines in rainbow colors.
a background of flowing blue strands
CD background. Oval is movable.
A shiny red star and spotlight, ready for your text or photo.
A US flag made of plastic cups in a chain link fence.
a background of flowing blue strands
red and blue flags for soccer (football) teams
twirled stars in woodcut style
CD background. Oval is movable.
small cloud shades the Earth from the sun's rays
A small dog and its human companion have left their prints on the beach.
Glossy shapes with space for text, created in 3D software.
star shapes in woodcut style
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