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Simple wooden chair isolated on white background
Old vintage egg beater isolated on white background
Sample of the igneous rock type lava
Obese mother and child walking on a forest path on a beautiful summer day.
Lump of high quality anthracite isolated on white
Neglected garden full of weeds, blue house in the background
Variety of bamboo knitting needles in different sizes
Retro homemade crochet blanket made from Granny Squares
Norwegian rorbu fishing houses and boats on Bjornsund
Black and silver USB stick isolated on white background
Decorative branch of corkscrew hazel isolated on white
Detail from 100 years old Norwegian bunad embroidery
Old vintage wooden toy train on white background
Old retro homemade wooden toy truck
Single piece of icelandic lava showing both a'a and pahoehoe types of lava
Classic homemade wooden rocking horse on white background.
Charging an electric car using type 1 plug
Yellow retro lidded pot isolated on white
Silver color tiara with purple and lilac stones and pearls isolated on white background
Genuine swine heart isolated on white background. Very similar to human heart.
Pink princess accessories; crown, gloves and bag
Cute sleeping child cuddling teddy bear
Birch twigs decorated for Scandinavian carnival days
Non-stick baking form isolated on white background
Single flake of flint showing the typical sharp edge that was used for cutting in the stone age
Single piece of tourmaline (schorl or dravite) isolated on white. Showing light refraction in different colors on the rough side
Charging a modern electric car
Rock sample of high grade regional metamorphic greenschist
Old vintage oil can isolated on white background
Fluffy toy ram isolated on white background
Cute little girl (5 years old) doing experiments with electricity
Carnival cat mask on white background
Collection of vintage and homemade wooden toys on white background.
Old worn antique doll on white background.
Piggy bank with Norwegian currency
Cute little girl playing with chemistry; using different indicators (lakmus and BTB) to produce color reactions in acids and bases
Head shot of an old vintage doll
Traditional vintage scandinavian christmas decoration, fertility symbol
Charging a modern electric car
Magenta pink princess crown isolated on white background
Round aluminum cake form isolated on white background
Old antique dark wooden bowl with lid
Girl with magnifying glass studying a rock
Homemade easter decoration on white background
Old leather book isolated on white background
Metal and glass sugar shaker isolated on white
Lovely little pocket mirror isolated on white background
Old wooden homemade toy car on white background
Old worn antique doll on white background.
Blue child handprint isolated on white background
Green christmas bow isolated on white background
Wooden jeep with open door isolated on white background
Retro homemade crochet blanket made from Granny Squares
Single piece of greenish tinted metamorphic quartzite
Retro toy car isolated on white background
Clay pot filled with traditional homemade sauerkraut
Traditional Norwegian sour cream porridge, with butter, sugar and cinnamon
Stones covered in snow on a cold winter day
Torbay sole(Glyptocephalus cynoglossus) isolated on white
Alphabet train with all uppercase letters, locomotive and carriage.
Aluminum bread form isolated on white background
Blue denim background closeup with visible weave
Traditional Norwegian sour cream porridge served in an vintage bowl
Old art deco vase isolated on white background
Gingerbread calendar; 24 decorated hearts
Old Bulgarian Icon of Saint Athanasius the Great of Alexandria, one of the four Doctors of the Church. Greek patriarch of Alexandria who championed Christian orthodoxy against Arianism (293-373)
Shiny copper cauldron isolated on white background
Old wooden toy airplane isolated on white background
Small and larger piggy banks with coins and notes
Rusty old knife with red wooden handle
Obese mother carrying daughter on shoulders, exercising
Colorful homemade toy felt elephant isolated on white background
Old retro ceramic chicken isolated on white background
Fishing boat and passenger boat at the Norwegian coast
Soft black doll with homemade knitted woolen clothes
Old hammered copper bowl isolated on white background
Old wooden "stabbur"; combined storage and living quarters
Classic chemistry experiment, dying white carnations with food coloring
Colorful print of a maple leaf isolated on white background
Old music and video tapes isolated on white background
National costume
Model of a skull with visible brain, isolated on white background.
Purple princess crown isolated on white background
Child's rolling pin isolated on white background
Traditional Norwegian waffles served with sourcream, jam and sugar
Old wooden toy plane on white background
Vacuum sealed whale meat on a wooden board with white background.
Monk's hood lichen (Hypogymnia physodes), a very common lichen growing epiphyttic on threes. Used as an indicator for air pollution, and for dyeing yarn.
Traditional Scandinavian tower cake (kransekake) made from baked marzipan, decorated with icing
Old fashioned music box isolated on white
Traditional gingerbread cookies
Child holding a bouquet of the first spring flowers
Felted orange and black halloween decoration on white
Classic rice porridge with sugar, cinnamon and butter.
Volcanic pumice stone isolated on white background
Potato mash with chives in a orange retro bowl
Wooden bucket isolated on white background
A leaf magnified 800 times in a electron microscope, the breathing cells  (stomata) are in the center of the picture
Bloody red entrecote on a plate isolated on white
Old kitsch vase with floral pattern and gilded details on white background.
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