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Bourne Bridge in Cape Cod
an up close shot of the texture in a doiley
Pink and blue buckets in the sand
A woman walking her dog down by the lake.
Lawn Furniture
Raw Meat slices on a cutting board with a knife
an older looking office building downtown
A dog urinating on a tree
Cemetary at Hull
A beautiful castle and it's lush green garden, set against a blue sky with white fluffy clouds
Center st. & Commercial St.
Sailboat on the water - vertical crop
A german shepard playing tug of war
A steering wheel aboard a boat
close up of the textures in a hardwood floor
A woman holding a tray of sushi, and smiling.
A batting cage at a small park
A vertical shot of a red flag on the Green, at a golf course
Profile of a German Shepard with his mouth open
A photo of the Hancock tower in Boston
A boy in a hooded sweatshirt riding a bicycle through a skatepark
A portrait of a man in a military uniform
Chinese Tea House
A Kitchen drawer organizer full of utensils
A close up shot of a dog paw
Vertical shot of a conference room table with a blank whiteboard at the end.
A silhouette of a  boat coming back into the harbor at sunset
A broken green glass bottle top
A white flag marks the pin on the green at this hole on a golf course
A stack of 3 white fluffy bath towels
Dice showing 7 on top
A beautiful lobby in a high rise skyscraper, with marble walls
Green Sparkly Flames
An empty conference room with whiteboard, and conference phone
Chicken drumsticks on a grill
Corner of a conference room table, with a blank whiteboard on the wall
Pink Bucket in the sand
Corner of a conference room, with chairs around an empty table
Conference room - vertical shot. Tables surround a long conference table with a plant in the corner.
Racquet and ball laying on the baseline of a tennis court, view looking down.
A woman taking a walk through the park during Autumn
A coffee canister
Vertical shot, looking down a long Board room table
A pile of broken glass and a hammer
A single isolated esspresso cup
The view looking across a conference room table.
A close view looking down on home plate.
A set of poker chips on a card table
A royal flush in clubs, and black poker chips
An empty conference room, with a conference phone
A close-up of a Reed
Close up view of a pile of broken glass
A conference room with a blank whiteboard, and a videoconference terminal - Vertical crop
A conference room table with a blank whiteboard
A Golf Ball sitting up on the Tee, ready to play
A view back down the fairway, from the green on a golf course
A man and woman smiling and looking into an open notepad together
Meat slices on top of chopped peppers and onions, in a pan
Corner of an empty conference room
Sign stating no hunting or trapping
Looking across a long Board room table with a blank whiteboard on the wall.
Board Room - A long conference table with a tall plant in the corner, and a speaker phone
A black/white image of a subway car flying by. Extra grain is added for an urban gritty feel to the image.
four Aces and  king, with black and green chips scattered.
A man in a pinstriped suit, holding a cane and looking off camera
Bowl of Barbeque Sauce
Four of a kind Aces with a King, and a big pot full of chips
Lifeguards at the beach
A Man walking his dog through a park.
A paint roller and a brush together
Portrait of a man dressed in a military uniform, with his hand out indicating to "STOP"
A view looking up the fairway, from the tee box, on a golf course
A woman in a business suit holding a book and smiling
Chouricos (hot sausages) on a plate
Two Beach patrol officers on horseback.
A sign for a Sushi restaurant
Blue and White pushpins on a cubicle wall
Chinese Tea House
Skyscrapers downtown
A Tall windmill, against a blue sky
Beach chair in the sand against concrete wall
Close up shot of the texture in a concrete wall
A young girl leaning on her skateboard
A man in a pinstriped suit holding a cane over his shoulder
A man talking on his cell phone, with a look of confusion on his face
A couple posing together smiling for the camera
Aces, with a pile of chips behind them
Ace-King, a winning hand of poker with a pot of chips behind
A pair of aces and a pot of chips
Chicken drumsticks on a grill
An isolated broken champagne flute
A sign warning of Oil Contamination
Park Waterfall
Two dice showing 7, one with 4 one with 3
A woman holding a tray of sushi
Chouricos (hot sausages) on the grill
An isolated espresso mug
A sign warning of Oil Contamination
Retired Train
Pebbles in the sand
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