I am a part-time stock videographer. I produce creative and editorial footage, principally of Lancashire, the Lake District and Manchester.
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Large printed signs in a department store window announcing store closing and price reductions.
Bow window with narrow balcony set on a white building
Bright red fog warning horns on a decommissioned light beacon, formerly situated on Liverpool's Albert Dock but since demolished.
Car illegally parked on a road marked with double yellow lines, high angle view.
The White Ensign flag (as flown on British Royal Navy ships) on a flagpole,  a windy day, isolated on a white background.
Accrington railway viaduct, Accrington, Lancashire
Gas boiler flue outlet on exterior wall of a modern building in the UK.
Two-storey temporary office cabins at a building development in the UK
Circular pattern textured ceiling decor commonly known as Artex.
Regency style terraced houses and offices in Cheltenham
Houses on the edge of Clitheroe, Lancashire with Pendle hill rising beyond.
DIY man wallpaper stripping. Using a stripping tool to remove old wallpaper from an old domestic interior wall.
Running track white  lines marked on the grass tending to converge in the distance.
Blue multi-storey temporary offices at a large building development in the UK
Car screenwash bottles on display at a car accessories shop.
No loitering warning sign painted in large letters on a black painted brick wall.
Red concertina-type folding garage doors at a redundant fire station in England
Two-storey temporary office cabins at a building development in the UK
Tickets sign in red on the grey exterior wall of a sports stadium.
Drop off point at at UK healthcare centre, provided for non-driving visitors with limited mobility arriving by car, allowing the car to then be driven off to a convenient parking place.
Stack of filled sandbags made available to residents whose homes were at risk of flooding.
A patch of grass that has become sodden with the rain and turned into mud by people and animals walking over it.
DIY man wallpaper stripping. Using a stripping tool to remove old wallpaper from an old domestic interior wall.
Vertical axis wind turbine revolving in a brisk wind with motion blur
Gas boiler flue outlet on exterior wall of a modern building in the UK.
Cable winch drum on a vintage crane.
Five mph speed limit sign in UK, isolated on white.
Brick terraced houses on a Lancashire town hill, dating from the late Victorian period but much modernised.
A hanging flower basket on stone cottage wall in England.
Multi-coloured fence surrounding infant school premises in the UK
Old fashioned external stairs fire escape painted grey on the rear of an old style white industrial or office building.
Weir on the river Ribble near Preston in the summer of 2012.
Old dolly tub and dolly agitator with soapy water and clothing to be washed
Golf tee marker in the UK giving information on the golf hole's par, distance and stroke index figures.
Empty beer kegs awaiting collection in a narrow back alley behind licensed premises in Manchester city centre.
Ploughed and tilled field in north west England, ready or the next year's crop to be sown.
Holy Bible, gold leaf title on black simulated leather cover, closed, isolated on white. The bible is used and has some tearing to the spine.
Two clock springs unwound. The springs and one cog wheel are lying dismantled in the wood casing of a pendulum clock. A visual metaphor for absence of stress.
Heap of coal pieces, full frame.
Rhode Island Red hen at the entrance to a modern plastic chicken house in a domestic garden
Repetitive symmetrical pattern of stone chimneys on a row of terraced houses in northern England. The chimney pots are clearly new and identical, indicating a recent refurbishment programme.
Buckeye-type train coupling detail on a narrow gauge train in the UK, viewed from above. Above the coupling is the pipe connecting the train airbrake system.
Red cherry picker machine in raised position, seen from below.
Roadside hedge which has been severely cut back by a tractor-mounted industrial trimmer.
Modern multi-storey car park detail
Three eggs of small medium and large size arranged in an overlapping row on a black background. Growth concepts and metaphors.
Dangerous building sign warning children not to play on the site of a derelict building.
Partly complete demolition of a Victorian era house or office building. Only the facade remains standing, supported by a steel framework (only partly visible).
Very narrow cobbled lane with double yellow lines indicating no parking. Located Preston, Lancashire.
Folding camper or trailer tent, low angle view, on a campsite in the UK countryside.
Row of newly installed park benches in a park in north-west England.
Pylon with cables, part of the structure of an urban bridge, against a dark, threatening sky.
Scruffy and slightly battered Diverted Traffic sign mounted on a street lamp post.
Railway track in England. Double track entering a short tunnel near Walsden, West Yorkshire on the Manchester-Todmorden-Hebden Bridge line. At the far end of the tunnel Walsden station is just visible
Moles, a traditional enemy of the farmer, strung up dead in the time-honoured fashion by the mole catcher on a barbed wire fence in upland northern England . The animal is regarded as a pest in the UK
A section of the ruins of Hadrian's wall near Peel Crags, Northumberland.
Steel mesh protection and security in front of and old warehouse window.
Danger unexploded bomb sign at a wartime reenactment event in the UK.
Shredded white  papers with some numbers showing, full frame.
Wooden electricity pylon in the UK
Double yellow lines on a section of curved road indicating car parking is prohibited.
Shopping trollies with pound deposit security fitting in the UK. The One pound coin deposit required to release the mechanism freeing the shopping car encourages the user to return the cart.
Construction site viewing port in hoardings surrounding the site.
Steel girders on the ground at a construction site, waiting erection.
Milestone marker 8 1/4 on Bolton-Bury-Manchester canal towpath, Lancashire.
Roadworks end sign, isolated on white
Terraced Houses being demolished in Liverpool, UK.
Onions in stored in netting for distribution to market.
Clarinet woodwind musical instrument in a black case with soft red inner lining
CCTV 24 hour surveillance sign, isolated on white.
Partially thawed snow on grass
Partially thawed snow on pavement. Easy to walk on when thawing but very slippy if it re-freezes,
Offcuts of raw bacon sold low cost for use when cooking bacon based dishes and casseroles
The clock tower of the town hall in Bolton, Lancashire, standing proud above the leafy tree tops in Victoria Square.
Outdoor circular tables with fixed seats on a public house patio in the UK.
Pebbledash exterior wall in the UK, full frame texture or background.
A heavy duty spring with a green plasticised coating, covered with droplets of water, on a white background. Its origin is part of a piece of playground equipment.
Running track white  lines marked on the grass tending to converge in the distance.
Thick green moss with strands of grass growing through. High angle, full frame. From  a rural churchyard in north west England
Manchester cathedral clock tower
Full frame background or texture of a stone wall constructed from slate in the English Lake District.
Warning notice of wet white paint.
Onions in red netting waiting to be sold on the market
View through a knothole in the fence into the garden at the side of a typical late 20th century British house.
Two bridges over the river Tyne in Newcastle, the Swing Bridge and the High Level combined road-rail bridge.
'Lifebelt on the dockside, Albert Dock, Liverpool.'
Cycle lane sign, blue, on a steel pole,  in the UK.
Group of four large part burnt candles isolated on black
Compressed woodchip sheet background or texture.
English longhorn cow on a farm in England. The English longhorn has horns which usually curve forwards and towards the face. It is a British native breed, not related to the Texas longhorn.
Lapwing in walking moorland grass in northern England. The bird (Vanellus vanellus), also known as a Peewit.
Robin (Erithacus rubecula) on a fence
Sign fastened  to a painted wooden door saying 'Strictly no parking'.
Stainless steel screw thread, architectural detail of an anchor point on a modern bridge construction in the UK.

Anti vandal, anti climb paint (a non-drying tar-like paint substance) applied to the top of a metal gate with accompanying warning sign.
Bird feeder designed to hold fat balls. Many kinds of wild bird are attracted to feed on this facility. No birds shown.
Multi-storey car park in the UK dating from the 1970s.
Boot scraper at the door of a Victorian building. Victorian artefact used for scraping mud off one's boots before entering the building.
Street name sign with blank space against building with stone wall. Located in North -West England.
Full frame texture image of a tarmac road surface which has been mechanically torn up down to the sub-base level ready for new tarmac to be laid.
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