Jasmin Awad

Jasmin Awad

Stock media artist from Germany. Interested in many things :)

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Gold jewelry pile with diamond ring
Gold wedding rings with flowers and lots of copy space for your text or invitation
Sleeping dog close up with copy space
Wood holiday decorations and pine cones with copy space   with dark wood background
Gold jewelry on gold background with copy space
London, UK - July 13 2018: Pro Trump Protester demanding to  build the wall, with a MAGA hat and a US flag at the #makesomenoise rally in central London
Advent candles with gold tinsel and copy space
Cologne, NRW/Germany February 12 2018: Various empty beer bottles of different brands of local beer during the traditional carnival parades in Cologne.
Ice cream in three flavors: vanilla, strawberry and chocolate
Cologne cathedral seen from the other side of the Rhine in Deutz
Large ice cream sunday with whipped cream and strawberry sauce
Large ice cream with fresh strawberries and whipped cream
Small tree with colored ribbons are put up by boys for their girls and in leap years girls put them up their boys on May 1. Old tradition in Germany.
May tree with colored ribbons against sky copyspace First of May tradition in Germany
Morning coffee with milk and a croissant
Vintage gold jewelry with copy space
Gold Jewelry close up

Shallow DOF
Vintage amber bracelet backlit by sunset at the beach
Fresh leaves on a tree Selective focus Spring background with copy space
Vintage amber bracelet at the beach
Starfish with sand on blue background Summer background with copy space
Holiday candle with elegant background and copy space
Happy Halloweeen pumpkin in the evening sun outdoors
Fresh tomatoes in a box
Authentic gemstones with copy space Amethyst Topaz Quartz etc...
Steps going up to Norderney landmark Nature reserve Norderney, Germany
Wind battered tree in the nature reserve Germany
Fresh asparagus with salmon and potatoes
Dublin harbour with sail boats on a quiet day
Justitia Lady justice statue with blindfold against blue sky
Seashell on white background Copy space
Green matches in a box
Wild flower with Honeybee

Horseriding path in the dunes Norderney, Germany
Detail of red retro telephone Selective focus
Big Ben clock tower with copy space
Red christmas candles with glitter and copy space Focus on foreground
Golden christmas candle with decoration and copy space
Gold wedding rings in open box with flowers
Wedding invitation with gold rings and small flower Lots of copy space on white fabric background. Can be cut into banners
Sea urchin test on blue wood background Copy space
Blue chocolate easter eggs  in nest  and feathers Copy space
Purple blue and white flowers in a vase. High angle view with shallow DOF and copy space. Can be cut into a banner.
Blue chocolate easter eggs  in nest  Selective focus
Budding poppy flower isolated on white
Easter bunny ears headdress isolated on white
Wood cross with rosary in hand
Pastel colored  chocolate easter eggs in nest with dark background
Gold wedding rings on ring pillow with copy space
Old Worn Angel Statue in Forest

Digital toning and processing with very fine film grain added
Warning band not to go swimming or to picknick near a lake during coronavirus lockdown in Cologne, Germany.
Wedding rings on the grass with pink blossoms and copy space for text
Wedding rings background with fallen pink flowers on the grass and copy space for text
Gold christmas cracker isolated on white
Gemstone jewelry banner with copy space
Cologne,NRW/Germany - February 24 2020: Large carnival float depicting how to bring East and West Germany together
Cologne,NRW/Germany - February 25 2020:Local carnival parade with schools and children
Cologne,NRW/Germany - February 24 2020: Large wrapped cookie with Logo of a traditional carnival group. During the carnival parade sweets and small gifts are thrown to the crowd.
Cologne,NRW/Germany - February 24 2020: Large float with horses in the carnival parade just below the cathedral of Cologne. Spectators dressed in colorful costumes cheer them on.
Cologne,NRW/Germany - February 24 2020: Cologne carnival parade in front of the Cathedral of Cologne. Spectators in costume cheer a group in red and white, the colors of the city.
Cologne,NRW/ Germany - February 20 2020:Large groups of people arriving in costume at Cologne main train station. It is „Weiberfastnacht“, the day the street carnival begins.
Cologne,NRW/Germany - February 20 2020: A group of male dancers in blue and white costumes entertain the crowd with their dancing and singing. Carnival cologne, near the roman arch and the cathedral
Cologne, NRW/Germany - February 20 2020: A group of ladies costumed as beer cans of Früh Kölsch, a local brand, during the street carnival
Cologne, NRW/Germany - February 24 2020: Large traditional float in the rose monday carnival parade. The group is passsing just below the cathedral of Cologne.
Cologne,NRW/Germany - February 24 2020: Carneval parade in Cologne in front of the cathedral. The last float carrying the Prince of Carnival arrives.
Cologne, NRW/Germany - February 24 2020: Rosemonday carnival parade in front of the cathedral of cologne. This bus carries the local football club and their players.
Cologne,NRW/Germany - February 25 2020: Happy people in costume taking part in the local carnival parade. They throw sweets and flowers at the spectators.
Cologne,NRW/Germany - February 25 2020: School children taking part in the local carnival parade. They throw sweets and flowers at the spectators.
Gold jewelry banner design on black texture background
Gold jewelery and gold coin on black
Advent candle with numbers on a window sill
Female hands with chipped nails and old silver jewelry
Old used gemstone jewelry set with earrings and necklace
Old blue gemstone set close up
Old blue gemstone necklace, ring and earrings set
Glass beads jewelry with copy space
Fried eggs and dark bread breakfast
Red rose with pine close up of blossom
Rose quartz bracelet on silk with copy space
Plum cake with whipped cream
Sand dollar isolated on white background
London, UK - July 13 2018: Anti Trump Protester holding up Protest signs at the #makesomenoise rally in central London In the background you can see a small version of the large Baby Trump balloon.
Gold wedding rings on ring pillow with copy space
Turquoise necklace with gemstones on white with copy space High angle view
Sunset beach banner design
Blisterpack of pills on wood background with copy space
Two starfish on yellow background with copy space Studio shot
White headphones on organic jute background with copy space
Wedding invitation background made from paper and grunge textures with rings and small flowers Vintage theme
Elderly lady with her carer who explains her medication
Wedding background with rings and may flowers
London, UK - June 4 2019: Donald Trump actor with "security guard" at the Trump protest in central London
London, UK - June 4 2019:  Anti Trump protester holding up a handmade sign showing Nigel Farage and Donald Trump kissing. central London "Together against Trump" protest
Wedding rings on ring pillow with color toning, vignette and selective focus. Copy space for wedding invite.
Adding frozen solid carbondioxide (dry ice) to water. Co2 sublimates from solid to gas and then cools the air to create fog from water droplets in the air.
London, UK - June 4 2019: Actors posing as Donald Trump and Theresa May protesting the nuclear arms race at the Together against Trump rally in central London
Traditional fish and chips in a pub
London, UK - June 4 2019:  Three young woman with handmade signs at the Together against Trump rally at Trafalgar square in London
London, UK - June 4 2019: A young woman holds up a sign protesting the visit of Donald Trump to London. Trafalgar Square.
Gold jewelry pile
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