I am a travel photographer. My passion is to travel in Europe, Australia, Asia, Africa. I like to photograph people, landscapes, cultures, nature

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Professional workman is painting exterior walls and wooden window frames of ancient house at scaffold tower, outside home renovation in close up under sunny blue sky
Facade of typical Dutch house with brick walls, steps, front door windows and black bike in popular neighborhood street, Netherlands
Solar panels in desert under colorful sunset sky clouds, sun energy and electricity generation in Africa. Investment project to reduce greenhouse gas emissions
GALLIPOLI, PUGLIA, ITALY - July 8, 2019. Italian woman with gloves buys fruits and vegetables in small grocery store, mini market with outdoor display of regional food products in neighborhood street.
DEN DOLDER, UTRECHT, NETHERLANDS - October 16, 2019. Private cars and truck trailers with pallet transport are driving slowly at daylight on busy highway A28, stack in traffic jam. Speed limit 50 km.
Pink Namib desert landscape, Namibia
White flowering Agapanthus plants in garden, Mount Tamborine, Queensland Australia
Solar panels, sun energy and electricity generation in desert, Africa. Investment project to reduce greenhouse gas emissions
AMSTERDAM, NETHERLANDS - December 30, 2014. Self portrait of Vincent van Gogh and direction sign to Van Gogh Museum. World famous art painting and Dutch tourist attraction.
Store front of florist shop and display of garden plants, blooming flowers, stylish home decorations with creative design and Open sign
Group of red nomad tents around courtyard, Berber camp in Sahara desert
The Ghan train ride, rail transport service  from north to south via Alice Springs through the Outback, Australia
Modern Australian house and front yard garden, suburban neighborhood street in Western Australia
Beautiful pink pastel flowers of coloring Hydrangea Limelight Paniculata in closeup, autumn fall backgrounds
SOEST, NETHERLANDS - April 11, 2016. Two elderly ladies are walking and shopping with wheeled walker rollators at pedestrian zone in outdoor street with shops and stores. Aging populalation.
SOEST, NETHERLANDS - May 21, 2016. Two elderly women are walking together with rollators and shopper bags at a pedestrian path in Dutch shopping street with stores and shops. Aging population.
KAUDULLA NATIONAL PARK, SRI LANKA - November 1,2019. Tourists in crowded row of safari jeeps are taking pictures of wildlife animals in nature landscape at 4x4 offroad track. Explore the world concept
SOEST, NETHERLANDS - April 27, 2017. Mother, father and little son in buggy are looking for secondhand children games and used toys at traditional Vrijmarkt flea market on Koningsdag (Kingsday).
Couple of emus in red desert near Uluru Ayers Rock, Australian Outback. Emu is the second largest bird, also called Dromaius novaehollandiae.
CAPE VERDE ISLANDS, AFRICA - December 23, 2017. Outside front view of small convenience grocery store and mini market, bright blue yellow colors in neighborhood street of traditional village.
COLMAR, ALSACE, FRANCE - August 18, 2020. Friends, couples and families are drinking beer and wine at outdoor street cafe terrace under pararols in the old historic town.
Variety of colorful oriental spices in boxes with food labels in Hebrew and English, old Carmel market (Shuk Hacarmel), marketplace in Tel Aviv, Israel
Rain water storage tank and drinking water tap at Australian house,  extreme droughts and water scarcity problems in rural Australia
ALBEROBELLO, BARI, PUGLIA, ITALY - July 10, 2019. Outdoor display of fresh fruits and vegetables in boxes of small grocery store and mini market fruteria in old neighborhood street. Regional products.
Collection of colorful Portuguese ceramic pottery, local craft products made in Portugal
Dust sand clouds at dirt gravel track, vehicle driving offroad in scenic Namib Naukluft desert landscape, Sesriem, Namibia, Africa
Rustic furniture made from wood pallets, cushions, hammock and green walls, colorful interior design
White chairs and rattan table, decorative lounge furniture on yellow patio in garden of rustic holiday vacation house, Sri Lanka
Solar panel system on roof of traditional house to generate natural sun electricity
Couple is sailing at river in motor sloop boat with waving Dutch flag, Loosdrechtse Plassen, Loosdrecht, Netherlands
HONG KONG - November 6, 2016. Traditional restaurant with local menu in Chinese language and an Asian man eats food at outdoor terrace in Yau Ma Tei, Kowloon district. Business owner in door opening.
HOEK VAN HOLLAND, NETHERLANDS - October 15, 2020. Wooden eco beach villas, holiday vacation houses with balcony on the beach along coast of the North Sea.
Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics, stone carving reliefs with elegant women, historic Egypt
LOOSDRECHT, NETHERLANDS - May 21, 2020. Families, friends and children are navigating in sloop boats with Dutch flag, passing a farmhouse at lakes Loosdrechtse Plassen.
SOEST, NETHERLANDS - April 27, 2018. Trader woman is selling used children games and colorful kids toys at secondhand Vrijmarkt, traditional outdoor flea market on Koningsdag (Kingsday).
LEEUWARDEN, NETHERLANDS - May 5, 2018. Elderly Canadian war veteran from World War Two in wheelchair is telling stories to Dutch woman during his visit to Holland on Liberation Day (Bevrijdingsdag).
Front view of old mine workers cottage house in opal mining town, historic cultural heritage building in South Australia
ULURU KATA TJUTA NATIONAL PARK, AUSTRALIA - December 3, 2015. Camels with red saddles are waiting in desert sand for tourists to make a camel ride around Uluru Ayers Rock.
HYDEN, WAVE ROCK, WESTERN AUSTRALIA - November 20, 2015. Ancient wall paintings of indigenous Aboriginal hands in close up, prehistoric about 30000 years old, in Mulka's cave near Wave Rock (Hardon).
KAMANJAB, UIS,  NAMIBIA, AFRICA - October 17, 2016. African housekeeping lady is cleaning laundry at straw roof bungalows. Modern solar panels in safari lodge. Economic development in rural country.
Facade of Dutch brick wall house, patio furniture in front yard garden and flower pots, popular neigborhood in the Netherlands
Typical Spanish ceramic pottery set, handmade authentic craft products from Spain at flea market
UBUD, BALI, INDONESIA - March 9, 2016. Colorful paintings from unknown local artists in store at traditional arts and crafts market. Popular street market with typical Indonesian products.
MAASVLAKTE, NETHERLANDS - September 13, 2020. Container ship Samskip on the Nieuwe Waterweg is leaving Rotterdam harbor and navigating to Hoek van Holland and North Sea for international transport.
VIENTIANE, LAOS, ASIA - September 14, 2016. Laotian women are selling white bread and original French baguettes in a retail bakery store.
HOEK VAN HOLLAND, NETHERLANDS - November 10, 2020. Couple is walking on the beach along wooden eco vacation houses with balcony at the coast of North Sea.
Roof of Dutch house, completely covered with modern black solar panels. Co2 reduction in the  Netherlands
Netherlands. Cultivation of cannabis marijuana (hemp) plants is prohibited and illegal, but legal to smoke a joint in Dutch coffeeshop. Some countries allow cultivation for medical or legalized use.
Front view of vintage motor block and grill of a classic car wreck, Kings Canyon, Outback Australia
Dutch farmer tractors with flags, protest demonstration against government policy, livestock shrinking and RIVM nitrogen emission measurement in De Bilt, on highway to The Hague, Netherlands
LOOSDRECHT, NETHERLANDS - May 21, 2020. Family and little child with life vest are navigating and relaxing in a sloop boat with Dutch flag on the water of Loosdrechtse Plassen in nature.
Modern Australian wooden home with veranda and front yard garden, Queensland, Australia
Farmer tractors with Dutch flag on highway to The Hague, protest demonstration against RIVM nitrogen emission measurement, livestock shrinking, government policy, De Bilt, Netherlands
Sunset in Australian Outback, Glendambo rural desert village in central Australia
De BILT, NETHERLANDS - October 16, 2019. Dutch farmer tractors on highway to The Hague, protest demonstration  against government policy, livestock shrinking and RIVM nitrogen emission measurements.
Northern pier (Noorderpier) and wide view at North Sea, cargo ships and river Nieuwe Waterweg, Hoek van Holland, Netherlands
CAPE VERDE, AFRICA - December 21, 2017. Vintage store front of small grocery shop and local mini market mercado in traditional neighborhood of authentic African village street.
Facade of typical Dutch house, brick walls, wooden bench and windows surrounded and covered with green climbing plants in popular neighborhood street, Netherlands
HOEK VAN HOLLAND, NETHERLANDS - October 15, 2020. Elderly couple is walking on northern pier (noorderpier) along Nieuwe Waterweg and watching container ships on North Sea.
SOEST, NETHERLANDS - July 2, 2019. Professional workman with headset is trimming laurel hedge in green garden with electric equipment, other man is holding ladder at workplace for accident prevention.
Blue and white flowering Agapanthus plants in three grey ceramic pots at facade of typical Dutch house
Senior man is reading a book and relaxing in camping chair in the shadow at wooden pier along the water of Loosdrechtse Plassen, Loosdrecht, Netherlands
Big papaver flower, Papaver Somniferum, with red, pink, purple colors, white stamen and green natural background, close up
Facade of Dutch brick wall house, front door, shutters, lantern, duck statue and flower pots in popular neighborhood street, Netherlands
ANURADHAPURA, SRI LANKA - October 29, 2019. Store front of typical Sri Lankan grocery shop, mini market in neighborhood street with palm trees and advertisement board of cream crackers. Outdoor view.
SOEST, NETHERLANDS - May 8, 2020. Facade of modern Dutch brick wall house, white door, big and small bikes parked in front of the familiy home in neighborhood street.
GELDERMALSEN, BETUWE, NETHERLANDS - April 28, 2014.  Farmer in tractor is plowing  the soil and preparing land for planting crops in spring season. Food production.
Outside renovation and painting exterior walls, doors and window frames of old Dutch house with scaffold tower in front yard garden, Netherlands
SOEST, NETHERLANDS - August 8, 2018. Dutch apartment building for seniors and old age people, with green sun screens for sunlight protection and garden landscape.
SAL, CAPE VERDE, AFRICA -December 21,2017. Store front of colorful art gallery, display of typical local products, paintings, crafts, clothing, souvenirs and surfboard on orange wall in outdoor street
LOOSDRECHT, NETHERLANDS - May 21, 2020. Man and sheepdog are sailing on a motor yacht, sloop, with Dutch flag  at canal between reed grass on a sunny day around Loosdrechtse Plassen.
HOEK VAN HOLLAND, TWEEDE MAASVLAKTE, NETHERLANDS - October 15, 2020. Ferry boat Stena Line is transporting trucks to Harwich in Great Britain via North Sea. Connecting England and Europe after Brexit.
Shipping container homes, stacked in colorful appartment building, to solve housing shortage problems at tight market, Netherlands
Attention, road closed after bushfires in black burned forest landscape, safety stop sign in Australia
Dutch row houses with brick walls, front yard gardens and solar panels on roof, Netherlands
MASSSLUIS, MAASVLAKTE, NETHERLANDS - September 13, 2020. Container ship Energizer Harlingen is transporting international cargo from Rotterdam harbor, biggest port of Europe, on Nieuwe Waterweg.
Colorful assortment of embroidered fashion hand bags, wallets and textile fabrics in close up at Dong Xuan market, Hanoi old quarter
YORK, PERTH, WESTERN AUSTRALIA - November 19, 2015. Woman walks with a supermarket cart near the old Post Office and rustic heritage buildings in te oldest town of Western Australia.
Red train with steam locomotive drives from Ella to Nuwara Eliya and Kandy over old Nine Arches bridge in jungle mountain landscapes. Uva Province, Sri Lanka
Decorative hand painted ceramic bowls with colorful abstract patterns in arts and crafts store, souk (Shuk) flea market in Middle East
UTRECHT, NETHERLANDS, September 21. Street musicians from Eastern Europe are playing gypsy music and earning money in the city center on September 21, 2016 in Utrecht
Front of small floristry shop with orange awning and outside display of blooming flowers, garden plants, pots and home design decorations
Professional gardeners transport garden waste in pickup trailer to garbage dump after trimming trees, Netherlands
Wind turbine with a broken blade after storm needs repairs at windmill farm, Netherlands.
AVALLON, FRANCE - August 22, 2020. Outdoor cafe terraces under parasols and historical buildings in the old town street.
Ivy walls, shutters and red roof tiles of typical French house, Burgundy, France
BEAUNE, FRANCE - August 25, 2020. Young men and women with baskets on their back are harvesting grapes in the fields of the Bourgogne under a blue sky.
TURCKHEIM, ALSACE, FRANCE - August 18, 2020. Different bottles with local Alsace wines in vintage wicker barrow on wheels near a store in shopping street.
Yellow plastered wall, wrought iron window details and shadows of electricity cables, old quarter of ancient Hoi An, Hoian, Vietnam
SOEST, NETHERLANDS - September 1, 2020. Professional workman is climbing big beach tree and trimming branches with electric saw.
Attention, caution sign for crossing Kangaroo, Emu and Echidna wildlife animals, highway road in Pinnacles desert National Park, Western Australia
Sign board of village Lage Vuursche, community of Baarn, at forest road and 30 km speed limit, Netherlands. Here lives princess Beatrix at castle Drakensteyn
Colorful Dutch container houses for students, starters and immigrants, Netherlands
Ancient Egyptian men and women, hieroglyphics and reliefs of Egypt, close up
ANURADHAPURA, SRI LANKA - October 31, 2019. Store front of grocery shop and mini market with advertisement boards in old neighborhood street.
Outside residential house renovation, painting exterior walls and window frames, before and after, and scaffold tower
Waving Dutch flag with orange streamer at straw roof house for Kingsday (Koningsdag) and Liberation Day (Bevrijdingsdag) celebrations, Netherlands
Modern black solar panels on roof of white Dutch house, in close up. To generate natural electricity and reduce co2 emissions
KAUDULLA NATIONAL PARK, SRI LANKA - November 1, 2019. Tourist couple is standing in offroad safari jeep and taking pictures and selfies of nature and Asian elephant herd.
Outside renovation of Dutch residential house, scaffold tower, ladder and waste container equipments
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