I like kids. I work with them every day. I try to reflect that in my photos.

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Young boy in counseling session at the psychologist or social services professional, laughing, not taking it seriously, close up
Young teenager boy uncomfortable at counseling - close up on clutching hands
Sad puppy dog having its paw bandaget at the veterinary doctor - laying patiently on the examination table letting the professional taking care of the wound
Young teenager boy laughing at counseling professional in foreground, not taking it seriously, deny and underrate the importance - close up
Exhausted cute labrador puppy dog sleeping on its paws in the arms of veterinary doctor - not bothered by the pending examination, closeup
Cute labrador puppy dog asleep in the arms of veterinary healthcare professional - close up
Happy teenagers having fun in the kitchen preparing a pizza and chatting with broad smiles on their faces
Young teenager boy sitting at counseling - talking to the therapy professional, close up
Cute labrador puppy dog getting a vaccine at the veterinary doctor - lying on the examination table
Counselor or doctor taking notes on teenager young boy or writing a receipt - shallow depth, focus on hand
Young student studies small plant in elementary science class
Veterinary healthcare professional holding young kitten - close up
Woman lecturing her teenager son pointing with finger to a boy with bored expression, adolescence problems concept
Young teenager boy sitting at counseling - in front of the therapy professional, close up
Worried and sad young girl sitting on sofa - woman embracing and comforting her. Teenage problems concept.
Veterinary healthcare professional woman building trust with a furry pacient - holding a small kitten in her arms
Young boy in trouble sitting on sofa attending a counseling session at the psychologist or social services professional, clasping hands, close up
Child playing with colorful clay making animal figures - closeup on hands
Smiling teenager girl answering a professional counseling woman questions for an assessment or survey - close up
Cute labrador puppy dogs asleep on examination table at the veterinary doctor office - closeup, with the healthcare professional gently touching them
Sad teenager boy looking sideways - propping his head against the wall thinking about the huge problems of adolescence
Veterinary healthcare professional giving anti vermin medication to a cute labrador puppy dog reluctant to swallow it - close up
Woman reading by the fire and comforting her rescue kitten - purrfect evening relaxation, closeup, shallow depth
Young ginger kitten enjoy fur brushing by owner - lying on fluffy white blanket
Four kids playing board game in their room
Small kitten at the veterinary clinic about to get a vaccine - animal healthcare professional hands holding syringe, close up, shallow depth
Hand sprinkle grated cheese from a bowl on a half prepared pizza - close up, shallow depth
Children playing board game - sitting around a small table
Little dog and cat at the veterinary checkup
Young hands decorate a homemade pizza with basil leaves - with ingredients around, close up
Modelling clay earth with rainbow and trees in child hands - environment concept
Three kids having fun reading a book laying on the floor
Veterinary care professional hand holding pills to be given to a puppy dog - closeup, shallow depth
Counselor, psychiatrist or doctor taking notes on teenager young boy or writing a receipt - shallow depth, focus on hand
Young teenager boy bored by the constant lecturing and confrontation with his mother - leaning on the wall and looking up
Little housekeeping fairy girl tired of home chores - doing the dishes
Little girl shouting in anger to a boy - raging kids
Thoughtful young teenager boy sitting at counseling - in front of the therapy professional, close up
Little girl recovering - checked by friendly health professional with stethoscope
Making the dough for pizza is fun - little chef playing with flour
Kids preparing a shelter for their new puppy dog - finishing and painting the doghouse
Kids repeating and observing a science lab project at home - the baking soda and vinegar volcano
Life on earth - environment and ecology concept with clay earth globe in child hands
Little girl sitting lonely - feeling excluded by the others
Mother comforting her crying little girl - parenthood concept
My first muffins are ready - little girl with chef hat and cookies, isolated
Child hands spreading seeds into germination tray - spring sowing closeup
Labrador dog feeding her adorable puppies wearing distinctive colorful scarves, lying on the grass
Our legacy to the next generations - a clean environment, with child and adult hands holding earth globe
Pensive young teenager girl sitting by the wall on the floor propping her head - thinking about life problems of an adolescent
Sad teenage girl propping her head in despair - woman hands holding and comforting her. Youth problems concept, close up.
Little girl painting with her mother laying on the floor
Sad girl feeling excluded from the group of playing kids
Teenager boy holding his cute labrador puppies, having fun  and enjoy their company - close up
Cute labrador puppy dog lying patiently while getting a bandage on its paw - at the veterinary doctor, closeup
Kids practice reading together enjoying a book laying on the floor
Kids washing the dishes in the kitchen together - helping out with the home chores
Best friends - kitten and small fluffy dog looking sideways - copy space
Delicious summer fruits jam - various berries and assorted jams on wooden table
Brave little girl receiving injection or vaccine with a smile
Happy family in their new home having fun together sitting on the sofa
Kids with chef hats preparing a cake or pizza dough - breaking the eggs in the flour heap
Sad little girl sitting excluded by the other kids
Doctor taking saliva sample from little boy - childhood infectious diseases
Little girl having a temper tantrum with her desperate mother in background
Little girl studies the solar system in geography class - looking at the scale model of planets
Sick little girl holding thermometer laying in bed with grumpy face
Kids with chef hats preparing the cake dough - mixing ingredients
Little angel sitting - cute girl with long hair and white wings
Cute labrador puppy dog asleep at the veterinary examination table tangled up in a stethoscope - close up
Kids exercising with their mother at home
Little boy and girl playing board game in their room sitting at the table
Kids exercising together strengthening abdomen muscles - using a large rubber gymnastic ball
Child hands washing vegetables at the kitchen sink - top view with cherry tomatoes under the tap
Delicious summer fruits jam - blueberries and assorted jams on wooden table and black slate board - top view, copy space
Healthy and happy kids doing leg strengthening and flexibility exercises - isolated
Kids making a pizza at home - putting the grated cheese on, closeup on hands, shallow depth
Woman hands hold a bunch of three adorable kitten with fuzzy hair - close up
Little girls playing on a tablet computing device - laying on the floor
Living together in harmony on earth, our home concept
Happy kids with chef hats making pizza toghehter - stretching the dough
Happy healthy kids exercising together with their mother
Happy and healthy family exercising at home using large gymnastic balls
Teacher overseeing chemical experiment in elementary school science class
Kids having a quarrel and fight - tough parenthood concept
Cute kitten let woman dry her after bath with resignation on face - close up
Little girl ties shoes with great care and concentration
The times when every thought is big - serious teenager boy sitting
Kid hands mixing vegetable chunks into a delicious salad in the kitchen - closeup, shallow depth
Young labrador puppy dog in the arms of veterinary healthcare professional - being comforted after examination, shallow depth
Cute kitten getting a vaccine at the veterinary - held on the examination table by the animal healthcare professional hands
Little girl coughing at the doctor checkup - a health professional consulting her
Why do we have to clean our room - upset kids with cleaning utensils
Sick little girl awaits her medication pouring in a spoon in the foreground
Happy young girl emerging from beneath books - education and learning concept
Ecstatic little girl with her clay house grimacing happily - isolated
Happy woman and child preparing healthy food together
Look what a cute little ... woman and little girl watching a baby booklet
Serious teenager boy thinking and daydreaming while sitting at home
Kids inspecting their wooden block buildings - childhood activities
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