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Making chocolates
Steam-cooking the zucchinis
Cooking the vegetables
Sweetbreads pricked with bay leaves, stuffed cos leaves
Portion of Appenzeller
Bay leaves
Chicken with traditional mustard cooked in wax paper
Olive Fougasse
Beating the egg whites
English-style serving
Carving a leg of lamb with herbs
Piece of salmon wrapped in raw ham
Purple beans
Diced aspic
Pleurotus mushrooms
Preparing a table in a restaurant
Separating the orange segments
Pickled red cabbage
Cream of cep soup
Row of caramel drops
Selection of cheeses
Glass and bottle of white wine
Almond tuile biscuits
Fruit and vegetables from the market
Assorted tapas
Two types of black beans
Agar agar seaweed
Assorted verrine desserts
Making chocolates
Beef stew with peanuts
Raw whole foie gras
Scoopful of quinoa
Making chocolates
Pike Quenelles
Folding the pastry
Pouring melted chocolate into a metal bowl
Sprinkling salt and pepper on the foie gras
Brown sugar lump and artificial sweetener
Making chocolates
Filling the cooked pastry molds with lemon curd
Tying  an apron around the waist
Passing the vegetables through a sieve
Cook topping the tartlets with meringue
Blueberry-flavored ice cubes
Star anise
Assorted Raclette cheeses
Bowl of cereal
Making chocolates
Cook coating a cake with cream
Making chocolates
Maroilles savoury tart
Chicken breasts coated in breadcrumbs
Fromage blanc with crushed chestnuts
Placing a tablecloth on a buffet table
Raw monkfish
Cocktail sausages
Espresso machine pouring two coffees
French toast-style brioche with vanilla ice cream and toffee sauce
Apple and orange Tic Tacs
Making chocolates
White truffle macaroons
Pouring french dressing onto a mixed salad with diced goat's cheese
Caramelizing a Crème Brûlée with a blowtorch
Placing the dried beans on the wax paper in the molds
Preparing fennel and parmesan risotto
Cook turning out of the silicone molds the small cakes
Composition with tubers: turnips, sweet potatoes, carrots, parsnips, salsifies and cassava
Making chocolates
Raw cod fillets
Glass of Champagne
Creole-style fried bananas
Small bottles of sage oil
Roast guinea-fowl capon with morels and pan-fried gnocchis
Bowl and ladle of oil
Baghrirs with honey,pancakes with 1000 holes
Tasting Champagne directly from a vat
Blackberry and apple pie
Veal Blanquette
Splash of water
Cook mixing together the whipped egg whites to the melted chocolate
Pollock and lemon cooked in aluminium foil
Couscous with meatballs,merguez and brochettes
Rice pudding
Cutting fennel
Plain yoghurt
Making chocolate tuiles
Preparing steak with black pepper sauce on a carving table
Coussins de Lyon
Beating the egg whites
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