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Angra do Heroismo, view point, Terceira island
One small man standing in great sand red dunes around white salt pan in Sossusvlei Namibia
Furry cat relaxing on grass
Two big giraffes crossing their necks in african bush close to green trees and one another giraffe hides its head
Group of african elephants including baby elephant walking in african savannah.
Green landscape at Terceira island Azores
Newborn zebra hidding itself under mothers tail during eating grass in Etosha, Namibia
Two white rhinoceros one standing one lying on brown ground in front od green trees with mountain in background. Africa, Namibia
Dry trees on a white salt pan in front of the orange sand dune in Deadvlei
Black double horned rhino crossing white road in Etosha National park, Namibia
Group of wild elephants drinking water in african savannah late afternoon
Land snail with brown coiled shell in the forest
Two pieces of dark chocolate with chopped  cocoa beans on white background
Cows on a meadow on Terceira island under the cloudy sky
Little pineapple growing in field
Lagoa Santiago on Sao Miguel island Azores from Bocca do Inferno viewpoint
Lagoa Azul, Lagoa Verde on Sao Miguel island Azores
Blue hortensias blooming at Sao Miguel island Azores
Green meadow at Terceira island
Man with binoculars watching mountains in winter.
City park in Prague with pond before the sunset
Mixture of colorful balloons in front of the old building in Poland
Horny brown goat with white long ears, portrait, dried grass background
Portrait of young bearded european man, grass background.
Yawning lion lying in african savannah
Two wild macaque monkeys playing with mirror
Airliner flying very high on the azure blue sky
Old rails in nature, natural green background, stones
Wild yellow rose blooming
Rhododendron bush with dark pink blossoms.
Two red tomatoes on white background
Cliff where azure window collapsed.
Dried small chilli peppers on breadboard
Homemade dried tomatoes in oil in the grass prepared for picnic
View on the small island located close to wooded coast
Loaf of bread on breadboard with basil leaf
Lighthouse in the azure sea
Wild monkey with it's playing baby monkey in the rain forest
Beach with limestone rock in background
Yacht on the sea close to coastal cliffs.
Garlic cloves on breadboard
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