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Cathedral Plaza church at Casco Viejo in old Panama City.
French Plaza Monument for the people who try to build the first Canal
Entrance to south Corredo in Panama
Wooden canoe of Panamanian Indians
Wooden canoe of Panamanian Indians
Wooden canoe of Panamanian Indians
Fence at La Joya Penitentiary
"Mi Pueblito" Colonial Panama
Saint Thomas Hospital at Panama City (The White Elephant)
Balboa Avenue View
Panamanians Hat
Del Carmen Church - old Church
Entrance to South Corredor in Panama at Night
Colonial Church - Panama
Puppy with blue eye (B&W Photo)
stethoscope in heart shape / Estetoscopio en forma de Corazon
Pool at Hotel near the beach (Panama)
Tongue Depressors
Old Well
stethoscope in pocket / Estetoscopio en bolsillo
Blue Abstract Waves
Can fill with cents and bulb turn on / Lata llena de centavos y foco
Classic Blue Stethoscope / Estetoscopio Clasico azul
eye chart
Ruins of church in "Panama La Vieja"
Edificios de San Francisco vista desde Punta Pacifica
Stethoscope Over calendar
Cachorro Dalmata  / Dalmatian puppy
Pool at hotel (Panama)
Palm in the Pool
Luces corriendo en Avenida Israel
Estructuras Metalicas de noches en Paitilla
Centro comercial Punta Pacifica
Figali Convention Center - Panama
Cuidad de Panama vista desde la Bahia (Causeway)
Residential House at Boquete Valley
white hammock on a balcony
Pregnancy test over calendar
Geometric Ruler over Plans (Blueprints III)
Man with chest pain / hombre con dolor en el pecho
Mother Board / Tarjeta madre
Little chapel at Boquete Valley
Money from Panama, view of a 5 cent/ Dinero de Panama vista de 5 centavos
Old church in ruins in Panama
Pregnancy test over calendar
Vacation Spot
A man's hand holding a glass globe
Metallic Bridge metallic (Decapolis Hotel Entrance) - Panama
Edificios en Construccion de Punta Pacifica
Banderas de Paises del Caribe
Pregnancy test over calendar
Old parabolic Antenna
BBVA Bank Building
Israel avenue in Panama city
Palm in the middle of a pool (Hotel in Panama)
Banistmo Bank Building
Hotel Lake view in Bambito - Panama
Shell Massage
Old Colonial Building
stethoscope yin yan shape / Estetoscopio en forma de yin yan
Save Button on Keyboard
Panama currency, 30 angle view of coins / Dinero de Panama vista de 30 grados de  monedas
A man's hand holding a glass globe II
Hand holding a processor / mano sosteniendo un procesador
Can fill with cents and a wallet/ Lata llena de centavos y una cartera
Medical cotton swabs on sticks
Scale Ruler over Plans (Blueprints I)
Front angled view of panel window of modern building
Cellphone over calendar
Close Zipper´s briefcase
Heart figure over a woman face
Hospital en Construccion en Punta Pacifica
Gorgas Hospital and Clinic in Panama / Hospital Gorgas en Panama
Mother Board & Chip/ Tarjeta Madre y Procesador
Global Bank Building
Tongue Depressors in jar
Old desk full with dust / Escritorio viejo sucio
Blue desk lamp (relaxed atmosphere)
Pen & Calculator over Calendar
High Voltage pole / Poste de Alto Voltaje
Yellow Candel close up / Vela Amarilla
Calculator over Plans
sailing on the sunrise
amorphous wall
Computer Motherboard / Tarjeta Madre
Old Multifamily apartments (at Chorrillo)
Panama Interoceanic Canal Crane (Named Hercules/Goliath)
A man's hand holding a glass globe III
Pencil over Plans
sphygmomanometer (manual)
surgery kit
Multicolor abstract Tornado
spice container
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