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Scientist analyzes DNA gel used in genetics, forensics, drug discovery, biology and medicine.
Composing with wind turbines, solar panels and electricity pylons
Businessmen are skeptical looking at stock market charts.
Researcher with active ingredient a microscope, pipette and other laboratory equipment
A forest path divides in two different directions
Bull and Bear are on a graphic with market prices.
Small red houses standing on stacks of coins with blueprints and architectural model in the background.
Truck, airplane and ship with carrier boxes as a symbol for international trade
Researchers with viruses, syringe and microscope and many other laboratory utensils
Stock quotes as list and graph, bull and bear, maginifier and calculator
Researcher with pipette and glass flask and many other laboratory utensils
Industry 4.0 with computer-aided production and a high degree of automation
Small green houses standing on stacks of coins.
Stack of coins with Bull and Bear and graphics with market prices in the background
Bull, bear, charts and stock charts as symbols for the stock exchange
Modern 4 cylinder plug-in hybrid gasoline engine
American flag in front of a wall and flags of other countries
Composing with skyscrapers, stock charts and a red graph
Scientists examined DNA gel that is used in genetics, medicine, biology, pharma research and forensics.
Production in the industry with various machines
Mountain bike in the woods with focus on tire and profile of the front wheel
Photovoltaic system and wind turbine in front of blue sky
Industrial production and American flag
Analysis system, syringe, microscope and other laboratory utensils.
Production with CNC machine, drilling and welding and construction drawing in industrial operation.
Production equipment of chemical and pharmaceutical industries
Syringe and vaccine front of a laboratory scene
Banker stands on a pedestal of coins and looks at boards with different charts.
Stock Quotes as graphs and tables with magnifier and calculator in panoramic format
Magnifier shows the variation of stock prices,
Stock quotes as chart and graph with magnifier and bull and bear
Magnifier focuses a chart with a rising curve.
Programming code with abstract technical background in blue
Patient in a clinic in dialysis.
Magnifying glass focused an invoice with negative numbers.
Seesaw with a house on one side and stacks of coins on the other side.
Solid Financing of a Car
House with tables and graph
Coins of the four crypto currencies with the highest market capitalization
View in a warehouse with a full high-bay.
Sample is pipetted into a Petri dish over genetic results.
Scene from the laboratory and symbols of the financial market
Car is monitored with a stethoscope.
Strips of paper coming out of a shredder.
Businesspeople are standing in front of of the graphic of a stock price.
Composing for up and down in the financial markets.
Scene from the laboratory with microscope, pipette, test tube, syringe, DNA and formula
Magnifier, gears, charts, calculators and facades of office buildings as a symbol of business and financial markets.
Close up of an opened document file.
Hands on a computer keyboard with various charts showing stock prices
Frankfurt, Hesse/Germany - March 30 2020
Lufthansa aircraft (Airbus A330 and 340) are parked on the north-west runway of Frankfurt Airport as a result of the corona pandemic.
Close-up of a syringe with cannula and drop in front of dark blue background
Magnifying glass shows a stock price as a candlestick chart. Price tables and charts are displayed in the background.
Tablets and structural formulas
High rack with customer tires in warehouse of a tire dealer
Broker stands on stock price chart, and casts a long shadow.
Businessmen stand on charts with falling stock prices
Programming code with combination lock and abstract technical background
Magnifier focuses a chart with stock price
Frankfurt, Hesse/Germany - May 19 2019
Ford logo on the glass facade of a car dealership
Stack of books with an opened book in front of shelves of a large library
drinking water flows from a chrome water tap.
A cloudy sky is reflected on the magnetic disk of a hard disk and on a USB stick
Powerful 4-cylinder gasoline engine of a modern car
3D illustration of DNA and binary numbers against a blue background
Different medicines before stacking with coins
Syringe and other drugs with charts showing stock prices
Syringe before several stacks of coins
Syringe with vaccine before stacking with coins
Business people are attracted to charts with falling stock prices
viruses with syringe, cannula and bottle with vaccine
Graves with gravestones and wooden crosses in a cemetery
European flag behind a glass panel with raindrops
Silhouette of bull and bear and symbols of digital trade on the markets
Smoke detector with house and blueprints
Calendar sheets are pinned to a wall. The top sheet shows May 1 with the inscription "Labour Day".
Houses with blue sky, clouds and airplane in the background
A remote control with icons for operating a smart home with house in the background
La Palma, Canary Islands/Spain - December 12 2018
Telescope MAGIC I of the Roque de los Muchachos Observatory on La Palma, Canary Islands
British flag with exchange rate tables and graphs on economic development
High rack with customer tires in a warehouse of a motor vehicle workshop
Young student in front of the auditorium in a large lecture hall.
Red folder with the german word "Finanztransaktionssteuer" for  Financial Transaction Tax
Modern industry with robots, computers and CNC machines
Electric car with cable and plug, all in green color and isolated on white.
French flag with course tables and graphs on economic development
Rising stacks of coins with the word bonus
Forest damage due to drought and bark beetle in Germany
Heraklion, Crete/Greece - 08/29/2019
An airplane of the Condor airline at the airport.
Message in a bottle with the note sabbatical on a beautiful tropical beach
Laboratory with syringe, virus microscope and other utensils
Symbols for international business with skyline of Frankfurt, Germany.
World map with charts and graphs as symbols of global finance
Tables and chart with stock market prices and a compass for orientation
Waterfall of Los Tilos in the national park of La Palma, Canary Islands
La Palma, Canary Islands/Spain - December 12 2018
Telescope MAGIC II of the Roque de los Muchachos Observatory with the Gran Telescopio Canarias in the background on La Palma, Canary Islands
A red frame marks the first day of a month on a calendar
Calendar sheets are pinned to a wall. The top sheet shows the thirty-first of December with the inscription "Silvester".
Note with the german words for sports, new job, not smoking, save money, weight loss, and less alcohol as good resolutions on a wall with a calendar page showing the first of January.
Gable of a modern family house
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