Portrait and commercial photographer based in Morayshire, Scotland in the United Kingdom.
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Upset boy
Retro alarm clock
Crying child
Small boy with a sad expression
Angry child
Shy and frightened little boy
Holiday travel
Sad lonely boy
Credit card
Rising house prices
A little boy with a look of despair on his face stares into the distance
Lemons ready cut for making a cool summer drink of lemonade
A bullied child
Sad old man
Bullied child
Angry child
young child with his head in his hands crying
A small boy with a worried expression on his face depicting being a victim of bullying
Lemon with eggs and a whisk on a textured wooden background
Ballindalloch Castle in Scotland
Sad child
Worried child staring
Mortgage lending
New sash lock and parts ready to be fitted to a house door
Alarm clock
British pound coins
Lonely child
Rocky and pebbled edge to a fast flowing Scottish salmon fishing river with woods and blue sky to background
Frightened victim of bullying
Bullied child
Little boy with his hands on his chin and an expression of being frustrated
Buying a new house
New metal sash lock and screws to be fitted and secure house
Security and door lock
Savings to buy a house
Retro look pine bedroom
Sad and  lonely little boy
Travel and exploring
Vintage kitchen scales
Ballindalloch Castle in Morayshire Scotland
Computer nerd
Thug thrusting a knife
Sash Lock for door security
Freshly cooked pancakes with lemon and sugar
Upset child
Scottish thistle
Cheque book and pen
Concept of working from home and having a coffee break
Modern technology in the shape of a white framed tablet laid out next to a pen on a wooden background with copy space to the left of the image
Concept of working from home with items of modern technology laid out on a wooden background with a pen and cup of coffee all viewed from above
Pancake day
Luxury hotel
Using savings to finally get a property
Bored child browsing the internet
Saving energy with a quick wash
Depressed child
Saving to buy a house
Evil hooded man
Crying baby
Upset child
Frightened and lonely child
Retro alarm clock
Sad little boy
Depressed woman in her bedroom at night
Fresh lemon and sugar pancakes
Fresh lemon and home made pancakes
Boy cleaning teeth
Old scottish cottage
Scared little boy
Modern designers tools laid out on a wooden textured background including a communications tablet colouring pencils and a palette of paints
Child with tears on cheek
Travel visa
Crying newly born baby
A sad boy with an upset expression
Inverness River
Depressed child
Child abuse
Child abuse
Worried child
Sad little boy
Child abuse
Sad girl at christmas
Upset little boy with tear on cheek
Depressed woman in her bedroom at night
Pregnant woman holding an ultrasound of her unborn baby
Sadness - a lonely child
Worried boy staring
House security
Natural gas
Pristine new business smart phone
Sugary pancakes with a lemon on the side
Pancakes for Shrove Tuesday
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